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August 19, 2021

Guide to Setting Your Lash Saloon Ambience and Atmosphere


Guide To Setting Your Lash Saloon Ambience And Atmosphere

Whether you want to keep your lash clients coming back or you want to attract new clients, setting your lash saloon ambience and atmosphere will go a long way. Imagine what your ideal customer wants the moment they walk into your saloon. The experience you offer must be a prosthetic part of branding. From intimate ambience to relaxing music and rejuvenating aromas, your mission is revitalization. Are you ready to find out the pro secrets?

What Is Lash Saloon Ambience And Atmosphere?

Technically, ambience is the character and the atmosphere of a place. In your saloon, from the arrangement of the equipment to the lighting, scents and aromas can add a big chunk of value to the ambiance your customer experiences. Saloon ambience needs to be calming. It needs to drown the hustle and bustle of the city besides creating a safe haven for your clients to unwind. Let’s find out how to do so with your lash saloon next.

Step-By-Step Guide To Setting Up Your Lash Saloon Ambience And Atmosphere

When we were working on this topic, we decided it was best if we create a systematic set of steps to help you in setting up your lash saloon ambience and atmosphere. The following list of 12 Steps for Lash Saloon Setup is targeted for beginners debuting into the lash industry. We have covered everything that adds to a luxurious lash ambience below. Find your perfect pick!

Name and Logo

First thing that gives a real feel about your business to the customer is your name and design of the logo. Is your company branding focused the right way? Does the logo fit your personality and missions of the lash saloon? By collaborating with a graphic designer, create a logo for your brand that connects with your ideal customer persona. That’s the first step!

Welcome for Clients

Next up is welcoming your clients. You don’t want your clients searching for appointments in the nook and cranny of your reception. You want them welcomed with a smile and update about their appointment. If you want to offer great hospitality, offer them a welcome drink as part of your services. It will cheer up the clients. Ensure that your receptionist asks the client to sit down for a minute even if they are on time. This gives them a chance to soak into your lash ambiance and atmosphere.


Is your lash station congested with all the expensive equipment you furnished with? A cluttered saloon is not a welcoming sign for clients. If you want a clean ambience, you need to push out the clutter. Do you know feng shui is the flow of energy? Create space for the wind and ventilation to circulate around in your room. Don’t clutter the corners with stuff!


Another important part of having a good lash saloon is the privacy you offer the customers. Instead of offering all the services on a long table, create personal cabins for each session. It gives them a homely feel of their own space. Ensure that the locks on your dressing rooms and toilets are secure. Do not install surveillance cameras in private spaces.


One of the most important part of ambience anywhere is the music you choose. Ideally, soft songs without vocals and classical music are the best genre of music for lash saloons. You can also go for hip hop or groovy hit numbers, if it does not clash with the ambience. Loud music is a big no-no because it might dispel certain client demographic permanently.

Color Palate

Have you decided on the main colors you want to use in your saloon? If you haven’t, it’s high time you start now. Decide on three colors- primary, secondary and tertiary. It can act as the base, accent and main color around your saloon. Better that your color palate matches with your logo and brand name too. Offering a unique set of colors in your saloon will promote chromo-therapy or color therapy. Go for soft and warm colors!


We can’t stress this enough. When you’re running a lash saloon, it is important to have order and discipline around your space. Your ambience also depends on how neat you keep the lash station. If it’s a mess, no matter how many Himalayan Pink Salt lamps you put on, your clients will flee. Read more on how to keep your lash station sanitized.

Talking Tone

Often ignored by most saloon owners, you need to orient your employees and brief them how you want them to talk. Loud and noisy intonations will clash with your ambience and create commotion. Don’t encourage the same. In any case, strictly create a tone that accents your lash saloon ambience and atmosphere.


Scents and fragrances is the cornerstone of most lash saloon success stories. If you want to uplift your clients the moment they walk in, offer aromatherapy using high quality incenses and room fresheners. Backflow incense burner is a great addition to create a calming atmosphere in your lash saloon. Go for natural and soothing scents than sharp or overwhelming scents.

Lights and Fixtures

From accent lighting to ambient lighting and task lighting, you can use many forms of lighting in a lash saloon. It’s your choice. However, the focus should be clarity and ambience. Don’t sacrifice the bright and clear light for an ambient lighting because you need to work with Mink individual eyelash extensions that are really tiny! Try out different lighting your lash station space before finalizing on it.

Staff Etiquette

Have you briefed your staff on how to behave around clients? It’s not universally understood if you want to create a unique lash brand or business for yourself. Orient them with pointers on how to behave around clients and without clients. Unless you give them directions, there will be chaos amongst the staff.


What type of conversations are encouraged in workspace? As lash artists, one gets to hear a wide share of client’s personal stories. So, you must attune your staff for making good conversations with the clientele that comes in. You can also encourage them with conversation starter topics so that they create a good bond with the client.

9 Dos And Don’ts Of Decorating Your Lash Saloon

When you’re building your empire on your own, many things can become challenging and difficult. Before you make those mistakes, take a look at our dos and don’ts list for setting your lash saloon ambience and atmosphere. Follow it and you wouldn’t have to regret a thing of your lash business future!

Do Select a Theme

From colors to shapes and artwork style, you need to select a common theme to decorate your restaurant. It must connect with your brand and its personality. A good theme goes a long way to add exposure to your brand. Define your theme clearly so that you can add it to the orientation document for all your employees.

Don’t Gossip Too Much

Another con of most lash artists is that they gossip too much. In any case, not every client likes to talk. It takes experience to figure out if your client is talkative or prefers silence. Making the wrong choice can of course mean you won’t see that client again. It is best to remain a listener than a speaker when you’re doing a session with your clients. Share that with all your employees!

Do Have a Secure Changing Room

For all reasons that your clients might have, design a private changing room. It must be safe and secure. You should ensure such a room exists because different clients can have different demands. Try to accommodate all their conditions to make them come back even more!

Don’t Congest the Space

We talked about cluttering your lash saloon above. Clutter does not mean waste alone. Even huge equipment of importance can take up all the space in a saloon. You need to design your saloon with respect to your furniture and equipment than the interior décor when you want to create a good ambiance. Make a note not to clutter the space. Imagine four-five clients in the space because you add more stuff to your lash saloon.

Do Keep a Clean Workspace

Cleanliness is the cheapest way to attract new clients and retain old clients. If you keep a clean and orderly workspace, your clients will find it easy work with you. Keeping your lash station clean and sanitized goes a long way. It can improve the ambience and atmosphere by supporting feng shui.

Don’t Create Loud Playlists

We talked about selecting the right music genre. You can also ask your customers if they have favorites so that you can play them. If you do so, they will be hooked for life to your services. In fact, remember to curate your playlist, let alone you accidentally play a loud number and give someone a stroke!

Don’t Encourage Your Staff to Be Loud

Oftentimes in saloons, the commotion is way too high that some clients send feedback of headaches. Besides creating private spaces, it is best to encourage your staff to talk in a low husky tone than loudly when they are inside your lash studio. You can give them a short training using YouTube videos to teach more staff etiquettes for lash saloons.

Do Use the Right Amount of Fragrance in The Saloon

Potpourri is great. Incense is amazing. Room freshener does a good job too. However, Potpourri, incense and room freshener together will do the worst job. Your clients might actually run away. Experiment with the fragrance and scent of your saloon, but do not choose anything overwhelming. For a fresh report, ask a guest to visit your saloon and give an unbiased feedback.

Don’t Make Your Saloon Dark and Dim

A handful lash experts have this tendency of designing their lash studio with dim and dark lights. You might think it improves the ambiance, but in reality, it hinders your work more than ever. You need luminescent lights to do a good job with the lash extensions you are using!


Found out all the tricks for setting your lash saloon ambience and atmosphere? Share your ideas with our community of lash artists below!