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Best Eyelash Extension Suppliers in Germany




The beauty business has been irrational in creating and selling in large numbers items that have taken over the market and significantly increased beauty preferences. Eyelash extensions have become a standard for every cosmetics enthusiast since they were first introduced to the market in the previous century.

Cosmetics enthusiasts may now easily enhance the appearance of their eyes without having to go through many difficulties, whether they want long lashes or shorter ones with volume. If you work in the cosmetics industry, whether for personal investment or business, especially as a merchant, you might find it hard to pick the best manufacturers. Well, this post examines the best eyelash extension suppliers in Germany. Let’s get started.

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Source: Dolvlashes

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: Qingdao, North China.

Years of Experience: More than 20 years

Dolvlashes is an eyelash manufacturer and supplier based in Qingdao, Northern China. They have around 20 years of professional experience with customers worldwide. Also, this leading false lash wholesaler can meet the various needs of consumers thanks to its broad selection of products. 

Dolvlashes products are produced without harming animals. Also, their selection of lashes provides a natural appearance while being made of synthetic materials. They appear fluffy, voluminous, and very light.

Key products and services offered:

Emma Lashmaker

Source: Emma Lashmaker

Type of Business: Supplier

Location: Muchen, Germany

Year Founded: 2014

Emma Lashmaker is an eyelash extension wholesaler and manufacturer based in Germany. It opened its doors in 2014 to achieve the best quality for its products. They provide different types of lashes, from mink to volume; hence customers will always find the best fit. Also, they ship their products to different parts of the world at an affordable rate.

Key products and services offered:

  • Omni volume lashes
  • Faux Mink lashes
  • Eyelash extensions training
  • Colored individual lashes
  • Volume lashes

Xtreme Lashes

Source: Xtreme Lashes

Type of Business: Supplier and wholesaler

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

Year Founded: 2005

Since 2005, Xtreme Lashes has led the eyelash industry for being among the top lash vendors. Xtreme Lashes is a household name whenever the topic of eyelashes is discussed. They revolutionized the eyelash industry by perfecting the eyelash bonding technology as the first company in the eyelash market. In addition to being secure, their products are simple to use.

Each product is continuously updated with the newest technologies, ensuring your eyelash extensions’ longevity. Xtreme Lashes also creates a wide range of decorative and care products and lash extensions.

Key products and services offered:

Flawless Lashes by Loreta

Source: Flawless lashes

Type of Business: Supplier and wholesaler

Location: Germany

Year Founded: 2018

For several years, Lash Inc magazine’s expert eyelash stylists have chosen the Flawless Lashes by Loreta brand as the “Best Eyelash Product Supplier.” Loreta’s career speaks for itself, with more than  20 distributors and 40 trainers globally. She has instructed more than 2000 students.

The training and Products offered are highly known and well-liked throughout the world. Some of the most prosperous eyelash designers in the world received their training from Flawless Lashes. Flawless has consistently received votes for the best trainer with the best eyelash products.

Key products and services offered:

Hamburg Lashes

Source: Hamburg Lashes

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Year Founded: 2013

Hamburg Lashes is an expert in staging feminine eyes and brows to perfection. They accentuate your inherent beauty with cutting-edge methods, a wealth of knowledge, high standards of performance, and a passion for what they do. They provide a wide range of varieties and styles that are personally chosen for you based on your preferences.

It provides expert eyelash extensions that amplify your stare and make your face glow. They also provide you with various techniques, the effectiveness of which depends on the intensity. They employ various methods to fulfill your desire for long eyelashes, whether you prefer a natural or beautiful appearance.

Key products and services offered:

Glowy Beauty Bar

Source: Glowy Beauty Bar

Type of Business: Supplier

Location: Berlin, Germany

Year Founded: 2016

At the end of 2016, the first Glowy Beauty Bar started operations in Mitte to provide both locals and visitors to Berlin with a chic destination studio that combines expert services, premium goods, and a contemporary setting. 

The American and English Beauty Bar concepts were now being brought to Germany. Young, experienced, and foreign employees make up its workforce. Whatever treatment you have for your eyelashes, nails, or eyebrows, they want you to feel radiant and good.

Key products and services offered:

Why You Should Get Your Eyelash Extensions From Dolvlashes

Dolvlashes has been an industry Chinese eyelash extension manufacturer for over 20 years. This company does shipping in most parts of the world, including Germany. Here are a few reasons why you should source your lashes from this eyelash extension supplier:

  • With their wide selection of products, you can always find something that suits you.
  • The eyelash extensions they offer are affordable because they are offered at wholesale prices.
  • Products from Dolvlashes company are of impeccable quality.
  • The company has highly skilled and experienced professionals who can provide you with the best product.
  • Their factory manufactures eyelash extensions with the latest technology and equipment.
  • They have prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly customer service representatives. If you have any questions about the products or how they work, there will always be someone to guide you. 
  • All orders are processed as quickly as possible throughout the ordering process so they can be delivered promptly. 


In terms of cosmetics and beauty, it’s not just about looking nice in what you buy; it’s also about having faith in its caliber. Qualified suppliers are necessary for all purposes, including personal or retail demand. Go for a reputable eyelash manufacturer like Dolvlashes that guarantees you quality products that will not react with your skin. Please Contact us to receive comfortable and high-quality eyelashes for any reason you have in mind.



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