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August 19, 2021

How to Retain your Eyelash Clients like a PRO?


How To Retain Your Eyelash Clients Like A PRO?

You are getting clients for your sassy new eyelash extension business. But, are they not returning? You’ve a sizeable problem you need to nip in the bud before it affects the credibility and reputation of your lash business. Today we are going to learn about the expert’s ways to retain your eyelash clients so that your business can grow and scale exactly as you dream of.

How To Retain Your Eyelash Clients To Make The Profits You DREAM?

Tips for best lash retention starts with your vision about the business. What is the dream that you started with? Did you want your clients to fall in love with your talent? Then the best ways it to know how to get clients for eyelash extensions and keep them.

We have been in the business since long and can teach you all the industry specifics.

1. Don’t Just Sell Lash Extensions, Sell an Experience

When you are a lash artist, you’re not just fixing eyelash extensions, you are giving a dream to your client. The whole experience from entering your lash saloon till the moment they leave should be memorable. It’s all about them during the time. Just don’t unburden your problems on them during the process. Instead, listen to THEM. You can be their friend, therapist and just a good pal too.

2. Are You Certified? Invest in Lash Training

If you’re not a certified lash artist, the clients might take time trusting you. The best alternative is to sign up for a course. Even free lash training courses are available for learning the professional way of doing lash extensions. If you’re certified, upgrade your training by signing up for more lash training courses that can impress your clients. Keep supplying to your skills and display them in the saloon.

3. Upgrade Your Booking System

What type of booking system do you have? If it is a telephone number that directly to a pen and paper secretary or clerk, you need to think twice. A modern booking system that can ease the process of booking right at the time of interest when your client is browsing the website can help you. Get your developer to make an easy online booking system. Today you can use free trials on Schedulicity or Acuity to plan your booking system online.

4. Follow Up on your Clients and Reconnect with Them

Next up is the most forgotten formality you must never miss. After a lash session with the client, schedule a follow up email or phone call within 24-48 hours. If they had problems, they will be glad to let you know while pleased clients will recommend you more often once you follow up. If long lapse of time has passed since their last appointment, you can also follow up and inquire if they need a new appointment.

5. Offer After Care and Maintenance for Your Clients

Another way to guarantee your clients with the follow-up call is the after care. You can always quote a nominal sum and describe the benefits of aftercare and maintenance of their lashes. It will keep them coming back to you every once in a while. It will also help them understand you are open to any questions they may have. You can also create an aftercare pamphlet listing all the aftercare directions they need to follow post the lash extension setting.

6. Talk with your Client to Know their Goals

Always start new clients with an orientation so that you know what they want, what they’ve tried and what they expect you to do. When a person comes for a lash extension, they are giving you 45 minutes to a few hours. Ensure that you use the time to give them exactly what they want. Once you’ve started the lash extension setting, continue talking during the process about the extension and what you’re doing. This is an impressive way to educate them and make them come back more.

7. Keep an Updated Client Record in Detail

The thin line that separates good lash saloons from amazing lash saloons is the way the latter cares. How? The trick is to record all your client demands and preferences by taking a note since the first time. This will help you track their services and recommend the same in the future. Remember, impressing your client as a lash artist, takes you a long way and keeps them coming back!

8. You Need a Clean Lash Station

This should be the first rule of a lash artist. Keep your station clean. Regardless of whether you have a thorough after-clean-up scheduled after, you need to keep things organized on your lash station. If not, the client might feel distracted and disappointed in your workspace. Keep your station hygienic is important because eye infections can happen anytime. As most eye cleaning solutions are damp, you need to prevent microbes from growing.

9. Keep Your Sanitation Tools Ready

Besides cleanliness being next to godliness, you can also impress your clients with sanitation tools such as gloves, masks and cotton balls from fresh packets. Keep good quality toiletries and sanitation tools in your bathrooms. Cleaning your tool repeatedly is another way to impress your clients with the sanitation rules you hold strict.  

10. Be Professional and Non-Intrusive

Besides avoiding gossip, you need to be professional in your approach. Offer facts more than opinions, unless asked for. Being caring and helpful without intruding into the private space of your client will make them feel welcome. It is the golden rule to make them come back even more!

11. Give Rewards When They Refer a Friend

Give a free extension setting for an influential person in your locality or town. You can flaunt this to clients and get more influential clients from them. For people who recommend, invite or bring in new customers, you can add in a neck massage or a scalp scrub to ease their day. Remember, custom retention starts with acknowledgment and making your customer feel great!

12. Do Not Keep on Rescheduling

Unless there is an emergency, do not reschedule your appointments. If you reschedule with a longterm client once, they might understand. However, a new client might take it for your laxness. It is important to manage and schedule your appointments appropriately. Get a secretary if you need to manage your appointments or ask your receptionist to do so.

If you need to reschedule, let the client know in advance so that they can make an advance booking. You can also give a discount of 20% on their next lash service with you!

13. Charge Fair and Competitively

The easiest way to get your clients sporadically is by offering them free services. But, that does you no good. It is important not to undervalue your services because clients might grade you lower. Overvaluing your service can strengthen your competition. Always assess your prices and ask your clients if they feel it is the right price for the service.

Sara Phillips, Lash Stuff President says, ‘I charge about the same as it costs to get a set of nails done. I have had many clients tell me they gave up their nails to have eyelash extensions.”

To decide on the right price, you need to check with the competitors around your location.

14. Create Specials and Loyalty Programs

For frequent members, create special programs where they can get two services or sessions for the price of one or an annual membership for weekly services. Loyalty programs can get your more service from the same clients because they will feel like a family at your saloon. Give them special packages with complex eyelash extension and other services such as a free massage.

15. Don’t Cut Corners with Time

Rookie lash artists make the mistake of saving up time by finishing their lash appointments too fast. This is to accommodate more clients. Please don’t make the same mistake because your work might suffer due to the same. You must organize or seek help to organize your appointments so that you do a good job every time. Otherwise, your clients might never recommend you. Moreover, they can give negative reviews about your nail saloon to others who might be interested in you.

Why Are My Clients Lashes Not Lasting?

If you came here wondering about eyelash retention, we can help you a bit. First, check the eyelash cycle. This can be different for different people. If the lash keeps falling out before the lash cycle is finished, you need to look at the following factors.

There are a variety of reasons your clients’ false lashes are not lasting.

– Humidity can affect the longevity of the lashes

– They might have cried too much

– Ask your client if they rubbed they eyes too much

– Using a clamp style curler can damage both natural and false lashes

– Did they use a waterproof mascara?

– Poor application can be once cause if you failed to clean or slowly applied them.


Use personal branding tips from pros for your lash business today. If you’re wondering, leave us a question below!