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August 19, 2021

Guide to Setup your Lash Station and Business

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Guide To Setup Your Lash Station And Business

 You are all set to begin your great lash journey, being an entrepreneur and a specialist. How successful do you want your lash business to be? If you want it to be really successful, you need to think, act and work like the pros. You need to read up on their rules and tips to skip the mistakes yourself. Today we will find out ways to setup your lash station and business from A to Z.

Are you ready?

Let’s begin!

Why Create Your Own Lash Brand?

Are you a lash artist? Perhaps you are creative and appreciated by all your lash clients. There you go. The reason to start your own lash brand is staring right at you in the face. Once you get your custom lash from certified and accredited private lash label suppliers, you are good to go.

Why? The benefits are many …

– You can create your own Lash Styles

– You can build your Lash Brand and its Unique Identity

– You will be accredited by Lash Critics around the World

– You can create trending Lashes

– You will cater to audiences all over the globe

– You will be known by the brand of lash you create and use

Which Are The Products You Need To Setup Your Lash Station And Business From Scratch?

The first step to setup your lash station is the ingredients you need for the job. Do you have all the products you need to start commerciallyHow to setup eyelash station? If you’re wondering, just scroll through the following list and you will get all the answers for your own lash station setup in the next five minutes!

- Lash Cleaning Products to Setup your Lash Station

Before you prime up the lashes for a customer, you need lash cleaning products for your lash saloon.

Cleansing Solution

The most important reason behind long lasting, natural and lovely looking lashes are the cleaning. If you clean the dirt and grime in the pores around the lashes, you will have a good base to work with. Use foaming solutions soft and safe to the eye.

Cotton Swabs

If you think you need to remove stubborn makeup out of the lashes of the customer, use cotton swabs called the micro swabs.

Lash Primer

To set the base on the natural lashes, you need to use lash primer specifically made for lash extensions. It will dry out the excess liquids you apply.

- Lash Preparation Products to Setup your Lash Station

How do you prepare the customer for the eyelash extensions? These are the products you need before applying the lash extensions.

Padded Gel

To prevent the bottom lashes from the products you use, you need gel pads that are created lint-free.

Tape (Medical Grade)

Used for pinning down bottom lashes that are erect, medical grade eyelash extension tape you might end up crisscrossing with the upper eyelashes. It also gives a firm stability to the gel pads.

- Lash Extension Application Products for Lash Station

What are the product you need to setup lash station on your own? That’s the following list for you.

Your favorite Lash Extensions

Choose the right eyelash extension by the shape of your customer’s eye or the style he/she wants. You can select from styles, lengths, curls, volumes and much more.  

Adhesive and Crystal Stone

You need a good quality safe adhesive to keep fix the eyelash extensions. Don’t forget the crystal stone to keep your adhesive ready and at arm’s length without losing track of it.

Lash Brushes and Mascara Applicator

To keep your eyelashes erect and upright, you need lash brushes. It prevents them from clubbing together while you apply the lash extension. A helper for lash brushes, mascara wands help to keep the lashes flowing in the right direction you want.


If you want to build a good brand and a grand lash station setup, you need two pairs of lash tweezers. They are isolation tweezers and lashing tweezers known as curved and straight tweezers. The former tweezer keeps the lashes separated while the latter helps you pick up and apply the lash extensions with precision.

- Lash Aftercare Products to Setup your Lash Station

What after you are done applying the false lashes? The next few steps easy and known as post lash extension services.

Lash Correction Mirror

Before your client opens the eyes, make sure all the eyelashes are in order with the help of a lash correction mirror. It removes errors and mistakes or glitches that can happen otherwise.

Nano Mister

After you’re done gluing the lash extensions, nano mister will provide moisture while the glue dries. Don’t skip this step if you want the client to have a good lash retention time. Simply put, it cuts the drying time of lash extension from 1 day- 2days to 4-10 hours.

Sponges and Rings

Get disposable glue rings if you want to keep things perfect at your lash station.

Setting with Sealant

Cleaning, Sterilizing And Hygiene Tips To Remember Around Your Lash Saloon

One of the often forgotten rules of setting up your lash station is the cleanliness around it. You need to setup your lash station clean. It reflects your brand identity, exposure, and recognition. Let’s find out the right ways to clean and sterilize your lash station so that you can keep the best of industry standards.

1. Warm Water and Soap

This is the first step of cleaning your lash station. If your tools are unclean, clean them with warm water first. Next, use soap to remove the particles on the surface of the cleaning tools or work station. Keep a schedule about cleaning everything around your lash station.

2. Sanitizing

For sensitive tools like mascara wands and liner brushes, you need constant sanitizing with alcohol. It removes bacteria on the surface of your tools, which can otherwise cause infections. Always wash your hands before and after each client session besides when necessary in between. Create a schedule about sanitizing all your lash extension equipment.

3. Disinfection

You need to reduce the presence of bacteria to safety. To do so, use a germicide and barbicide on your eyelash extension tools. Always keep a disinfecting wet wipe around your workstation to clean it after the session.

4. Sterilizing

For sensitive lash equipment involving hard metal surfaces, use heat to sterilizing. It will kill all the living things on your cosmetic lash tools. Everything that is a one-time use must be thrown right away such as eye pads, sponges and so on. It is best to give the mascara wand to the client after you’re done. Always use a lint-free fabric to dry your tools in.

The Art Of Creating Ambiance In Your Lash Station

You have everything planned to setup your lash station. What do you do next? That’s what we’re coming to next. How to make your clients have a heavenly experience at your lash station? What is the secret ingredient to setup your lash station more fun? We’ve all the answers and all you need to do is scroll away …


To create the perfect ambiance in your lash saloon, you need to decide on aroma diffusers and scents. If that’s not your thing, plain old incense sticks or trendy new incense burners will come in handy. In any case, experiment with different aromas before finalizing one for your lash station. Remember smell is the closest sense to the emotional center of the brain!


Another sensory pleasure, your music in the lash saloon should match with your brand. Whether you want it surreal, sweet, romantic, groovy or jazzy is your call. It should not create discomfort to your clients. Create seven unique playlists for the seven days in a week so that you can have a good assortment of music to play on different days!

Theme of Furniture

When you’re planning on furnishing your lash station, decide on a theme. Arrange things according to the ambiance of the place and not just the budget

Décor and Organization

You have to sit with a designer to get all your dreams translated to reality if you want to put up a beautiful lash station. It should reflect the voice of your brand. Want to cut down on the mess on your lash station? Get lash tiles! It keeps everything organized and where your eyelash extensions are.

Decorum and Conduct

Next big thing that will help your lash station succeed is the conduct you keep around. Listen to the client than be the talker. Match your vibe with that of the brand and advise the staff to do the same.

How To Build A Successful Lash Business Brand?

Are you ready to build your own eyelash brand? We bet your are!

But, before jumping in, go through the following pointers created by lash entrepreneurs from around the world. It will help you create your own namesake lash brand that earns high profits online!

1. How to Select a Lash Supplier for Your Brand?

When you’re looking for the right lash supplier, you need to be looking at a collection of qualities. You need to look at the experience of the eyelash manufacturer, if they can offer custom lashes, choose by style, length, volume, curl or material. In addition, check their references and reviews too.

2. Create a Vision and Mission with your Estimate

Once you’re ready to place your first order from the eyelash manufacturer China, put together a complete estimate of the funds you need to create your brand. Also write down a mission, how you are different from other competitors and mission of how you want to develop the brand too.

3. Check your Competition

Take a walk around your locality and checkout the other lash stations and saloons in your neighbourhood. Go through their menus and pricelist to have an idea about you target customer.

4. Create your Target Audience

Once you have an idea about the demographic you will serve, research deeper into their preferences and dislikes so that you can create a brand that reflects the same values. Create an ideal target audience and define it by age, gender, region, income and preferences.

5. Modify your Goals Periodically

You should always weigh in your goals regularly to estimate whether you’re creating profits or losses. Personal branding is key to upcoming artists like you.


Have more doubts about how to setup your lash station? Ask us in the comments below!