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Your Complete Guide To Eyelash Extensions

Are you planning to start a brand in the eyelash extension niche? Good choice. However, if you want your brand to thrive, you need to know all about the eyelash extension. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional last artist, the following article is a one-stop guide. It will acquaint you with the industry specifics of eyelash extension varieties, styles, and curls. It does your job for you by outlining everything you need to know.

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What Are Eyelash Extension Accessories?

Let me tell you what eyelash extensions are not. They are not false eyelashes that you can apply on your own at home. Eyelash extensions are applied with an adhesive glue by a professional eyelash artist. Eyelash extensions come as a set of eyelashes for each eye. You can choose your eyelash extension based on the style, curl, length and material. Let’s find out in detail about each of those.

What Are The Types Of Eyelash Extension Materials?

From affordability to realism, there are a variety of things that help you choose an eyelash extension. If you’re a salon or a lash artist, having a wide variety of eyelash extensions can entice your customers to try your services actively. First, which material should you choose for your custom eyelash extension?

3D Eyelash Extensions Or Volume Lash

Available in mink and silk eyelash extensions, 3D eyelash is also called volume lash. Here the lash artist places three lashes to your original lashes for a fuller and lush natural effect to your lashes.

Mink Lash Eyelash Extensions

Produced from the furry tails of Chinese minks and Siberian minks, mink eyelash extension is thick, soft and lightweight. However, for those who find mink lashes too expensive or unethical can go for faux mink lash extensions that mimic the original fur.

Sable Eyelash Extension

Fluffier and lighter than mink, sable eyelash extension is the thinnest amongst all the extensions. It creates a wispy style for your eyes. Produced from the fur of sables in Russia, Sable is perfect if you’re concerned about your thin eyelashes.

Silk Eyelash Extensions

For those who find it unethical or allergenic to use animal fur should consider the gorgeous effects of silk eyelashes. Silk makes your eyelashes look lush as it is thicker at the tips. Another bonus of silk eyelash extension is the natural glossy sheen that makes your eyes look radiant.

Synthetic Eyelashes

Think heavy lashes when you think synthetic eyelash extensions. If you have light natural eyelashes, synthetic might not be a good option for you. They are full of luster!

What Are The Types Of Eyelash Extension Lengths?

When you’re choosing eyelash extensions to represent your brand, you should look at sizes that appease everybody. As a standard, the eyelash extension lengths range from 6 mm to 17mm or 9mm to 15mm. You must choose a length based on the natural lashes as a lash artist. Short length eyelashes are good for people with scarce eyelashes and long for naturally lengthy eyelashes.

What Are The Types Of Eyelash Extensions Curls?

In terms of eyelash extension curls, there are straight curls, downward facing curls, slight curls and extreme curls. We will look at the grade at which lash curls are graded so that you can find the best for you.

What Are The Types Of Eyelash Extensions Styles?

Depending on whether you have deep set eyes or almond eyes, you can get different eyelash extension styles. Which suits your customers the best? That’s for you to decide. So, look at the list of varied styles you can experiment with!

Colored Eyelashes

If black or brown is your natural lash color, it’s time to up the game with lash highlights in colors ranging from blue to yellow, red, amber, orange, white and many more!

Doll Eyelashes

With long lash extensions added in the middle of the eye, doll eyelashes style makes your eyes look perfect. If your eyes are round or downward, skip this eyelash extension style as it can make you look perpetually surprised!

Cat Eye Eyelashes

When you add lash extensions to the outer edge of your eyes, it gives you a cat eye look. Seen on Taylor Swift, Cat eye lashes are not good for those with wide eyes.

Natural Eyelash Extension Style

An eyelash extension that does not alter your orginal shape of the eye, natural eyelash extensions adds volume to your lashes.

Zig-Zag Eyelash Extension

You can also add varied lengths of eyelashes to your natural lashes to create a zig zag style of lash extension that looks hip and cool.

How to Pick Custom Eyelash Extensions?

If none of the above extensions are perfect for a lash artist or beautician like you, custom lashes are the solution you’re looking for

1. Select Your Specs and Quantity of Eyelash Extensions with us via mail.

2. Share the Brand Logo of Custom Eyelash Extensions attached in the mail.

3. Choose your Personalized Box for Eyelash Extension Brand from 1-2 colors.

4. Add your Shipping Address underneath the instructions.

5. Complete 50% Payment on your Custom Eyelash Extensions Before and 50% after receiving the order.  

Click here to read about picking the right eyelash extension for your brand here.

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Now you’ve decided what you want, as a lash artist, you can play with different eyelashes to create your own style. Custom eyelash extensions give you the opportunity to do exactly this. Learn more about it from our Dolvlashes experts here.

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