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What Are 3D Mink Lashes?

A type of mink lashes that creates a radiance around the eyes, 3D faux Mink lashes are the considered the platinum of the lash industry. If you’re a lash artist looking for the best eyelash extensions, you must experiment your talent with 3D mink lashes. They are ideal for a variety of eye shapes and occasions. Today we will simplify the complete meaning of Mink 3D Lashes in detail.

What Are 3D Mink Lashes?

Derived from natural Siberian mink hair, mink lashes are soft and lightweight. They look natural and are available in different colors. 3D mink lash is when three eyelash extensions added to one natural lash. While 5D lashes are thicker, 3D mink lashes are the most natural looking lashes there is.

What are Mink 3D Lashes made of?

Mink 3D Lashes are made from 100% mink hair from Siberia and other parts of the world.

Are Mink 3D lashes cruelty-free?

It depends on the manufacturer whether the mink lashes you have is harnessed cruelty-free. But, if animal cruelty bothers you, go for the next topic.

What are faux mink lashes?

Created from synthetic lashes, faux mink lashes are cruelty-free and lookalikes of mink lashes. You can get 3D faux mink lashes from wholesale lash suppliers around China, USA, & UK.

3D Silk Lashes Vs 3D Mink Lashes

While silk lashes and mink lashes are made from different material, their weight, shape and finish are also distinct from one another. Silk lashes come with a natural shine while 3D mink lashes look natural and realistic.

What is the difference between Mink and Mink 3D Lashes?

Mink lashes are single strips of lash extensions for each natural lash while 3D mink lashes are three lash extensions for each natural lash. Mink 3D Lashes look lush and fuller with more volume than single extension false lashes made of mink hair.

How To Choose Supplier For Mink 3D Lashes?

You love mink lashes; we get it. Now you want to start a lash brand that defines your custom 3D mink lashes. Where to find the right supplier? Rest assured, we will help you out!

Check On Google

The best place to look for a 3D mink lash supplier is to type it into google. We can help you with suppliers in China, U.S and U.K. Where are you staying? Comment below!

Attend Trade Shows

Another excellent way to find lash traders and wholesale suppliers is by attending cosmetic trade shows. Here you will have a chance to meet lash suppliers face to face and strike a deal or try their sample products. Sounds great, right?

Dolvlashes Provide You Everything You Need

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Still wondering on how to pick the best eyelash extensions based on eye shape? Is 3D mink lashes best for you? Ask your doubts below!