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Dolvlashes: Your Best Mink Lash Manufacturer

Dolvlashes can offer you the premium mink lashes and other lashes in various styles and applications.

As an expert mink lash manufacturer in China, we have over 20 years manufacturing and industry
experience. We can provide over 10000 designs of black band, clear band, 3D mink lashes, 5D mink lashes, 8D mink lashes, magnetic mink lashes etc for global customers. The length covers 8-12mm, 16-18mm, 13-18mm, 13-20mm, 20-25mm, 28-30mm as well as half lashes. You can order false eyelashes from our current mink ranges or book customization as OEM/ODM/OBM business both on lash styles and presentations.

Whether you need mink lashes for occasions of daily use, wedding, big events, festival, night club etc, or you want to custom mink lashes for your primal labels or brands, Dolvlashes can always provide you the best solution. 

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Choose Our Mink Lashes For Your Beauty Business

Dolvlash produce 800K pairs mink lashes per month and launch new designs every season. You can find the proper mink lash styles fro your wholesale business from our product catalogs.
Black Band Mink Lashes
Black band mink lashes are made of cotton thread with black glue. The material is real mink fur which is similar to human hair, so they are soft, thin, light and comfortable to wear.
Clear Band Mink Lashes
Clear band mink lashes which are also called invisible band lashes, and are made of nylon thread with real mink fur, the material is natural hair, so they look more natural and light with clear band.
3D Mink Lashes
3D mink lashes are layered and have dimensional effect. They are combined with different length sizes. The lashes look more natural, voluminous, fluffy and make you more noticeable.
25-30mm Mink Lashes
25-30mm mink lashes are made of 100% real siberian mink hair shedding from young mink ,they are totally cruelty free.
We use special technology to curl the lashes, which make the curve of lashes more suitable for your eyeline. The curls are long-lasting and won’t become straight even with the water. They’re multi-layered to create fluffy and dramatic effect.
5D Colored Mink Lashes
5D Colored brown mink lashes are super natural, dramatic ,fluffy. They are 100% pure hand made, 5D designed with multi-layers and natural curls which looks vivid glamorous and shiny.
Natural Mink Lashes
Our natural mink lashes  give you the most fascinating look you can imagine. The length are 11-16mm. Lightweight and easy to use for natural make-ups.The lashes can be reused up to 20-25times.
Half Mink Lashes
This is one of the hot-sale mink lashes. Half lashes are design to wear on the outer corner of your eyes adding a subtle finish compared to a full strip lash. They can enlarge your eyes. You don’t need to cut them thus shorten your makeup time and prevent the hurt to your natural lashes.Our half lashes are hand-made, light-weight, anti-water and perspiration. You can wear them all the day.
Magnetic Mink Lashes
Magnetic mink lashes are mink lashes with magnets. The magnets are placed in each corner of the eye to cover the entire eyelash line and eyelashes. There’re 2/3/5/7/10 magnets on each eye. The magnetic mink lashes normally go with eyeliners and are easy to wear.

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Black Band Mink Lash
Clear Band Mink Lash
3D Mink Lash
30mm Mink Lash
25mm Mink Lashes
5D Brown Mink Lash
Half Lash Mink
Natural Mink Lashes
Magnetic Mink Lashes

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Why Choose Dolvlashes

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