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August 19, 2021

7 Best Eyelash Manufacturer UK

7 Best Eyelash Manufacturer UK - Dolvlashes

7 Best Eyelash Manufacturer UK

Is it your dream to find the best eyelash manufacturer near you? We’ve got a comprehensive list of amazing eyelash manufacturer UK that will stun you. Each one is better than the other and you can assess their pros and cons with us to find the best wholesale supplier for lash extensions in the United Kingdom.

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How To Find The Best Eyelash Manufacturer In UK?

When you’re looking for the best eyelash manufacturer in the UK, you need to look out for five things.

1. Credibility

2.Return Policy

3. Variety

4. Refund Options

5. Experience  

List Of Top 7 Best Eyelash Manufacturer UK

Ready to kickstart your dreamBuilding a lash brand is a tough job. You need to handle a lot of responsibilities at the same time and the most important one is finding the best lash supplier wholesale. If you’re in the United Kingdom, we can help you locate the best eyelash manufacturer UK in the next five minutes.

· Mink & Co

A classy brand that sells lash extensions and applicators, Mink & Co is the finest UK lash supplier in London. They have multiple mink collections such as 3D Luxury, Flutter, Faux Mink and Two Drawer Eyelash Box.

With 721 TrustPilot reviews and most positive, Lash art is an elite lash manufacturer and supplier in the UK. 4% of their reviews are negative and 8% below average. With an experience of 10 years, Lash Art is an ISO certified lash supplier.

· Eylure

Serving to UK demographic, Eylure claims a 70-year-old obsession with eyes. One of the premium lash brands in United Kingdom, Eylure is also a wholesale eyelash manufacturer serving U.S.A and Australia too. They feature all lashes including naturals, fluttery, dramatic, faux mink and dramatic categories.

Besides eyelash extension education, Lash Perfect is the ideal place for any upcoming lash artist in the UK. Microblading and tanning merchandise is also available on this website. You can choose from Classic, Russian or Express.

· Eyelash Emporium

Offering extensive workshops for lash artists in the United Kingdom, Eyelash Emporium offers FREE strip lash applicator with every purchase of eyelash extension. They sell adhesives in addition to lash extensions such as mink, C-Curl, D-Curl, B-Curl and Special Effects.

· Lash Base

With 10 years of experience in the lash industry, Lash Base offers innovative products and lash education. Choose from Single Length, Mixed Length, Pre-Made Fans, Mega Volume, Short Lashes, Natural lashes, Matte Lashes and Flat or Color Lashes. s

· House of Lash UK

Apart from lash training for artists, House of Lash offers expert eyelash supplies in UK. The available options are C-Curl, Mixed Length, CC-Curl, D-Curl and C-Curl Flat. Over 36 lash extension styles are displayed on the website.


If you’re in the U.K, why settle for the second best manufacturer? Instead, go for the best manufacturers for eyelash extensions in the world- China.

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