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Most Important Career Advice For Lash Artists I Wish I Knew Before

If someone came to me 25 years ago and told me I was going to have allergic clients to horrible mistakes and challenges in my career I will conquer, I wouldn’t have believed them. But, here I am, a successful lash artist in front of you. Let me outline the most important career advice for lash artists everywhere so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. If you’re a beginner, this is going to be your guidebook for now.

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Who Are Lash Artists? What Career Advice For Lash Artists Work?

Lash Artists Work

Beauticians or aestheticians specifically training in applying false eyelash extensions are called lash artists. While up to 2 years of minimum training is required to truly know your skills as lash artists, there are artists who started on their own and made big too.

If you’re a lash artist or aspiring to be one, you need to have an innate passion for lash styles. Do you need

How to Become a Lash Artist?

First thing to do if you want to become a lash technician is to inquire your State Laws and licenses for lash artists. In general, you might need an aesthetician or cosmetology license to work as a certified lash artist. In case you are from Missouri, Connecticut, Delaware, Alabama, Idaho, Wisconsin and Maryland do not require artists to be licensed to offer lash extension services.

To know the details, you can contact the state board of Cosmetology in your State. You can choose to be a specialist of hair, skin and nails as a cosmetologist or skin as an aesthetician before you sign up to become a lash technician.

Ranging about 1-3 days, you can next sign up for an eyelash beginner’s course. Your course might include the cost of training as well as training materials. Typically, the course can cost $200-$2000 or more depending on the teacher you choose. Once you’re done with your eyelash extension course, find work at salons or boutique. A good lash artist has at least 2 years of work experience before starting independently.

Lash Artist Beginner’s Kit Requirements

To know all the preparation, procedure and after-service products you need in your beginner’s lash kit, browse the article on guide to set up lash station.

Signs Lash Artist Career is not for You

Lashing mistakes that can cost your career. Your clients can suffer from irreparable damage if you’re not careful. So before you do a good or a bad job, it is important to know what is a bad job. We will tell you the tell-tale signs of why your lash job might not be good. If you can rectify this, you have a solid career as a lash technician.  

Lack of Time, No Patience

Do you run out of patience? Perhaps you don’t let the adhesive dry. Or you might have booked one too many appointments within a short window of time. If you’re miserly with time for the extension service, the false lash will not be perfect. Keep at least 2 hours aside for doing a full set of lashes. How long for infills? Take 1 hour 30 minutes each when you’re just starting out. Learn all about lash extension adhesives.

Wrong height of the Lash Treatment Bed

Besides chronic neck and back pain or spine disorders, there are many reasons wrong height of the treatment bed can affect your lash service. Get your client at chest height by taking the time to adjust the table at the beginning to ensure this does not happen.

Adhesive Choice Per Client

Do you know how to choose the right adhesive for lash service? There are no generic lash extension adhesives that suit everyone. In fact, there are different types of lash glue you can choose depending on the sensitivity, drying time, hold, viscosity, color and much more.

Lash Extension Based on the Client

If you have a generic lash extension bought from the street store and you expect to use the same on every client, you are going to earn bad publicity quickly. To choose the best lash extension for your client, ask them their needs before you finalize based on length, volume, number and curl or style.

Absence of Last Extension Aftercare

Do you provide aftercare services for your lash extension service? If you do not, you might end up in court; we’re not kidding. You might know that urea, glycol and PEG are dangerous for the lash extensions. But, does your client know as well? Do inform them.

Career Advice For Lash Artists: What Are Your Options?


Finally, you know everything a successful lash artist knows. Now we have to decide the lash career you badly wanted. Before you jump into any conclusions, I want you to go through each of the following pointers slowly.


The best way to step into the lash extension industry is by working part-time. If you have another full time job, you can always give enough time to gather work experience in your lashing career. Working with other experienced lash artists will also teach you many solutions ahead of the mistakes.   Ideal for beginners, doing part time lashing will also earn you money based on your cosmetology or beautician services too.


Called mobile lash extension artists, freelance lash artists work based on clients. They might have space or studio to do the lash services for regular clients. Freelance lash artists can decide their pay by the job or contract according to career advice for lash artists. Also called contract lash artists, you can work under different saloons or lash artists to get expertise.


You can also find the saloons that no longer offer lash extension services. Show your work and ask them to add it to the menu. You can request a base amount for lashing services in the saloon from there on.

Full Time

You can switch to full time lash technician under someone else. If you’re not opening a saloon, you don’t have to cover the mortgage or overhead charges. Going full time as a lash artist under someone will help you learn more without sacrificing your working hours or its income.


The last and the best career advice lash artists is an independent Eyelash extension service. We say, build a brand around your unique style and services. You can manufacture your own specific and unique lash extension from suppliers for a nominal rate too. Independent lash artists might have to bear overhead costs and mortgage, but they are also owners of a business  empire that can be yours!

Why Become A Lash Artist At All?

Do you know the lash profession is one of the only with up to 80% career satisfaction? That’s based on a lot of factors you must assimilate to understand the parameters that support you to become a lash technician.

Firstly, the income of a lash artist ranges from $50,000 to $100,000 annually. The price of the lash extension differs based on venue, experience and false lashes. While some places charge $175 for a full set, others might do it for $150 and $290 for mega volume.

Based on how good you are, you can create your own styles and lash extension packages.

Tips To Run A Successful Eyelash Career Smoothly


Wondering how to get your eyelash extension brand to run smoothly? Have no worries. All you have to do is go through the pointers we have elaborated for you below. It comprises of the shortlisted tips that helped the successful lash artists today, become their best selves.

1. Curls are of different types and you must choose an eyelash curl based on the client’s demands.

2. While eyelash extension styles are many, you can always select them based on the shape of the client’s eye.

3. Charts around your lash station will help you acquaint with the industry specifics easily.

4 How to choose the right supplier? That’s what you can find out in the article on eyelash extension suppliers near me.

5. How to increase your brand success of the lash career? Follow the steps to improve personal branding of your eyelash extension business with simple tweaks.

6. Volume of the false lash is as important as the curl and style. Experiment with multiple eye shapes to decipher how to decide on the right volume for your client. Make guides and charts to help you.

7. How to Sterlize and Sanitize your Workspace? That’s easy. You must sterilize all your eyelash extension tools with warm water and sanitize it with pure alcohol wipes to prevent eye infection on your client. Know more about sanitization practices at lash extension saloons.

8. Consultation is also as important as the service. You must always talk for at least 10-20 minutes to your client before deciding on the services they need. Use this time to alleviate their fears.

9. Allergies and reactions happen due to the lack of concern and care. These can end your career. Hence, always conduct spot testing for all your products on the client one day before you try the services. Be especially careful when catering to sensitive clients with other allergies.


The best career advice for lash artists is to keep learning and keep training and keep growing. Can you do that? We promise you will be the best then!



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