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Top 10 Eyelash Extension Glues For Professionals

When it comes to lash extensions, glue is the life of your lashes. If you don’t choose it right, your perfect look might come off at the worst moment. I remember about fifteen years ago when I was just starting out. Having no idea about the importance of glue (even after that long lecture we talked about in the previous blog post) I did a session on a client with glycerin allergy. What’s the catch? Always allergy test the lash extension adhesive. No matter what you think. Patch test it all the solutions and solvents first.

Poor lash extension glue can also lead to embarrassing moments for the clients you don’t want to be known after. Take my advice and read the below.

We are discussing the best eyelash extension glue to use as professionals on your lash clients in detail. Come join us for a chat in the comments right after!

What Is An Eyelash Extension Glue?


Basically your eyelash extension glue needs to hold the lash extensions to the natural lashes for a longer time than false lashes, say for 1-2 months. To ensure use without pain and irritation, you need an adhesive that is certified, approved and proven for your clients.

Researching on your eyelash extension glue will always keep you ready for questions your clients might have.  As a beginner in the early 2000s, Google wasn’t so helpful. Moreover, finding answers to simple questions like ‘lash extension glue for sensitive skin’ was a tough task of oscillating between libraries around Paris.

Today, you have forums and communities to get your doubts answered. So, know more about the glue you are using so that, even in sleep, a client can get you elaborate on the importance of the adhesion you are using over their eyes.

Why Use an Eyelash Extension Glue?

For any lash extension to hold its beauty, the might of the adhesive is important. From drooping unevenly to falling out and disrupting vision, there are many accidents due to the wrong eyelash extension glue. You should use an eyelash extension glues that are certified safe and used by professionals.

Once you have a list of approved glues that you have personally tried, ask your clients about their skin preferences, allergies, intolerances and breakout cycles.

Next ask your teacher or ask the millions of teachers online and we will help you out on picking the right glue for your lash extension session and client. Even though Dolvlashes does not offers eyelash extension glues, we have handled hundreds of different brands, if not more!

So, ask away …

Which Are The Best 7 Eyelash Extension Glue For Professionals Today?

Setting a mink lash in a doll’s eye shape takes impeccable precision. The same extensions to stay true to its shape, it takes another level of understanding safety and durability. I have my time of going wrong and I don’t want you to go wrong in your career as a lash professional.

That’s why, this list will speak honest things about our favorite brands we’ve been using for ages. I will speak my heart out on which lash glues offer the best ease for working with as well as the maximum compatibility even during grinding sessions.  

Ready? Scroll away luv.

Stacy Lash’s Extra Strong

I love Stacy’s Extra Strong not just because it’s their crown jewel, but because it actually is a versatile product that works exactly as the glue should. A lot of time has been added to the making of this product and that’s why it’s so good.

I will tell you why below.

What’s so good about it?

1 Cyanoacrylate glues with certifications do the job

2 Dries in 1-2 seconds so that you don’t have to wait on

3 Retention (almost 2 months) your clients will brag to you about

4 Packaging fit for safe and hygienic use for professionals

5 Free of formaldehyde and latex so that you can be sure

6 Mind-blowing customer service to help you out

What to look out for?

1 Lash artists should inform clients about the fumes as this product ejects above average level. It might cause slight tingling and burning sensations.

2 Beginners tend to do poorly with this; hence, practice first before trying it out on clients.  

Price: $19.99
Purelash Black Label (Ultra Volume Plus Professional Grade)

This is a strong and sturdy adhesive for eyelash extension of all kinds. Also called Pure Lash, I always look for the blue teardrop to keep a count on the countless products they release every year. Purelash is an excellent place to get your lash adhesives because they are the industry standard like Stacy’s.

What’s so good about it?

1. Best thing about Black Label is that it dries fast in 2 to 3 seconds.

2. The expert packaging with red needle for convenient use and prevention of dehydration is super-smart to me.  

3. Strong retention makes this lash extension good for clients who are dancers or those attending long functions such as brides, family members and so on.  While it official stay 5 weeks, the adhesive can stay up to 8 weeks.

4. Being Latex-free makes this excellent for clients with sensitive skin.

What to look out for?

1. Watch out for medium fumes when using this adhesive to stick the lash extensions.

2. While it is recommended for skin irritations, I don’t recommend this adhesive for clients with sensitive eyes including and intolerances and sensitivities from my personal experience.

Price: $15.99

Beau Lashes Ultra-Sensitive Pro+

One I carry with me for life, Beau lash extension glue, especially the ultra-sensitive pro+ for volume is one made for brides in the cold areas as well as hot areas sans humidity. It’s a crowd favorite for clients who specify they have sensitive eyes. This is an adhesive I knew from my earliest ears as a makeup artist in actuality.

I second the Beau’s advertisement is safe for sensitive eyes. With the pros, come some cons too. So, we suggest you look at this lash extension adhesive as a whole before jumping to any conclusions.

What’s so good about it?

1. Retention over 6 weeks makes your clients confident about their eyelash extension

2. Good for beginner lash artists who cannot work with quick drying glues

3. Clean without latex or formaldehyde to prevent irritations

4. Best for holding lash extensions with volume

What to look out for?

1. With most lash extension glues taking 1 to 2 seconds to dry, Beau lash glue takes 3 to 4 seconds to dry.

2. This glue is not ideal for places with high humidity. I learned the hard way so that you don’t. That’s why go for another glue if you’re in Florida.

Price: $19.95

Stacy Lash’s Sky

When I talk about one company twice in a review of the best eyelash extension glues, I assume that you have determined the best lash glue among professional already. Sky is a glue for clients who need the longest retention for their lash extensions.

In fact, I personally love Sky because it is absolutely safe for the eyes. However, the packaging is horrible that I have to keep cutting it out to prevent the glue from drying inside. The cost to ROI keeps me coming back to its trustworthy lash glue. That’s why I only if they would develop a better glue container!

What’s so good about this eyelash extension glues?

1. Quick-dry formula is something that attracts professional lash artists to this glue. It’s 2 to 3 seconds.

2. Six to Seven weeks advertised and up to ten weeks’ retention is certainly something that impresses the clients.

3. Certified by ISO Standards, the lash adhesive is latex-free and hence, good for most eyes.

What to look out for?

1. Do not use it for strip or cluster lashes.

2. Packing prevents using the whole tube as it keeps drying out quickly.

Price: $15.99

What I really think about Eyelash Extension Glues

Everything needs a trial. Period. When it comes to glue, be extra careful.

So, hold a trial session for all your clients going through eyelash extension sessions to check their allergies with all the products you use including the glue.

Besides picking the right glue, my all-time favorite is Sky S+ or Purplelash Black Label. Share your favorites in the comments below or ask your questions so that we can find them together.

How to use eyelash extension glue on your clients is for another day and we will handle it soon. For now, checkout eyelash extensions to match different makeup styles.

Until then …




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