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Special Lashes - Classic Hybrid Volume Lashes

Every woman dreams of having lovely lashes. It is now possible to have any kind of lashes you aspire for with Dolvlashes. Whether you want the Barbie eyelashes, classic, hybrid, or volume lashes, we have them all available at reasonable prices. Barbie eyelashes are eyelash extensions that impart the Barbie doll look.

Classic hybrid volume eyelashes are extensions that are 1:1 with your natural eyelashes. They are not very voluminous. If you want voluminous eyelashes, you could choose volume lashes that come in 2D and 3D. If you are looking for medium intensity for your lashes, the best option is hybrid lashes which offer a varied texture and more volume.

Stereo Effect Feather Eyelashes570
Red Feather Eyelashes595
Premium Eyelashes765
Pink Feather Eyelashes513
Good Feather Lashes DL129
Feather Lashes DL569
Feather Eyelashes DL567
Feather Eyelashes DL57
Color eyelashes Hand painted DLV27042223
Color eyelashes Hand painted DLV2704212
Color eyelashes Hand painted DLV1704211
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