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November 24, 2022

Top 7 Eyelash Extensions Suppliers in the UK

Top 7 Eyelash Extensions Suppliers in the UK

The beauty sector is expanding quickly every day. Everyone strives to have their lashes look long and thick since not everyone is born with naturally beautiful lashes. Luckily, you can quickly achieve full lashes when you start using eyelash extensions.


Many companies claim to be legit eyelash extension suppliers but offer low-quality products. Some users claim to have had adverse side effects. Therefore, we decide to do deep research for you and develop reliable eyelash extension suppliers in the UK. Some of them include:



    • Location: Qingdao, North China.

    • Company Classification: Manufacturer, Supplier, and Wholesalers

    • Major Products: Eyelash Extensions

Dolvlashes boosts to be among the highly rated wholesalers and manufacturers of eyelash extensions worldwide. Holding over 20 years of experience proves they are among the suppliers whose products meet the market standards. Moreover, this top wholesaler of artificial eyelashes can satisfy all customers’ needs thanks to its wide selection of products.

Additionally, although comprised of synthetic materials, the lashes they chose to use offer a natural appearance. They seem extraordinarily voluminous and featherweight. Their customer support team is available day and night to ensure that you receive prompt answers to questions.

Your location shouldn’t worry you because Dolvlashes also provides shipping services to consumers in other countries. Additionally, they offer discounts on their beauty products, so shopping with them will result in financial savings. Also, they prioritize quality, so your things will last a long time, thanks to Dolvlashes.

Key Products and Services Offered:


Eylure London

    • Region: London, United Kingdom

    • Company classification: Suppliers

    • Year of establishment: 1947

    • Major Products: Eyelash extensions

Eylure was founded in 1947 to be an eyelash extension supplier. Two brothers started working as make-up artists in the film industry and came up with the original idea. However, the pay for the film work was not any better.

To survive, they decided to start a side business. The pair appeared to have found a market potential during their tenure with the business. The Eylure artificial eyelash was created to supply high-class and high-quality goods.

Key Products and Services Offered:

    • Eyelash extensions

    • Training

    • Eyelash extension tools

The Little Lash Company  

    • Region: United Kingdom

    • Company Classification: Manufacturers and Wholesalers

    • Major Products: Eyelash Extensions

The business is well-known in the UK’s wholesale eyelash market. The founder is a recognized expert in eyelash extensions. You can’t go wrong by picking the most incredible eyelash extensions company in the business if you want to buy eyelashes in bulk.

They provide several types of eyelashes for all sizes and shapes of eyes. The 3-5D lashes are magnificent, making them ideal for customers who prefer a fluffy appearance. The lashes can be manufactured specifically to your specifications and have the appearance of a strip.

Key Products and Services Offered:      

    • Classic lashes

    • Hybrid lashes

    • Lash lift extensions

Lash Perfect

Lash Perfect

    • Region: United Kingdom

    • Company Classification: Manufacturers and Wholesalers

    • Year of establishment: 2006

    • Major Products: Eyelash extensions

This company was founded in the United Kingdom in 2006. The business has stuck to its original mission of providing the most outstanding retail, professional, and training items to the market for eyelash extensions. Natural lashes are not harmed by their extensions and use specially manufactured items, such as medical-grade adhesives made especially for eyelashes. 

To ensure that they are competent in their work and select the proper weight lashes that suit individual eyelash issues, Lash Perfect technicians also go through training. Natural lashes should not be harmed with the proper treatment.

Key Products and Services Offered:

    • Mink Lashes

    • Classic lashes

    • Lash training

Noble Lashes 

noble lashes uk


    • Region: United Kingdom

    • Company classification: Manufacturers and Wholesalers

    • Year of Establishment: 

    • Major Products: Eyelash extensions

In the UK market, Noble Lashes is among the most reliable brand for eyelash extensions. They continue to give customers the best lashes possible, maintaining their standing in the beauty and eyelash extension industries.

Their entire line of lash products is earth friendly. They claim to be a premier award-winning business that consistently gives back. As a result, they used paper cartons rather than plastic trays to cut their plastic consumption.

Key Products and Services Offered:  

    • Colored strip false lashes

    • Silk eyelash extension

    • Premade fan volume lashes

    • Bottom eyelashes

Eyelash Emporium

The Eyelash Emporium

    • Region: London, United Kingdom

    • Company classification: Manufacturers and Wholesalers

    • Major Products: Eyelash extensions

The eyelash emporium was launched at Pinewood Studios in London, United Kingdom. Since then, they have been concentrating on providing the most significant outcome for their clients. For both semi-permanent eyelash extensions and eyelash extension training. 

The Eyelash Emporium proudly offers a portable humidifier called Nano mister. An ideal way to finish your eyelash extension procedure. Clients had to wait between 24 and 48 hours before getting their lashes moistened. The lash supplier has developed new concepts in response to its rise.

Key Products and Services Offered:

    • Eyelash extensions

    • Eyelash glue

    • Eyelash training

Lash Dolls UK 

Lash Dolls

    • Region: United Kingdom

    • Company classification: manufacturers and wholesalers

    • Major Products: Eyelash extensions

2018 saw the founding of Lash Dolls UK. Their first goal is to provide the most incredible eyelash extensions at a reasonable cost. They have grown over the years and are now a top UK supplier of eyelash extensions and a global supplier of lashes.

Their lash products are tested in salons before selling, and talented, and professional employees design them. They may provide lash services to 100 individuals each week and guarantee that all the extensions listed on their website have passed their testing procedure.

Key Products and Services Offered:     

    • Eyelash extensions

    • Russian Lashes

    • Eyelashes tools

    • Mink lashes

    • 3D mink strip lashes  


The beauty industry is now saturated, and every supplier claims to be legit. It is vital to ensure your supplier has a good reputation, is certified, and is dedicated to producing quality products. In case you are still undecided on which eyelash extension supplier will offer you the best products and services, check out Dolvlashes. They have every type of lash you want to wear, and quality is a priority. For more information, please get in touch with us.

August 19, 2021

Guide To Classic Vs Volume Lash Extensions For Lash Techs

Guide To Classic Vs Volume Lash Extensions For Lash Techs

Find out what is classic vs volume lash extensions, three types, pros, and cons besides the trick to choose the right eyelash extension for your clients.


What To Know About Doing Classic vs Volume Lashes Treatments For Customers 

I remember when lash extensions were a new trend at the start of the millennia. My girlfriends were hooked and so was my family. I had to get it done too and that’s why I went for a lash treatment session in my nearest town. 

While the whole experience was a bit apprehensive (thanks to my anxiety), the only fuss during the whole 2.5 hours of lash extension treatment was my watery eyes. And when it was complete, I felt no less than a princess right outta the fairytales. I looked gorgeous, thanks to classic lash extensions. 

The vivid thing is, I remember asking myself- what sorcery is this. I asked for the home phone number of the lash tech who did my lashes and kept bugging her throughout the week to find out where I could learn it for myself too. 

That was almost two decades ago and roughly ten years ago came ‘Russian Volume’ lash extensions. These were even bigger hits than Classics were. I had to get it too. And by then I was an expert lash tech and so I got it done on me first and then learned how to do it from a couple of Russian lash tech girlfriends directly. 

The way they transformed eyes was just brilliant to me. While it was obvious those who got the volume set were wearing falsies, it looked more natural than strip lashes or the terrible-cluster-lashes. It even made most of the wearers look like they just stepped off the red carpet. 

Today, I can do both volume and classics in a little over two hours. Classics are a hit with the older generation and volume with the young’uns. 

Whether you’re a new lash tech or an expert, getting down to deets about both is essential to answer those twisted questions asked by your clientele. That’s why this post. 

Rest assured and read on to find out all about classic vs volume lashes including their types, pros, cons, and important pointers today. The last section will also teach you how to pick the right treatment based on your client’s eye shape, eyelash characteristics, and preferences too. 

Scroll away to get started!

Table of Contents

1. What To Know About Doing Classic And Volume Lashes Treatments For Customers

2. What Are Classic Eyelash Extensions?

3. Types Of Classic Eyelash Extensions

4. Pros And Cons Of Classic Lash Extension

5. What Are Volume Lash Extensions?

6. Types Of Volume Lash Extensions

7. Pros And Cons Of Volume Lash Extensions

8. How to choose the right one for your lashes?

9. Too Long; Didn’t Read?

What Are Classic Eyelash Extensions?

As a lash tech, this is oftentimes the first technique you’re taught no matter which academy you study at. Also referred to as the ‘natural’ eyelash extensions technique, classic lashing is a technique where one eyelash extension is attached to a single isolated natural lash. 

This way, you don’t have to worry about the weight on natural lashes because you aren’t adding a bunch of lash extensions to a single lash of the client. That’s also the same reason why ‘Classic lash extensions’ make the client look ‘bright and healthy’ rather than ‘made-up’ or ‘gaudy’. Moreover, most people won’t even notice that a person has a ‘classic’ style of lash extensions. Remarkable right? 

While inexperienced lash artists may add thicker individual lashes, most experienced lash techs go for thin lashes chosen based on the natural lash for this technique. It’s perfect for clients with several lashes, especially if they’re long too. If your client has very few natural lashes, the ‘classic’ style might not look great on them as the techs might’ve to add several strands per lash to fill any gaps. And, that’s called adding fans, not clusters. 

The classic style of lash extension treatment doesn’t look over the top or out of place. That being said, the thickness of the eyelash extension (in millimeters), it is material (silk, mink, or synthetic), type of curl (C, D, J, L, U), and arrangement can vary based on how you want to apply it. Typically, these things are picked by analyzing the texture, and length of the client’s natural lashes. When it comes to curling, client preferences are weighed in. 

Lash techs create a classic eyelash extension style by focusing on the length of the lash over volume.  That’s why they don’t look fuller or extra-fluffy. 

Here’s a good tutorial video on how to do a Classic Full Set from LBK.

Your Complete Guide to Eyelash Extensions

Your Complete Guide To Eyelash Extensions

Are you planning to start a brand in the eyelash extension niche? Good choice. However, if you want your brand to thrive, you need to know all about the lash extension. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional last artist, the following article is a one-stop guide. It will acquaint you with the industry specifics of eyelash extensions varieties, styles, and curls. It does your job for you by outlining everything you need to know.

Ready to get started? Scroll away …

What Are Eyelash Extension Accessories?

Let me tell you what eyelash extensions are not. They are not false eyelashes that you can apply on your own at home. These are applied with an adhesive glue by a professional eyelash artist. They come as a set of eyelashes for each eye. You can choose your own, based on the style, curl, length and material. Let’s find out in detail about each of those.

What Are The Types Of Eyelash Extensions Materials?

From affordability to realism, there are a variety of things that help you choose an eyelash extension. If you’re a salon or a lash artist, having a wide variety you can entice your customers to try your services actively. First, which material should you choose for your custom lash extension?

3D Eyelash Extensions Or Volume Lash

Available in mink and silk lash extensions, 3D eyelash is also called volume lash. Here the lash artist places three lashes to your original lashes for a fuller and lush natural effect to your lashes.

Mink Lash Eyelash Extensions

Produced from the furry tails of Chinese minks and Siberian minks, mink eyelash extension is thick, soft and lightweight. However, for those who find mink lashes too expensive or unethical can go for faux mink lash extensions that mimic the original fur.

Sable Eyelash

Fluffier and lighter than mink, sable eyelash extension is the thinnest amongst all the extensions. It creates a wispy style for your eyes. Produced from the fur of sables in Russia, Sable is perfect if you’re concerned about your thin eyelashes.

Silk Eyelash Extensions

For those who find it unethical or allergenic to use animal fur should consider the gorgeous effects of silk eyelashes. Silk makes your eyelashes look lush as it is thicker at the tips. Another bonus is the natural glossy sheen that makes your eyes look radiant.

Synthetic Eyelashes

Think heavy lashes when you think synthetic eyelash extensions. If you have light natural eyelashes, synthetic might not be a good option for you. They are full of luster!

What Are The Types Of Eyelash Extension Lengths?

When you’re choosing lash extensions to represent your brand, you should look at sizes that appease everybody. As a standard, the lengths range from 6 mm to 17mm or 9mm to 15mm. You must choose a length based on the natural lashes as a lash artist. Short length eyelashes are good for people with scarce eyelashes and long for naturally lengthy eyelashes.

Types of Eyelash Extensions Curls?

In terms of eyelash curls, there are straight curls, downward facing curls, slight curls and extreme curls. We will look at the grade at which lash curls are graded so that you can find the best for you.

What Are The Types Of Eyelash Extensions Styles?

Depending on whether you have deep set eyes or almond eyes, you can get different lash extension styles. Which suits your customers the best? That’s for you to decide. So, look at the list of varied styles you can experiment with!

Colored Eyelashes

If black or brown is your natural lash color, it’s time to up the game with lash highlights in colors ranging from blue to yellow, red, amber, orange, white and many more!

Doll Eyelashes

With long lash extensions added in the middle of the eye, doll eyelashes style makes your eyes look perfect. If your eyes are round or downward, skip this lash extension style as it can make you look perpetually surprised!

Cat Eye Eyelashes

When you add lash extensions to the outer edge of your eyes, it gives you a cat eye look. Seen on Taylor Swift, Cat eye lashes are not good for those with wide eyes.

Natural Eyelashes Style

Lash extension that does not alter your orginal shape of the eye, natural eyelash extensions adds volume to your lashes.

Zig-Zag Eyelash Extension

You can also add varied lengths of eyelashes to your natural lashes to create a zig zag style of lash extension that looks hip and cool.

How to Pick Custom Eyelash Extensions?

If none of the above extensions are perfect for a lash artist or beautician like you, custom lashes are the solution you’re looking for

1. Select Your Specs and Quantity with us via mail.

2. Share the Brand Logo of Custom Eyelash Extensions attached in the mail.

3. Choose your Personalized Box from 1-2 colors.

4. Add your Shipping Address underneath the instructions.

5. Complete 50% Payment on your Custom Eyelash Extensions Before and 50% after receiving the order.  

Click here to read about picking the right lash extension for your brand here.

Before You Go …

Now you’ve decided what you want, as a lash artist, you can play with different eyelashes to create your own style. Custom eyelash extensions give you the opportunity to do exactly this. Learn more about it from our Dolvlashes experts here.