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7 Little Things To Help You Grow Lash Business Without Money

When you’re thinking of starting a lash business, money or capital is definitely the first thing to think about. But money is nothing but the means to buy something. Could you create money using your skills? You definitely can. In this digital era, you can start a lash business or brand with zero money, but if you want to build a good business with standard security protocols and responsive design, investing in a $100 per month can bring you a good turnover.

I am not making this up.

Here are the statistics from WPforms– over 19% of small lash business founders believe that their businesses grow more than 25% with a website. So if imagine if you were to start a business by connecting with clientele around your geographic location, without ever leaving your studio? Sounds crazy-good right? It’s not too hard, artists.

7 Steps To Grow Your Lash Business Without Spending Lotta Money

I will tell you the exact ways why you can grow your lash business online without spending lotta money below. It’s a good read and if you’re starting out, this will give you all the tasks and action plans for your long-term goals or vision board.

Ready? Start scrolling …

DISCLAIMER: This is a long post, guys. And, if you’re not prepared to give ten minutes to your profession now, you need to bookmark it so that you can do this later. Copy the link and save it somewhere if you don’t have time.

1. Create a Vision, Mission, and Goal

First thing is to christen your brand. When you’re doing so, ask the below questions. I’ve also added ways to find answers to it.

  • Is the name easy to speak? Count the syllables in the brand name.
  • Are there any other brands under this name? Check online and offline in directories or ask in forums.
  • Is a domain available for this name? You need to find an affordable domain too.
  • What does the name make a person visualize? Beta-test this with a target customer.
  • Shortlist one name, then two backup names.

Once you’re done with the naming ceremony, it’s important to register the lash brand name you selected. This keeps you safe from fraud. I strongly suggest getting a lawyer to discuss legal compliances for a lash extension brand based on your location.

After this, you need a vision board. If you’re shy of a vision board, go old-fashioned. Get a pen and a pencil. Start writing down the answer to the following

– Your Vision:

What do you anticipate for the brand on a big picture? Write down everything that comes to your mind. You can filter it later.

– Commitment to your Customers:

What is your commitment as a lash artist to your clients? Detail it or bullet it with one-liner answers hooked on one word like integrity, quality, trust, or privacy.

2. Get a Good Domain

To host your website, you need a domain. There are free domains and paid domains you can select from. If you’re a beginner lash artist, I suggest you go for the WordPress free website. Weebly also offers a free website for all kinds of entrepreneurs including artists.

You can also get a custom domain from Shopify for $11 a year. Isn’t that just crazy-great? It’s the perfect time for investing in taking your business digital.  But before you get your domain, there is a step that I missed. I didn’t technically miss it because you need to think about all these things about the Internet of Things (IoT) when you’re selecting your domain.

To build a good online reputation as a capable and awesome lash artist, it is worthwhile to find answers to the below.

– Define Your Niche

When you’re starting out as a lash artist, defining niche means figuring out a unique selling point for your brand. It could be your style, geographical location, or specializations. Ensure that your website speaks of your specialties.

– Do Keyword Research

Google Analytics is a helpful tool to do keyword research. Free extensions like Surfer SEO also help you find keyword search volumes. You can use this to determine the keywords you can use for attracting the search engines to your articles.

Keywords are like baits and you need the right bait to lure new customers and quality baits to keep the old customers going. Baits needn’t be bad. They are just a way to attract attention.

– Find Out About Your Target Audience

When you’re thinking of serving clients, what are the age, gender, geographical location, income, social affiliations, and demands you’re planning to take on? This also takes into account the nuances of making a menu ideal for your target customers. Think of the perfect customer signing up for your service and now describe them. You can describe them on the basis of anything as long as it helps your research.

– Get the Right Domain

Another thing that most people forget is about choosing the right platform to host their business. Go through lash artist forums or competitors to find out what domains are they hosted on. For example, if you’re selling products, a WordPress website won’t do.

You need to find out whether you need Shopify or Weebly on your own. Many web hosting services often provide free trials, just ideal for lash entrepreneurs. Going wrong can mean a lot of rework and time you might not have while handling a business.

3. Design Your Website

The next responsibility comes to designing your website. This includes everything to do with how your lash brand looks online. You need to take the help of a designer or research hours online to take inspiration from designers and competitors to find out what fits your brand the best.

Every brand goes through a serious stage of making and designing is one of the most important, especially for beauty and fashion brands. Think about your target audience, how they like to dress, their styles, and everything that you can use to find out a way to make them relate to your website. A fashionable person might like a black-and-white website, but that narrows down on the total fashionable people who might’ve loved a stylish or chic website design.

Let’s find out the three ways to design a lash extension artist website properly. Make something your customers can relate to. If you’re unsure, make separate designs and beta test it with potential customers. I do it all the time and there are FB groups just for beta testing things.

– Color Themes

Defining your color palette is one of the defining factors for every lash brand and artist. If your website is an appendage of your skills, you are not just selling your brand, but your skills and talents too.

You need a website that can highlight your style and the styles of your target audiences with different gradients of colors. From monochromatic to vivid and custom options, there are many ways to figure out a palette fit for your brand.

– Font Style

Next up is choosing the font for your website content to show up. Rather than sticking to one style and size of the font, create a revised list of main fonts, auxiliary fonts, and so on based on the styles you want to explore for the blog, sales page, landing page, and home page.

To choose the right font style, understand that there are two types of font styles- serif and sans serif. The strokes and artistic curves at the end of the alphabets are called Serif. There are fonts that are artsy called serif fonts and there are fonts that are formal and clean called sans serif fonts.

I wouldn’t suggest one over the other. The choice should be based on your brand and style.

– Graphics

From pictures to banners and videos, there are many decisions about the graphics strategy you need to outline when you’re thinking of growing your lash business online. For a lash artist, having a video of the services and results or professional photos is very important when doing business online.

You need prospective clients to find your services online. As online shopping comes with the risks that face-to-face booking eliminates, you need to make the clients feel in control. Provide videos and posters that clearly show your expertise. The best way to get started on your visual content is with the help of a graphic designer.

4. Create a Content Marketing and SEO Strategy

The content was King and it still is. I am writing so much to talk to you about eyelash extensions because content helps me express my thoughts. It helps me communicate with you. That’s all you need to think about. The rest of the nuances are easy to learn

– Content Strategy

First, you need a detailed content strategy for your content. Outline the topics you want to chase with your website. What makes you unique from other lash artists? How can the audience know more about your services? What are the safety and hygiene protocols you follow? Or even a photo-list of one-liners describing your recent eyelash extension sessions.

Decide on a content strategy guideline including format, tone, vocabulary usages, and restriction. This just means you need to figure out the type of articles you want such as how-to/ tutorial articles besides listicles, directory posts, and so on.

Publishing 1-4 blog posts per week regularly can attract the attention of search engines quickly.

– SEO Strategy

Now do keyword research and find out the content that is popular in your niche. This will give you an idea of the total people searching for your products, the things they are searching for, and the things competitors provide them with.

Open a google sheets file and add all the viable topics from competitors. You can also type ‘lash extension artists’ to find websites of your competitors and research their content. This will help you understand the type of uniquely valuable content you need to cover for attracting the attention of the audience.

Figure out a list of high-traffic and low-competition topics to start creating blogs.

5. Create Social Media Profiles

Connecting with the audience in this digital age is most possible via the internet. If you really want to know more about your target audience, create a social media profile that the audience can get to know you with.

You need not go spy-or-detective-mode. Create Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn profiles of your brand or self. An interested audience will follow you and your posts. All these social media options are viable for growing a large following easily.

Before You Go …

I wanna give you two more bonus tips before you leave us. Use email marketing to grow people who sign up for your newsletters via the website. It will help you make connections and get to know them better.  

Ready to get started? Leave your doubts in the comments below.   

Stay Pretty!