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August 19, 2021

12 Best Practices & Lash Artists’ Advice About Pandemic


12 Best Practices & Lash Artists’ Advice About Pandemic

Discover over ten premium beauty brands and CEOs are doing to cope with COVID and 12 professional tips to get back to work as a lash professional NOW.

How To Save Your Lash Business During The Pandemic?

The last article talks about how the pandemic has affected the beauty industry and what business owners are doing about it. We are all going through a hard time and that’s why it’s essential to brainstorm, research and find out all that you can about it so that you can adapt and cope with the new challenges.  

Today we will find out what exactly do lash salons and artists do to keep the fire going in the kitchen during the lockdown in their own words. I’ve also added a section on the top 12 tips to help you figure a way to keep working and earning money without turning COVID positive. 

What Are Lash Artists Doing- With Real Quotes And Examples

You’ve all seen cosmetic companies that were once selling premium products now switching to sanitizers or upscale textile brands manufacturing and promoting their new inventory of face masks. 

Before you jump into what you can do, take a look at what artists and business owners around the world are doing to cope with the loss due to the pandemic below.

Pearl Lash Extensions 

“We saw most of our clients temporarily closing down their practices due to the state legislative orders. As we slowly begin to re-emerge from this pandemic, most states have begun allowing salons and barbershops to reopen their doors. This is great news for all of us!”

This lash extension business owner has set up clear instructions such as appoint-only consultation, no group appointments, mandatory masks for employees, and other precautions to operate safely.

The Lash Professional

“During these unforeseen times, we are using social media as a way to keep in touch with our lash community. We have focused our time on creating content that answers our customers’ questions about how to navigate their own beauty business during the pandemic”.

Vanessa Molica from this brand says it’s vital to connect with your community of followers and customers now more than ever. You can check on them by asking if they need help or improve engagement with awareness content about your eyelash extensions. 

This eyelash brand is ahead of its time because they’re offering giveaways to clients. Such a generous offers help to convert customers and make them leads for life when it comes to the beauty industry. 

Squared Away 

CEO of this brand says- “To support my team and our network of 150+ clients, I’m committed—through the increased use of tools like Zoom and Slack—to keeping lines of communication open, to creating a ‘safe space’ for discussion”.

The CEO has shared his personal phone number with all the members and the clients so that they can get in touch at any time, even at 3 AM.

Playa Hair Care Brand 

“There’s a real opportunity for leading online brands because a lot of consumers have always treated luxury beauty as something they want to see, touch, feel and sample in person before they invest in it”. 

Clara, the spokesperson of the brand continues on to say that being compelled to make beauty decisions, customers make purchase decisions online due to the comfort of it. 


That Switched To Other Products

– Not everyone is reinventing the wheel. Big players are switching to other products and inventories that are more useful to consumers during the time of quarantine as you can see from the seven premium fashion and beauty brands below. 

1. Prada: Requested by Italian authorities, Prada produced 80,000 medical-grade overalls and 110,000 face masks 

2. L’Oreal: With the help of its name brands Garnier and LA Roche-Posay, this company is manufacturing hydro-alcoholic gels for nursing homes, hospitals, and food delivery businesses 

3. Estée Lauder: The parent company of M.A.C cosmetics, is producing hand sanitizers besides reopening its New York outlet for the same 

4. Guerlain: This company completely transformed its perfume factories or Orphan and La Ruche to make sanitizers for health-care industry businesses and workers 

5. Zara and H&M: The mother brand of Inditex is already producing medical supplies 

6. LVMH: The parent company of Louis Vuitton, Sephora, and Givenchy is sourcing 40 million face masks for the healthcare industry in Italy, Spain, and France 

7. Kering: This luxury brand that powers Gucci, Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent is producing 3 million face masks for France’s healthcare service industry, and 55,000 overalls besides donating 1.1 million face mask

12 Best Practices

According to Chris Ventry- As more and more people are wearing masks, they’re emphasizing other forms of makeup. In short, consumers are getting creative with how they accessorize their eyes. 

So what can you do? A lot if you’re a makeup professional or a lash expert. 

I am not kidding. If you were a lash artist before COVID, branch out into an aesthetician or eye makeup stylist. Avene’s hand cream 3x sales during the lockdown because people are handwashing too much. There are many ways that business owners in the lash industry are taking their chance at the COVID. 

And, after rounding up the best practices in this market for days, I found the following that you’ll find useful. Get a notebook and start recording your favorite tips from the below RIGHT NOW!

1. Start a Blog

Everyone needs a blog in 2020. If you’re a lash artist or own a business, it’s high time you own one. 

Get started with a free blog on WordPress without spending a dime or get started with a website hosting package like on Blue Host that offers a decent blog at a cheap monthly rate. 

This is important because a blog helps you gather customers and expand your reputation when there’s nothing else you can do. The blog also helps you create a community of followers and target audience can that considers you an authority in your niche. 

2. Switch To Brand Awareness

Were you selling lash extensions pre-COVID? Perhaps you were a popular and busy lash salon owner before all this. It’s not time to lose hope. 

Instead, grow brand recognition starting now. Instead of selling eye makeup when there’s no one buying, you can shift the objective or aim of your business for the time-being to brand awareness. 

Start creating an email campaign or daily posts via your official FB business profile to connect with your customers. Remove the intent of sales and focus on how to engage with your target audience so that you can tap into sales later. Put simply, direct your traffic to do other desirable actions. 

3. Create A COVID-19 Lash Consent Form

When you’ve decided to start seeing clients for their routine lash extension treatments or sessions, it’s important to get a consent form signed from them. 

Below I will explain all the things that must be on such a form so that you can make one on your own with a pen and paper or via your smartphone. 

A title such as ‘Salon/Artist Name’ Service Consent Form For COVID-19 General introduction such as- As we want to stay safe and keep our beloved clients safe during this pandemic, please read the following form and indicate your confirmation with your signature underneath. 

Mandatory details such as Your name, your client’s name and date besides signatures of both the parties 

Medical details including assertation that they do not carry the virus or are associated with persons who may carry the virus 

A list of protocols you follow so that they can be aware of what to expect at the salon or for the appointment 

Click on the link to the PDF file and Docx file you can download and input your own name or salon name before working with clients. Yeah, I’ve made your search easy. Say thanks to biLashes for showing me the links.

4. Regulate The Maximum Number Of Customers In Your Salon

You’re all set to reopen the store but are you following the State mandates? Head over to the government website of your State after doing a Google search for ‘State-name Government website’. You’ll find out the protocols you have to follow in order to stay open here. 

One of the most discussed mandates is social distancing.

In short, gone are the days of chatting with your favorite clients around the lash counter. You need to maintain distance with your client while doing treatments and ensure that lash stations are a distance of 5 feet or more from each other. 

Depending on your store size, create a limit of clients and employees within the store at every given time. 

5. Set Up Appointments And Follow Them

Another thing that’s a thing of the past is walk-in appointments. You need to create a roster of client appointments and ensure that you don’t let in strangers into the store to keep your clients, and the staff, besides yourself safe. 

This is important because if one of you were to show symptoms, you should always be ready to turn-over details of clients and customers who visited the store. Hang a board outside the store that says ‘Entry With Appointment ONLY’


6. Use An Air Purifier

Investing in a good air purifier that keeps the viruses and bacteria at bay within the salon is the most important equipment during the pandemic. You need a good one and on top of that, you need to specify this with a note on the door or within the salon so that customers and employees know you’re doing everything you can, to make them safe.

7. Wear Lab Coats or Jackets
8. Run Promotions With Huge Discounts

You might’ve seen the free lipstick from M.A.C on World Lipstick Day recently or the exciting discounts from luxury brands like Chanel. This is because most businesses are trying to cope with their losses by offering clearance sales and promotional offers.

Lash businesses and artists can slash the profits to offer discounts on products/services in order to attract new customers to their shops. As this is a time when valuable investments are preferred more than random buys, discounts will seem like an investment to most clientele. 

9.Consultation Via Skype/Zoom

It’s true that lash salons and beauty parlors are the last to reopen after the lockdown in most States. If you’re in a state where salons are not permitted to open just yet, offer consultation sessions to your clients instead.

Log in to your Skype and send a request to your client after creating a message that extends your expert advice during this home-quarantine time for long-term clients and potential customers. This is a fine opportunity to connect with clients and ensure that you don’t lose then when everything springs back to normal. 

10. Offer Online Courses For Students

Once you’re comfortable with online video calls, you can start video recording or create comprehensive courses via Master Class or Udemy and so on. This is especially useful for lash artists who are influencers or with a large following of students already. 

This way, you don’t have to pay rent for space you conduct classes in and everything will work like clockwork with online classes. Make sure you create a good timetable that’s attractive enough to keep your students while attracting new students. If you’re a business profile, run a Facebook add three times a week for a few dollars and see the magic happen.

Alternatively, you can also set up a YouTube channel to post your video content. 

11. Special COVID Training For Salon Employees
Another way to ensure that you get your customers to trust you and come back for lash treatments is by preparing your employees for the upcoming months. You can also advertise that all employees are trained specifically for the pandemic outside your store or via online/ offline ads. When you create a training course for your staff, try to check the WHO protocols, State instructions, and tips from your favorite lash salon owners or artists so that you don’t miss out on anything vital.
12. Follow Sanitizing And Disinfection

Standard precautions are mandatory when it comes to staying open during the lockdown. Don’t forget to disinfect your hands when entering and leaving the salon. 

You can keep a good sanitizer at the entrance to ensure clients and staff clean themselves before entering and leaving. Go a step ahead and offer disposable hand gloves and shoe covers for clients entering the shop.

If you don’t know already, take a look at our comprehensive blog article on disinfection and sanitizing for lash equipment whether you’re working solo or as a business. 

You can adopt tips from that list or visit the famous salons to check out their regulations and recommendations. 

In A Nutshell

In addition to all of the above, you can also create Special Eye Makeup Packages for your old and new clients who know the mask has made the eyes more prominent today. Another tip is to create surprising giveaways for your subscribers, followers, or clients. Spread some love in the age of pandemic starting today. 

Stay safe and beautiful~