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Digital Marketing Tips For Lash Artists And Ways To Start

Do you know eCommerce account for 25% of global sales? That’s 14% of global retail sales increase. And, according to the US Department of Commerce reports, 53% of the world internet population made at least one purchase in 2016. No wonder, about 1.92 billion people shop online annually. Remember, the world population is 7.7 billion.  That’s why, today we are going to simplify the biggest hack of it all- digital marketing tips for lash artists. Do you want to make a good profit from your lash business? Get your lash salon dolled up because digital marketing is all you need for getting waitlisted customers too!

Ready? Let’s find the right recipe for success for your lash salon.

What Is Meant By Digital Marketing?

Whenever you market or promote your products or services via digital services, regardless of whether you have an ecommerce store or retail store, it is called digital marketing. Using online marketing services is possible for your online and offline outlets.

Digital marketing involves strategies to digitally convert your target audience online. It is unique for its collections to assessment of data to its execution.

Why Does Your Lash Website Need Digital Marketing?

Do you know over 88% of consumers prefer retailers with a website and digital interface? Having a website is not a must for lash artists, but when you’re doing digital marketing for lash salon, it is best to have an online portal where your potential techy customer can reach you.

Once your target audience likes you, they just want to connect with you and digital marketing offers the perfect recipe for just that. Let’s find out the best digital marketing strategy for your website.

Global Reach and Exposure

When you open up shop around the curb, your neighbors can reach you, their friends and family can reach you too. However, that’s about it. When you open shop on the internet, the whole world can see you even if your target audience is just brides look for eyelash extension services.

Do you know over 90% of marketers confess digital marketing has increased exposure and 75% claim they’ve increased traffic? Another amazing benefit of creating digital marketing strategies for lash salon is your customer can shop at any time.

Your custom eyelashes will attract new customers from across the globe. It will, therefore, expand the demographic too. Imagine new customers you never expected? Sounds great right!  

Low Cost with Automation

Almost free, digital marketing is one of the cheapest and the priciest marketing modes. That’s because the costs depend on the strategies you utilize. It can be available for different price ranges from $0 to millions of USDs.

You can strategize your marketing options for low budget or high budget. The prime factor that sets the bar high for digital marketing is automation. As automation is available for free or nominal sums, you don’t have to have a dedicated team to make digital marketing work.

Systematic Data Collection and Assessment

Another boon of digital marketing for lash artists is how it collects data about your target audience. Within the due course of time, you will be able to make head and tails out of this data.

Simply put, assessment of the likes, preferences and dislikes of your target audience becomes clearer when you analyze how your audience interacts with you online for or regarding purchase. It gives you a graphic idea of whether you’re succeeding, loosing and what to do about it.

Customer Engagement and Loyalty

According to stats, customer engagement is triggered 81% by price, 80% by quality and 55% by convenience. Loyalty of your eyelash extension ecommerce comes from 86% likeability and 83% trust.

Do you know millennials are the workforce of the current generation right? Over 30% of the millennials engage with brands over social media at least once a month. Unlike brick and mortar stores, you don’t need salespeople to keep all your thousands of customers engaged at once. You can setup a detailed and gorgeous email system to increase engagement and loyalty. It will accelerate the process.

Sales and Traffic to Your Lash Website

Do you know 47% of all buyers check at least 3 to 5 content pieces before they talk to a salesman? That’s because in this era, Content is King. Over 96% of customers want content with specifics from experts and industry authority.

Using digital marketing via Google can bring you flooding traffic. That’s because Google brings 96% of all mobile traffic and 94% of total organic searches around the world. Once your lash salon is on Google, customers will automatically find your store before your competitors.  

7 Ways To Get Started With Digital Marketing Tips For Lash Artists

Do you know digital marketing will occupy 75% of all marketing budgets in the next five years? According to CNBC, in the U.S alone, nearly 50% of small businesses don’t have a website. When you have an ecommerce website listing the products and services you offer with price quotes and duration, customers will proactively search you up.

For a first timer, digital marketing can sound scary. Rest assured, we have experts here who grew up with digital marketing. Social media marketing is an important part of digital marketing and we will be discussing that in detail too.  You will find digital marketing tips for lash artists simplified and ready to apply here.

SEO, Content and Email Marketing

Do you know over 19% of customers check reviews before buying things online? Among these customers looking for reviews are 57% and they are searching about ecommerce via search engines. You know 43% of all ecommerce traffic comes from organic searches on the search engines. Just by showing up in the search results, you can increase unaided brand awareness by 46%.

From generating strategized content to emails to your subscribers will attract organic SEO or search engine optimization to your website. It’s not rocket science, all it means is to optimize your article so that Google indexes it and suggest as the first answer to a person look for lash artists or services.

Instagram for Attracting New Customers

Do you know IG grew to 200,000 advertisers in less than 5 months of opening marketing on Instagram? UWheels is one such company that used posts from influencers such as celebs and models to promote their products.

With product reviews becoming 12x more trusted than copies and descriptions, Instagram helps people discover products according to 83% of users. Engagement rates are also high on Instagram at a rate of 10x more than Facebook too. Insta also has 58x times per follower engagement than Facebook and 120x times per follower engagement than Twitter for top brands.

You can setup an Instagram business account and create a calendar for your posts. Remember to use hashtags up to ten per post because that’s how IG works.

Pinterest for Collections

Are you an upcoming lash artist? Perhaps you want your unique lash style to spread virally across the world. Why not use a platform designed to put your products be themes and styles exactly as you like? Perfect for Lash Artists, Pinterest digital marketing is excellent if your target audience includes millennials (24-34-year-old in 2019) because 80% millennials on IG find inspiration to buy on the platform itself.  

You can set up different looks and makeup styles easily on Pinterest with photos. Infographics with your lash collection and snaps of makeup styles will do a wonder here. It is the best for mobile social media. Moreover, more than half of the Pinterest users use the app or website for purchasing. Should you use Pinterest? Of course! Over 76% of the top brands across the world use it.

Pinterest Business is easy to set up. You can find out more about setting Pinterest for business.

Facebook for Live Chat

Facebook introduced the boom of social media. However, today it has grown to become an independent front for brands as well as customer service. Message response time of businesses are specifically mentioned on Facebook. As most customers are connected to FB on their mobile, it is easy to lookup a business on Facebook.

Use this feature as a FREE of costs Live Chat option. Advertise on your website how your customer service team is always online on Facebook to help the future buyers. This is not just a random idea; it is quite a popular way to boost your ecommerce launch.

According to statistics, Facebook messenger had 1.2 billion monthly active users alone in 2017. It comes second to Whatsapp globally. As Facebook messenger is accessible, FREE, efficient and quick, it is easy to setup your customer service on FB. You can use messenger bots too. You can see the results for yourself. 1-800-Flowers is one such brand that acquires 70% of new customers through chat.

Get started with Facebook for Business. There’s much more than Live Chat!

Twitter for Sales and Promotions

Twitter is an excellent digital marketing for lash artists because it is a platform to create short promotions instantly. With 330 million active users and 500 million tweets sent every day, twitterati shops at least 9 times a month, which is 4.3 for non-users. While the majority of the Twitter demographic is 35-65, 80% of active users are millennials.

Called social selling, twitter for business can be used to generate leads and finding potential audience. You can use hashtags because when you use them, you get 100% engagement. When you see a tweet from your ideal demographic, make a relevant engagement. You can pitch them once they start looking you up.

Twitter is excellent digital marketing for lash salon owners because it can feature your eyelash extension styles, story, launches and promotions.

Google Ads

Do you know, for every $1 spent on Google Ads, the ROI is 200% or $2?

The truth be told, over 64% of consumers will definitely click on a Google Ad when they’re looking for purchase options. When you compare it to organic search results for lash extensions, Google Ads convert 50% better than natural searches. Moreover, as google controls 75% of the global searches up till 2020, investing in Google Ads is a good idea.

But, what do you do with Google Ads for your lash extension services? You can open this complete guide to google ads for lash artists and create a strategy for your ecommerce shop. It can help you with optimization to making your ads mobile friendly. Get started with Creative Campaigns with Google Ads and your digital marketing results will skyrocket. You can invest as low as $10 or $50 with Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Click (CPC) to try Google Ads and campaigns.


If you’re still not convinced digital marketing is for you, say hello to FOMO or Fear of Missing Out seen in 21st Century Shoppers. If your target audience is millennials, be warned 69% of millennials have FOMO.

Still wondering? Over 27% of people across the world do one thing when they wake up- get on their social media pages.

With just 6 hours per week on social media marketing per week, 81% of marketers saw increase in traffic to their websites. Digital marketing is certainly the present and you can make a great future out of it. Did you like our digital marketing tips for lash artists?

Share your doubts and we will help you branding tips for lash artists. Leave a comment below now!



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