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Top 11 Eyelash Manufacturers With Tips To Start Your Own Business

Top 11 Eyelash Manufacturers With Tips To Start Your Own Business

If you’re a newbie to the world of eyelashes, you need to know A to Z on selecting the best eyelash manufacturers plus tips to start your own lash business. Our experts have spent two weeks collecting the data you find below.  From finding the best wholesale lash extension supplier in China to selecting the best and working with them to launch a gorgeous lash business, we have found all the answers you need.

We have checked up all the rulebooks to ensure you get a fair start to your lash business. Your dream of starting and owning a successful eyelash business is not far.

Get started RIGHT NOW!

Why Buy From Wholesale Eyelash Manufacturers?

When you buy eyelashes from a retailer, he is trying to profit by the piece. You will never get enough options on your buy as every lash extension comes with the logo of the seller. On the contrary, with a wholesale eyelash supplier, you can get your own unique style of eyelash extensions, manufactured at an extremely low price.

Eyelash manufacturers are found in hundreds and thousands around the world. But, any manufacturer wouldn’t do. You need wholesale eyelash manufacturers who you can trust and depend to do a great job for your new brand. We will help you sift through the best eyelash extension sellers from China, the factory of the world.

Bestselling Eyelash Styles And Types

When you’re deciding on the lash extension style and type that will define your brand, you need to be focused. Select the eyelash extension variety that you want to help your brand standout from the competition. Browse the following seven eyelash extension styles to create your lash brand.

1. Mink Eyelashes

Made from mink hair, mink eyelashes are lightweight, thick and soft to touch. They are made from the tails of Chinese and Siberian minks. Natural looking false lashes from mink eyelashes are good for almost all eye shapes with varying lengths and curls. If mink lashes are too heavy on the wallet or the conscience, you can replicate the look with faux 3D mink lashes too.

2. 3d Faux Mink Lashes

When you place three extensions instead of one over the natural lashes, it becomes 3D. Used for creating a natural look, 3D faux mink lashes are affordable and long lasting too. It makes your lashes look lush and full.

3. Magnetic Lashes

One of the most popular lash extension styles that are reusable too, magnetic lashes stay where they are put. They are convenient to use and requires no glue. Especially good for those who are allergenic to lash adhesives, magnetic lashes are fun too!

4. Synthetic Lashes

Lustrous and glossy, synthetic eyelashes are not quite like natural eyelashes. They are heavy and uncomfortable for long-term wear. But, if you want to redefine synthetic lashes with your work, we have good variety of synthetic lashes too. 3D synthetic lashes are particularly popular among lash artists.  

5. Doll Lashes

With a thick bunch of false lashes in the center of the eye, doll lashes are good for multiple eye shapes. But, if you’re customizing your lashes, you need better.

6. Special Lashes

Anything fancy can be called a special lash. But, the popular are the more unique too. Our variety of special lashes are Stereo Effect Feather, Red Feather, Premium eyelashes, Pink Feather eyelashes, Good Feather Eyelashes, Feather lashes, Blue Feather Eyelashes, Feather Eyelashes and three varieties of Color Eyelashes Hand Painted.  

7. Custom Lashes

We can also provide custom eyelashes with your brand logo on the casing. Depending on your unique eyelash dimensions, we can create unique styles for you as well.

Top 11 Wholesale Eyelash Manufacturers In China

Now, we know you’re trying to find the best wholesale manufacturers eyelash vendors in China, so our experts will list the top 11 you can choose from. Don’t stop there because the tips to sift through the shortlisted manufacturers are yet to come.

For now, let us look at the best eyelash wholesale suppliers you can buy from.

One of the China based eyelash manufacturers, Holly Ren offers Strip Eyelashes, Silk False Lashes, Real Mink lashes, cluster lashes, Eyelash Extension Tools and Eyelash Glues. With 1000+ eyelash extension styles, Holly Ren has a long line of 10-year credibility as a supplier.

2. Luxury Mink Eyelash

Specialized in 3D Korean Silk Lashes, Luxury Mink Eyelash brand also sells 3D Real Mink and Faux Lashes. You can find magnetic eyeliner and lashes if you prefer no glue for your lash brand products. With over 500+ eyelash extension styles, luxury mink eyelashes exports to U.S.A, Canada, Korean and Australia too. OEM and ODM are included.

Offering False Strip Lashes, Lash and Brow Tools and Mink lashes in addition to styles of eyelash extensions, World Beauty lashes wholesale has many varieties. They offer pre-made fan eyelash extensions, Easy Fan Blooming, YY Easy Fan and Self-Apply Lash Extensions. World Beauty eyelash supplier has upwards of 12 years of experience as a wholesale seller.

4. Miranda Lashes

Renowned for luxury mink lashes, Miranda Lashes also sells 3D Mink, 3D Silk, Horse Hair, and even Human Hair Lashes. They have one of the widest variety of eyelash extensions with varieties like Fox Fur lashes, mink fur lashes, sable fur lashes and invisible band lashes. Miranda lashes wholesale offers a good variety of lash extension accessories too.

5. 3D Mink Eyelash

Popular as Xizi lashes, this 3D Mink Eyelash store is home to strip lash collections too. From easy fan volume lash to premium flat, premium volume, premium classic and premium color lash, they have many packages for lash extension buyers. Eyelash extension application tools such as tweezers to adhesive and applicator can be found on the same website.

6. Garnier Lashes

With their specialty as Mink Lashes, Garneir lashes takes custom orders. The China eyelash manufacter offers sale of eyelash tools such as tweezers and adhesive too. Garnier lashes offers custom eyelash packaging too. They have sample packs with basic eyelash extensions included as a set worth $83.50.

7. Emeda Eyelashes

Providing a wide variety of options from Mink Eyelashes to Blooming Volume Lash, Magnetic Eyeliner, 3D Lashes, 3D Mink Lashes, Magnetic Lashes, Horse Lashes and Feather eyelashes, you can choose anything you want. Emeda has a history of 19+ years in the eyelash manufacturing industry.

Supplier of 3d Mink Lashes, Ace Lashes also sells Faux Mink Lashes 3D Silk lashes, Ace Lashes has 35 eyelash extensions styles B, C, D and J Curls. Super Gold 3D Mink lashes is their bestseller too. They also sell 5D mink lashes.

9. Eunice Lashes

With a history of more than 15 years, Eunice Lashes sells horsehair lashes, luxury 3D mink lashes, fur lashes and synthetic lashes on their store. You can also design a custom package of eyelash extensions with them. Set in Qingdao China, Eunice Lashes specializes in 3D velvet lashes.

10. Our Lash

Celebrating their 10th anniversary next year, Our Lash is short for Qingdao Zeqing Beauty Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. Strip eyelash extension is the prime product with 2D to 10D premade fans lashes volume extension and 20D Hot Fusion Pre-made fan volume extension. Mink Eyelashes, Faux Mink lashes, Split end lashes, Glitter lashes, Camellia Volume Lashes and Two-Tone eyelash extensions are their forte.

Catering to every demand you have as one of the best eyelash manufacturers, Dolvlashes is an experience lash supplier from China. Magnetic, Synthetic, 3D Real Mink and 3D Faux Mink are core eyelash extensions. We also have hand painted lash extensions in our special lash collection.

Your best private label eyelash supplier of the dreams!

Why Start An Online Brand Selling False Lashes?

If you’re thinking of starting an online brand selling eyelash extensions, you need to know the answer to the following questions. It will help you find out whether you really want to invest in lash business.

1. Define Your Own Style of False Lashes

When you start a brand with your own unique lash extensions, you are starting a new trend. If you’re a lash artist with out of the box ideas, this is the place to prove yourself.  You can create unique lash extensions and patent it to get your business started.

2. Create A Business for Your Style

Depending on how unique your lash extension is, you can create a brand based on your new invention. Creating credibility for your lash style exposes it even more, increasing its recognition. When you’re launching your own lash extensions, you are creating a brand identity that will remain forever.

3. Attract Fame to Your Name

If you’re a prominent lash artist, making your own lash business and lash extension is the way to get ahead of the competition. You can attract brand exposure to your lash business as well as your work if the product is really unique.

4. Get Profits from Your Sales

The best part of starting your own lash business is the profits you can earn from it. Depending on the wholesale eyelash manufacturers you work with, you can create a good pricing for your product, raking in the margin. In short, do what you love and earn money for it too!

10 Dos And Don’ts When Starting Your Own Eyelash Business

If you’re new to eyelash business idea, you need to cool your head and think twice before finalizing your plan. Watching out for the challenges in eyelash business will help you overcome them easily. We have consulted with various successful eyelash retail experts and artists to come up with the below list to help you start your own business without any failures.

Scroll away …

1. Do Have a Clear Budget and Estimate of Profits?

The first question you need to ask yourself is the budget at hand. Do you have enough funds to create a product out of your actual idea? If so, write the budget down and divide it into all the areas that it might be used in, such as production, marketing, shipping and so on.

Have you added in your profits? You need to have a clear idea of how much you will spend before the profits tally in. Have an idea about it from the very start.

2. Don’t Forget the Clients You Need

You need a minimum number of clients to start your business. If you’re just starting out, you need to market your business and the products to land clients. Add gifts and giveaways to increase traction. If you want to retain your old clients, you need to create new membership and loyalty programs to your brand.

3. Do Have a Clear Idea About Your Target Audience

Before you start funding your business, you need to have clarity about your ideal customer. Who will buy from you? Can you define and divide them by gender, age, income, interests and so on? Then, you have a target audience. Defining your niche will help you research more about your kind of audience and how to impress them.

4. Don’t Ignore your Marketing Plan

Have you devised a marketing plan? If not, start now! For anything to succeed today, you need a clear cut marketing plan on how to launch your brand identity, expose it and set a tone to your sales pitch. A good marketing plan will also have actionable goals to reach your target sale. You need to modify your marketing plan depending on the changing updates, instead.

5. Do Check Your Competitors Online and Offline

Having a walk around your neighborhood will locate your competitor lash saloons. You can also check your competitors with a simple google search on ‘lash manufacturers in china’, or wherever you are. Assessing your competitors will help you understand how to set your own game. It will give you insight on what your target audience likes and dislikes.

6. Don’t Buy Too Much Fancy Stuff

Whether you are renting your saloon or working from your garage, it is important to put a limit on the décor things you buy for the ambiance. It is easy to buy too much stuff and deplete your profits or funding. This is a serious error many rookies make. Instead, stock up on your inventory so that you can sell more.

7. Do Create an Attractive and Competitive Menu

When you assessed your competitors, how did their Menus look like? Was there something striking you found? Try it on your menu. Or better yet, create an attractive menu suitable with packages fitting for your target audience.

8. Do Register Your Business Asap

When you’re starting a lash artist, the first step is to setup a business profile, suitably by registering your business locally. You need to find a trademark name and register it so that no one else takes it off the charts. Another intelligent step is to setup a business website with the domain name as your brand name. It can get your brand and business traction from around the world.

9. Don’t Share Your Personal Email, Create A Professional One

Your personal email must be hot_someone@gmail.com but its time to change because you’re no longer just a person. You need a professional email id. Go to your developer (if you have a website) or to your preferred email subscriber and make a new email id. Choose a name that defines your brand.

Don’t forget to forward the emails to your personal id, in case you forget to check the new email.

10. Don’t Do the Mistake of Selecting a Poor Eyelash Supplier

Next comes the most important step in defining your eyelash brand. Do you want to spend loads of money in experimenting with multiple suppliers? That’s what happens when you go on your own to a foreign place. But, eyelash manufactures in China needn’t be that. How do you find the perfect supplier for your eyelashes brand?

Scroll to the next step and we will help you out.

How To Find Your Own Eyelash Seller For The Brand?

You know everything to kickstart your own eyelash brand, but you don’t know how to select the best eyelash seller. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Finding the best eyelash manufacturers for your brand is a tough cookie. You need to be cautious and attentive. Let’s find out the options you have.

- Ask Around

First option you can use is to ask around if people in your community or colleagues know about credible eyelash suppliers. Personal recommendations weigh in more because you might otherwise be stranded screening random china suppliers for lash extensions.

- Look Up on Yellow Pages

Yellow pages display ads from various suppliers and if you know where to look, you might find quality eyelash manufacturers in China on Yellow Pages. Find listings for local eyelash suppliers easily!

- Check On Google

The best logical way to find your eyelash supplier in this era is by browsing on Google. You can type in the keyword ‘wholesale eyelash supplier’ on google and click on the one that meets all your demands. Better yet, Alibaba can help you locate a few you can get to terms with.

- Go to Your Nearest Trade Show

The net best option is to visit the local trade show to find your supplier face to face. It gives you an opportunity to clear your doubts and select the best supplier. Beauty and hair trade shows will give you a chance to find people of similar interests. You can talk with the supplier representatives and even keep in contact with them after the trade shows.

- Dolvlashes

If you don’t want to go through the whole hullaballoo of negotiating and finding your own eyelash supplier, we can help you out.

Find Your Lashes On Dolvlashes!

5 Benefits Of Buying From Dolvlashes

A company with more than a decade’s experience, Dolvlashes brings the fabulousness to eyelash extensions. We are a pioneer company that helps brands launch their own custom eyelashes that define their passion.

Let me outline the key benefits of buying from best china eyelash manufacturers from Dolvlashes.

- Trustworthy Eyelash Manufacturer

With our long history of dealing with eyelashes come our credibility and trust. Being long in the industry, we have the upper hand of dealing with challenges you might feel woozy about. It’s our routine and we love to help emerging businesses set theirs. Your designs and ideas will be protected with us.

- Wide Variety of Options at Dolvlashes

We have a fine variety of mink lashes to 3D real mink and faux mink lashes to feature our speciality. Our forte is the hand painted color eyelash extensions available under the specials section. Moreover, we can design the perfect eyelash extension of your dreams right here.

- Custom Eyelashes with your Logo

To create a unique eyelash extension, you needn’t run around the world anymore. We offer custom eyelashes if you have a design or prototype already. All you need to create your own custom eyelash extension set is to get in touch with your customer service with the details about the order.

- Excellent Customer Service

We have one of the best customer service personnel. They can help you understand the specifics of ordering your own false eyelashes for the brand. You can also share your logo in the png image with size and directions so that we can make a custom lash extension that defines your brand.

- Low MOQ on Dolvlashes Eyelash Manufacturers

Dolvlashes wants to help emerging lash entrepreneurs realize their dream. Our minimum order quantity is 80 to 100 cases unlike the 200 cases per order you will see in the industry. Make use of it and order your own custom eyelashes today with Dolvlashes!


If you’re wondering how to go about branding your lash business, we’ve got your back again. Don’t worry if this is your first time starting a business. It’s what you wanted right?

What better time than now. Hurry and talk with our customer service, with a comment below. We will help you get on board to launch your dream lash extension business.



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