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The Only China Mink Lashes Supplier Guide You Need


Find out all the types of China Mink lashes Supplier, how long it lasts, allergies, aftercare tips to share, top benefits, and ways to order it now.

Complete Guide To Mink Lashes Wholesale From China

Since Madonna donned a pair of mink falsies back in 2005, mink has been a growing trend among celebrities, makeup artists, and most importantly, lash artists. Why are they so popular? The short story is that mink hair is super soft and smooth that it gives a flawlessly-natural look to your eyes.

The long story is you need to assess the lash strips head to toe as an artist before committing to applying it to a client you wanna beautify. So, the first thing to do is know more about these lashes. Even if you know nothing, by the end of this article, you’ll know how to order from a 5-star China mink lashes supplier with closed eyes. 

Read on to find out its definition, top advantages, how long it lasts, allergies you should be wary of, and after-session tips to recommend your clients with. You’ll also discover the five steps to order your own customized strips of mink lashes with your brand logo today.

What Are Mink Lashes? 

With so many eyelash extensions hitting the market every other hour, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect lash extensions for your salon. Whether you’re running solo or have a studio or office already, mink eyelash extensions are a must-know thing for professional lash artists.  

Where does it come from? While real mink lashes are collected with a cruelty-free method by brushing the hair-off live minks, faux mink extensions don’t use any real hair at all. 

Before you get more confused, the gist of the matter is that any lash extension that resembles mink hair is often called mink lashes. The vegan lash brands often clarify by using ‘faux mink lashes’ in their vocabulary and use a material called PBT fiber. 


Before you hail one type of eyelash extensions as the best, it’s important to go through all of its types. While there are hundreds of mink extension varieties today, the following are the chosen few that are popular around the world. You should skim through the following because lash artists around the world must know these if asked by clients. 

Classic mink lash ranges from 0.10mm to 0.25mm in size

Volume lashes must be picked between the size of 0.03mm and 0.07mm

Faux Mink: Hair from PBT fibers and not real-mink hair

Real Mink: This is where the hair of live-minks are used for making fluffy and soft falsies 

Color: Whether you want to create an eye-catchy gradation or dramatic effect, there are colored mink lashes available today that you can use in all basic hues 

3D Mink: These are falsies three layers of strips for a voluminous and full appearance

Magnetic Mink lashes: You can use these fake lashes to adhere to the natural eyelashes without glue

Laser: This is a patented technology from BL lashes that attaches falsies without overusing adhesives 

How Long Do They Last?

While it takes about two hours to correctly apply for the mink eyelash extensions, it can stay for about three to four weeks with proper care and maintenance. However, if your clients are new to it, vacationing or under stress, the same might require more refills than the ordinary. And for mink strip lashes, it can be re-used up to 20 times with proper application.

Allergies And Irritations To Mink Eyelashes 

Do your clients have reactions, flare-ups, or breakouts due to cat hair? Then mink eyelash extensions might not be the right choice for them. Make sure to always check. Irritation, allergy, and infection include reactions to mink hair and you must always check before using the same. 

Advantages Of Mink Lashes 

Is mink lash China better than sable lashes or cashmere lashes? Truth be told, mink lashes refer to the texture of the lash that mimics the fluffiness of the mink hair than the actual mink hair. But, there are many characteristics that make mink lashes the best in the market for luxury to daily use. 

Here are its top benefits:

Shape memory: The faux mink uses a material called PBT that has great shape memory. This means these extensions are durable than the ordinary ones 

Comfort: When you compare several lash fibers, mink comes out the winner because it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear even though it creates a dramatic look on the model 

Finish: This is an extension that offers the full finish because of one-third tapering of lashes unlike two-third of silk and so on 

Styling: Whether you choose real or faux mink hair, the heat and chemical resistance of the fibers are better than the competition 

Application: Mink isn’t difficult to apply in case you’re just getting started with your lash practice. In fact, it’s even recommended for beginners because it brings out a unique style within you. I love it for all the partywear makeup I do for celebs (Shhhhh) 

Tips To Inform Your Clients About Mink Eyelash Extensions

Before you get started with a session, it’s important to tell clients who are coming for mink lash sessions a couple of things. Doing this is always better because it helps them get prepared appropriately. 

The following is what you should keep in mind: 

Avoid makeup when coming for a session with you

Tell them to skip their usual coffee for their eyes 

It’s important that your clients wear cozy clothes because mink lash treatment is long

Advise them to go to the bathroom before you start on the session 

Ask for a reference photo and tell them to bring it along 

Design a playlist for the client or ask them to add their own tracks

Stop using retinol, especially around the eyes 

Ask about their allergies and reactions 

Aftercare Tips

Once you’re done fitting the mink eyelash extension on your client, what to do next? They would have a million questions on the maintenance and likewise. So, you should be prepared to answer all of them with ease and expertise. 

I’ve compiled a basic list of things you should notify the clients about.
Here you go: 

Strictly NO wetting of lashes for the initial 48 hours. This includes water, steam, and tears

Tell them to keep away from oil cleansing around the eyes. Things such as cleansers, serums, makeups, and makeup removers with oil are a big no-no

You need to explain not to take long showers because the water pressure can break the lash bonds. Always remember to remove excess water 

Advise them to change their sleeping position to the sides for a few days after the session to avoid cramping the lash extensions 

Request clients to avoid rubbing, scratching, or touching the extensions frequently 

Ask if your customers use eyelash curlers. And if they do, tell them to stop doing so with the extension on 

How To Order Mink Lashes From China? 

Ready to get your china mink lashes supplier or design your own mink lash extensions? Once you have a few sessions of experience under your sleeve, you can advance and design your own extensions with the right mink texture from the best China manufacturer. 

Before you stir up the cauldron of creativity with more ideas, take a look at the five things to remember when screening your Chinese mink eyelash suppliers.

Check Reviews

The first step is to shortlist a good collection of suppliers who meets your demands. You can check for their references or reviews from wholesale lash buyers like you. In any case, dig up more about their total experience in the industry and client records. 

Customize The Design

I am guessing you already have a gorgeous logo for your lash brand right? Send it over to the supplier so that they can create branded eyelash extensions. You can also choose the material or design the curls, thickness, and other specifications to meet your personalized demands. 

Negotiate The Price

The next step is to communicate about your expectation about costs to the mink lash manufacturer China. You can court multiple clients and settle for one that offers the best quote. But, don’t decide just yet because there are a few more important steps left out.

Ask For Samples 

Once you’re done with all of the above, you need to check the Minimum Order Quantity of the supplier and if complies with your own requirements. Oftentimes, suppliers may need you to commit to hundreds of products before starting production. Make sure you iron out the fine details and request samples of your product before finalizing the deal. 

Ensure Good Quality Control 

The last but most important stage is QC. You need to communicate your worries and check the measures taken by the China supplier for mink eyelash extensions to ensure the superlative quality of products throughout your business together. 

Too Long; Didn’t Read? 

Mink lashes are fluffy, natural, lightweight, and gorgeous. They can last for a month and come in a lot of varieties like 3D, real, faux, colorful, and more. You can even customize the thickness, curl, and specifications of the falsies when you order directly from a China lash factory such as Dolvlashes. 

Mink lashes are resistant to heat and chemicals besides having a good shape memory. It takes two hours to apply it and four months to naturally come off. You need to check for allergies because mink eyelash extensions are allergic to people who react to cat or dog hair. 

Ensure that you share the necessary aftercare tips with your clients regarding the lash extensions such as avoiding water, steam, and oil, etcetera. The next step is to get your own branded lash extensions. To ensure you pick the best supplier, vet their references, customize the design with your logo, and negotiate the price directly with the supplier. 

You should also request samples so that you know exactly what your customers are getting before they actually do. Don’t forget to ask all about the QC processes and certifications by the China mink eyelash factory before you commit to a long-term contract with them. 

Start designing your unique mink lashes starting RIGHT NOW!