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August 19, 2021

10 Types Of Eyelash Extension Customers To Know About

10 Types Of Eyelash Extension Customers To Know About

What’s a target audience? How to discover Eyelash Extension Customers? Find out that and the top types of lash salon demographic, their ages, industry, income, and more. 

10 Types Of Eyelash Extension Customers To Know About

Guide to Finding Different Eyelash Extension Customers Personas and How to Speak to Them 

Whether you’re running a lash salon or just working at one, it’s important to know who your customers are and how to speak to them. Knowing so will help you run your business well on top of acquiring complements. Without doing so, how will you find the best eyelash manufacturer in China?

But before we jump into how to speak with lash customers, the essential step is to find out who your customers are. For every salon, this could be different due to the services you provide, the location of your business, and the type of business you run. 

While only you would know who that is, the following article will show you the types of people who come to do lash treatments at my salon and how I identify them. 

Come on, let’s get started. 

What Is A Target Audience? 

First things first, who you’re serving at the lash counter is your target audience. Although you can’t know every type of customer who comes in through your lash salon door, you can create a general outline of the type of customers so that you’re prepared to provide the service they need.

A broader definition of the target audience is a group of Eyelash Extension Customers who are set aside based on their behavior or traits. For example, one of Nike’s target audience could be ‘athletic men and women aged 18-45 who like branded clothes and are from the U.S.A’.

How To Find Your Target Audience 

Before we start, you need to know the behavior or characteristics based on which target audience can be found. Here you go:

You can add to the above list as you see fit. For example, if you’re selling real sable lash extensions, you might want to pitch to customers who are okay with sable hair first of all, not the ones who are vehemently enraged about it. Knowing your target customers help you avoid the trouble of saying the wrong thing to the right person. 

If you’re an established business, it’s easy to find out about your target audience. All you gotta do is do a survey or monitor their activity. Even doing a skim-through of the user database will help you. But if you’re a new lash salon or entrepreneur, one way to find out is by checking your competition, your product, and social media posts or interactions.

10 Types Of Lash Salon Customers 

According to eyelash industry statistics, there are only four types of customer demographics for a lash artist or salon. Here, the maximum number of consumers are aged 18 to 34, followed by those in the range of 34 to 54, ensued by 5% of 55-year-olds. Most statistics and guidebooks would also tell you about 2% of men. If you ask me, that’s one way to look at it. 

To get a good idea about who you’re serving, you need to segment different types of customers that come to your salon. Here’s a complete collection of the group of people who come to my lash salon for extension treatments (and some more that my circle of lash artists suggested). 

Group 1: Beauty-Positive Crowd 

The first important demographic that’s interested in eyelash extensions includes people who are already into beauty. If you have a lash salon, there might be people who are interested in falsies and slowly take into it. This includes mostly women who are regulars at your salon. 

Group 2: Celebrities

Next demographic that surely gets false eyelash treatments are those who are actively in the beauty world, such as celebrities. These are people who need permanent eyelashes in their day-to-day lives. With permanent lashes set on their eyes already, they don’t have to worry about the look anymore. You’re looking at high-income celebrities because falsies are also high maintenance.

Group 3: Influencers

Beauty influencers share most of their day with followers, unlike celebrities who are always groomed before coming onscreen. This group of eyelash customers often go for natural styles if they want to charm their followers without letting in on the secret and dramatic when they’re proud of their treatments. 

Keep in mind that influencers are very knowledgeable about the treatments they want to do and it’s important to you impress them equally before committing to the job to actually get the job. 

Group 4: Models

The next most important group of consumers who often get falsies like celebrities are models. Even better, if you’ve customers who are supermodels. Mostly because models and supermodels won’t find MUAs who are trained to apply falsies during every makeup session. 

Truth be told, the first eyelash extension treatment I did was for a supermodel who was flying off to the Bahamas for a shoot and needed cat eyelashes. I was thrilled, she was stoic and it turned out so good that she hugged me after. This was way back when guys, so I know the impression it had on her. 

Group 5: Brides to be

Wedding isn’t just a day’s affair. It’s a function that stretches over at least a month of festivities that includes rehearsals, pre-wedding photoshoots, and what-have-you. To look their best throughout the time, most brides are getting their extensions (eyes, guys!) way before the wedding. So, if you have a salon customer who’s gonna tie the knot soon, you know they might be thinking about falsies too. 

Group 6: Fashion-Forward Teenagers

The next group of people that are into lash extensions is teenagers who are rich, knowledgeable, and perhaps even earning their own keep. So, don’t forget to pitch to them. But when it comes to this group, colored lashes are more popular than most others. If you have a unique style of falsies, they’d love that more than anything else. 

Group 7: Makeover Crowd 

The next includes prospects who want a makeover. In this case, you’ve to stick to a look when choosing eyelash extensions. And the good news is, if they like it, they’re in for the long-haul. Such a category might include men and women of any age group. 

Group 8: New Moms

While not popular everywhere, when I was a new mom, I wanted false eyelashes mostly owing to my postpartum depression weighing me down. And now that I say it out loud, many of my clients are new moms. That’s when they want to lift-up their spirits and that’s exactly when they want to look better than they are. 

Because you know after-delivery is a tough time for the physical body, falsies can do a lot of magic. You’re looking at the ages of 18 to 45 in this case. 

Group 9: Women Over 50 

Another group of women who lose their thick lush lashes is those from the older generation. Just like statistics say, they constitute just 5% of the total customers. But they aren’t convinced totally because it wasn’t so popular when they were younger. You need to pitch it to them.

Group 10: Men

The last type of demographic includes males. Men regardless of their sexual orientation might decide to get falsies to enhance their look. This might include models, grooms, celebrities, and all categories of males who are fashion-forward about beauty. Keep in mind that this mostly includes men of age 18 to 40 and no farther. 

In A Nutshell 

Now you know what exactly does the target audience means, you can start speaking to them to influence them. Knowing your consumers at close-length can help you understand their needs and behaviors explicitly. It will help you manage their problems effectively too. 

Have you figured out your target audience? When you do, share it with us in the comments below and we will tell you exactly how to speak to them.

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