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August 19, 2021

Guide To Classic Vs Volume Lash Extensions For Lash Techs

Guide To Classic Vs Volume Lash Extensions For Lash Techs

Find out what is classic vs volume lash extensions, three types, pros, and cons besides the trick to choose the right eyelash extension for your clients.


What To Know About Doing Classic vs Volume Lashes Treatments For Customers 

I remember when lash extensions were a new trend at the start of the millennia. My girlfriends were hooked and so was my family. I had to get it done too and that’s why I went for a lash treatment session in my nearest town. 

While the whole experience was a bit apprehensive (thanks to my anxiety), the only fuss during the whole 2.5 hours of lash extension treatment was my watery eyes. And when it was complete, I felt no less than a princess right outta the fairytales. I looked gorgeous, thanks to classic lash extensions. 

The vivid thing is, I remember asking myself- what sorcery is this. I asked for the home phone number of the lash tech who did my lashes and kept bugging her throughout the week to find out where I could learn it for myself too. 

That was almost two decades ago and roughly ten years ago came ‘Russian Volume’ lash extensions. These were even bigger hits than Classics were. I had to get it too. And by then I was an expert lash tech and so I got it done on me first and then learned how to do it from a couple of Russian lash tech girlfriends directly. 

The way they transformed eyes was just brilliant to me. While it was obvious those who got the volume set were wearing falsies, it looked more natural than strip lashes or the terrible-cluster-lashes. It even made most of the wearers look like they just stepped off the red carpet. 

Today, I can do both volume and classics in a little over two hours. Classics are a hit with the older generation and volume with the young’uns. 

Whether you’re a new lash tech or an expert, getting down to deets about both is essential to answer those twisted questions asked by your clientele. That’s why this post. 

Rest assured and read on to find out all about classic vs volume lashes including their types, pros, cons, and important pointers today. The last section will also teach you how to pick the right treatment based on your client’s eye shape, eyelash characteristics, and preferences too. 

Scroll away to get started!

Table of Contents

1. What To Know About Doing Classic And Volume Lashes Treatments For Customers

2. What Are Classic Eyelash Extensions?

3. Types Of Classic Eyelash Extensions

4. Pros And Cons Of Classic Lash Extension

5. What Are Volume Lash Extensions?

6. Types Of Volume Lash Extensions

7. Pros And Cons Of Volume Lash Extensions

8. How to choose the right one for your lashes?

9. Too Long; Didn’t Read?

What Are Classic Eyelash Extensions?

As a lash tech, this is oftentimes the first technique you’re taught no matter which academy you study at. Also referred to as the ‘natural’ eyelash extensions technique, classic lashing is a technique where one eyelash extension is attached to a single isolated natural lash. 

This way, you don’t have to worry about the weight on natural lashes because you aren’t adding a bunch of lash extensions to a single lash of the client. That’s also the same reason why ‘Classic lash extensions’ make the client look ‘bright and healthy’ rather than ‘made-up’ or ‘gaudy’. Moreover, most people won’t even notice that a person has a ‘classic’ style of lash extensions. Remarkable right? 

While inexperienced lash artists may add thicker individual lashes, most experienced lash techs go for thin lashes chosen based on the natural lash for this technique. It’s perfect for clients with several lashes, especially if they’re long too. If your client has very few natural lashes, the ‘classic’ style might not look great on them as the techs might’ve to add several strands per lash to fill any gaps. And, that’s called adding fans, not clusters. 

The classic style of lash extension treatment doesn’t look over the top or out of place. That being said, the thickness of the eyelash extension (in millimeters), it is material (silk, mink, or synthetic), type of curl (C, D, J, L, U), and arrangement can vary based on how you want to apply it. Typically, these things are picked by analyzing the texture, and length of the client’s natural lashes. When it comes to curling, client preferences are weighed in. 

Lash techs create a classic eyelash extension style by focusing on the length of the lash over volume.  That’s why they don’t look fuller or extra-fluffy. 

Here’s a good tutorial video on how to do a Classic Full Set from LBK.