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November 24, 2022

Top 7 Eyelash Extensions Suppliers in the UK

Top 7 Eyelash Extensions Suppliers in the UK

The beauty sector is expanding quickly every day. Everyone strives to have their lashes look long and thick since not everyone is born with naturally beautiful lashes. Luckily, you can quickly achieve full lashes when you start using eyelash extensions.


Many companies claim to be legit eyelash extension suppliers but offer low-quality products. Some users claim to have had adverse side effects. Therefore, we decide to do deep research for you and develop reliable eyelash extension suppliers in the UK. Some of them include:



    • Location: Qingdao, North China.

    • Company Classification: Manufacturer, Supplier, and Wholesalers

    • Major Products: Eyelash Extensions

Dolvlashes boosts to be among the highly rated wholesalers and manufacturers of eyelash extensions worldwide. Holding over 20 years of experience proves they are among the suppliers whose products meet the market standards. Moreover, this top wholesaler of artificial eyelashes can satisfy all customers’ needs thanks to its wide selection of products.

Additionally, although comprised of synthetic materials, the lashes they chose to use offer a natural appearance. They seem extraordinarily voluminous and featherweight. Their customer support team is available day and night to ensure that you receive prompt answers to questions.

Your location shouldn’t worry you because Dolvlashes also provides shipping services to consumers in other countries. Additionally, they offer discounts on their beauty products, so shopping with them will result in financial savings. Also, they prioritize quality, so your things will last a long time, thanks to Dolvlashes.

Key Products and Services Offered:


Eylure London

    • Region: London, United Kingdom

    • Company classification: Suppliers

    • Year of establishment: 1947

    • Major Products: Eyelash extensions

Eylure was founded in 1947 to be an eyelash extension supplier. Two brothers started working as make-up artists in the film industry and came up with the original idea. However, the pay for the film work was not any better.

To survive, they decided to start a side business. The pair appeared to have found a market potential during their tenure with the business. The Eylure artificial eyelash was created to supply high-class and high-quality goods.

Key Products and Services Offered:

    • Eyelash extensions

    • Training

    • Eyelash extension tools

The Little Lash Company  

    • Region: United Kingdom

    • Company Classification: Manufacturers and Wholesalers

    • Major Products: Eyelash Extensions

The business is well-known in the UK’s wholesale eyelash market. The founder is a recognized expert in eyelash extensions. You can’t go wrong by picking the most incredible eyelash extensions company in the business if you want to buy eyelashes in bulk.

They provide several types of eyelashes for all sizes and shapes of eyes. The 3-5D lashes are magnificent, making them ideal for customers who prefer a fluffy appearance. The lashes can be manufactured specifically to your specifications and have the appearance of a strip.

Key Products and Services Offered:      

    • Classic lashes

    • Hybrid lashes

    • Lash lift extensions

Lash Perfect

Lash Perfect

    • Region: United Kingdom

    • Company Classification: Manufacturers and Wholesalers

    • Year of establishment: 2006

    • Major Products: Eyelash extensions

This company was founded in the United Kingdom in 2006. The business has stuck to its original mission of providing the most outstanding retail, professional, and training items to the market for eyelash extensions. Natural lashes are not harmed by their extensions and use specially manufactured items, such as medical-grade adhesives made especially for eyelashes. 

To ensure that they are competent in their work and select the proper weight lashes that suit individual eyelash issues, Lash Perfect technicians also go through training. Natural lashes should not be harmed with the proper treatment.

Key Products and Services Offered:

    • Mink Lashes

    • Classic lashes

    • Lash training

Noble Lashes 

noble lashes uk


    • Region: United Kingdom

    • Company classification: Manufacturers and Wholesalers

    • Year of Establishment: 

    • Major Products: Eyelash extensions

In the UK market, Noble Lashes is among the most reliable brand for eyelash extensions. They continue to give customers the best lashes possible, maintaining their standing in the beauty and eyelash extension industries.

Their entire line of lash products is earth friendly. They claim to be a premier award-winning business that consistently gives back. As a result, they used paper cartons rather than plastic trays to cut their plastic consumption.

Key Products and Services Offered:  

    • Colored strip false lashes

    • Silk eyelash extension

    • Premade fan volume lashes

    • Bottom eyelashes

Eyelash Emporium

The Eyelash Emporium

    • Region: London, United Kingdom

    • Company classification: Manufacturers and Wholesalers

    • Major Products: Eyelash extensions

The eyelash emporium was launched at Pinewood Studios in London, United Kingdom. Since then, they have been concentrating on providing the most significant outcome for their clients. For both semi-permanent eyelash extensions and eyelash extension training. 

The Eyelash Emporium proudly offers a portable humidifier called Nano mister. An ideal way to finish your eyelash extension procedure. Clients had to wait between 24 and 48 hours before getting their lashes moistened. The lash supplier has developed new concepts in response to its rise.

Key Products and Services Offered:

    • Eyelash extensions

    • Eyelash glue

    • Eyelash training

Lash Dolls UK 

Lash Dolls

    • Region: United Kingdom

    • Company classification: manufacturers and wholesalers

    • Major Products: Eyelash extensions

2018 saw the founding of Lash Dolls UK. Their first goal is to provide the most incredible eyelash extensions at a reasonable cost. They have grown over the years and are now a top UK supplier of eyelash extensions and a global supplier of lashes.

Their lash products are tested in salons before selling, and talented, and professional employees design them. They may provide lash services to 100 individuals each week and guarantee that all the extensions listed on their website have passed their testing procedure.

Key Products and Services Offered:     

    • Eyelash extensions

    • Russian Lashes

    • Eyelashes tools

    • Mink lashes

    • 3D mink strip lashes  


The beauty industry is now saturated, and every supplier claims to be legit. It is vital to ensure your supplier has a good reputation, is certified, and is dedicated to producing quality products. In case you are still undecided on which eyelash extension supplier will offer you the best products and services, check out Dolvlashes. They have every type of lash you want to wear, and quality is a priority. For more information, please get in touch with us.

November 22, 2022

Top 7 Eyelash Extension Wholesalers in New Zealand

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Top 7 Eyelash Extension Wholesalers in New Zealand


Eyelash extensions are on the rise, and almost every woman uses them to make their lashes stand out and look full. Luckily, there are different types of eyelash extensions for different eye shapes, so you have no worries about which lash will fit you well.

Eyelash Extension Wholesalers in New Zealand

Now that these beauty products are popular, you might be tempted to be part of the trend. Whether looking for eyelash extensions for personal use or to add stock to your business, you should get them from top eyelash extension wholesalers.

Sourcing quality products will be a plus because they are durable and don’t irritate the skin. Unfortunately, identifying the most reputable wholesaler can be a headache, which is why we came up with this guide. Read on to learn more about the top seven eyelash extension wholesalers in New Zealand.



    • Location: Qingdao, North China.

    • Company Classification: Manufacturer, Supplier, and Wholesalers

    • Major Products: Eyelash Extensions

In a debate concerning the best eyelash extension wholesalers, Dolvlashes will be among the top. This company is based in China but ships globally, including in New Zealand. If you want a tailored eyelash extension to fit your preferences, this lash company will get you sorted with customization services. 

Quality doesn’t come by coincidence. Dolvlashes inspect each step in the production process to ensure satisfactory output. They also have a team of staff that works day and night to ensure your lashes come out in good shape and they meet market standards. Additionally, their customer service is always ready to answer all questions concerning eyelash extensions. 

Key Products and Services Offered:

    • 3D Real eyelash extensions

    • Magnetic lashes

    • Synthetic lashes

    • Clear band lashes

    • Volume lashes

    • Individual lashes



    • Region: Wellington, New Zealand

    • Company Type: Supplier and Wholesalers

    • Primary Products: Eyelash extension

Me.Beauté is a supplier of high-end eyelash extension supplies, tools, salon equipment, and a variety of other salon-quality lashes and cosmetic Items based in Wellington, New Zealand. They are proud of their custom-made line of products, which My Nguyen, a skilled international lash and brow stylist, and permanent makeup artist, developed. 

These high-quality beauty products are made in the Me.Beauté plants in Vietnam are then transported to technicians together with other hand-picked products, ensuring salons all across the nation can access a cutting-edge selection at a reasonable price.

Key Products and Services Offered:

    • Eyelash extensions

    • Adhesives

    • Eyelash installation tools

    • Tweezers

Lash Pro NZ

Lash Pro NZ

    • Region: New Zealand

    • Company Type: Supplier and Wholesalers

    • Primary Products: Eyelash extension

Lash Pro NZ is the leading supplier in New Zealand for lash and brow products, instruction, and support. Lash Pro NZ was born to provide beauty salons and home-based lash enterprises throughout New Zealand with premium eyelash extension supplies.

But that wasn’t enough for Lash Pro NZ. They wanted your orders to arrive quickly, so they partnered with CourierPost. Now, they deliver overnight to 99% of Aotearoa’s urban addresses. This implies that if you place an order Monday through Friday before 3 PM, you can receive it the following workday.

Key Products and Services Offered:

    • Eyelash extensions

    • Lash Kits

    • Silk Lashes

    • Volume Fans

    • Glue & Application Tools



    • Region: New Zealand

    • Company Type: Supplier and Wholesalers

    • Primary Products: Eyelash extension

LASH WORX understood that providing customers with a high-quality product was the most critical factor in establishing a successful business for an eyelash specialist. They were founded to provide technicians with quality products and expert training for eyelash extensions, Lash Lifts, and Henna Brow treatments.

Internationally approved, Lashworx offers training opportunities for aspiring New Zealand Lash Artists and established businesses looking to add this highly sought-after expertise to a successful beauty business.

Key Products and Services Offered:

    • Eyelash extensions

    • Adhesives & Pre Treatment

    • After Care Products

    • Classic Lash Extensions

    • Lash Lift

    • Masks

    • Training Programmes

    • Tweezers



    • Region: New Zealand

    • Company Type: Supplier and Wholesalers

    • Primary Products: Eyelash extension

BOSS LASH is another well-established premium eyelash extension supplier located in New Zealand. They have the finest eyelash extensions available on the market and everything a lash designer could need. Enjoy the best lash extension products at friendly prices to lengthen your lashes and get you ready to take on the world. Also, you get to enjoy friendly shipping costs to your desired pick-up point.

Key Products and Services Offered:

    • Eyelash extensions

    • Classic Lash

    • Volume Lash

    • Adhesives

    • Aftercare

Lash House

Lash House

    • Region: New Zealand

    • Company Type: Supplier and Wholesalers

    • Primary Products: Eyelash extension

Lash House Supplies is a one-stop online store for top-quality eyelash extension supplies and tools. They are a supplying company offering a one-stop shop for high-quality eyelash extension items, supplies, and equipment at wholesale costs. In this expanding eyelash extension market, Lash House has found and tested the best wholesale eyelash extension items for you that are certified by the government as being of the highest quality.

Key Products and Services Offered:

    • Eyelash extensions

    • Silk Eyelash Extensions

    • Mink Eyelash Extensions

    • Pre-Fanned Volume Trays

    • Loose Eyelash Extensions

Lelei Lashes

Lelei Lashes

    • Region: Ashburton, New Zealand

    • Company Type: Supplier and Wholesalers

    • Primary Products: Eyelash extension

In Ashburton, New Zealand, Lelei Lashes takes great pride in being a family-run company. Their opulent lashes are expertly created from premium imitation silk and are reusable numerous times. All of their products are cruelty-free and vegan. They are environmentally conscious, which is a plus for saving the world.

The first and only 6-micron magnet lashes in New Zealand are called Lelei Magnetic Lashes. Additionally, They offer the most comfortable and realistic magnetic eyelashes available. And for that reason, they are unique. Their lashes include superior 6 micro-magnets, compared to the standard 3 to 4 magnets found in magnetic eyelash extensions, giving you a far better fit tailored to your eyes.

Key Products and Services Offered:

    • Eyelash extensions

    • Magnetic lashes

    • Lash adhesives

    • Lash installation products


Up to this point, we believe you have a list of the top eyelash extension wholesalers to start with. Remember always to go for quality because some eye products might irritate the skin. At Dolvlashes, we offer you different types of eyelash extensions and beauty products for your business and personal use. In case you have any questions or you want to make your order, please contact us.

Best 7 Eyelash Extension Suppliers in Australia

Best 7 Eyelash Extension Suppliers in Australia

Some years back, mascara and eye shadows were famous, and every woman could apply them to spice up their beauty. It became tedious to apply them daily; instead, women started using eyelash extensions, making them accessible and time-saving. 

Eyelash Extension Suppliers

They are made of different materials like mink and synthetic. Also, they make one’s lashes look full. Unfortunately, eyelash extensions can cause harm to your natural lashes or your eye when you don’t purchase them from a reputable supplier. Most users will find it challenging to identify a reputable supplier. Our main agenda here is to inform you of well-established eyelash extension suppliers in Australia for your business or personal use. Let’s begin.


  • Location: Qingdao, North China.
  • Company Classification: Manufacturer, Supplier, and Wholesalers
  • Major Products: Eyelash Extensions

With over 20 years of experience, Dolvlashes has proven to be a giant among the top eyelash extension suppliers in Australia & globally.

This lash factory offers lash customization, meaning customers can make an order and give preferences on how they want the end product to look. You opt to have curls of your choice, length, or even thickness.

Dolvlashes- Logo

That’s not enough for Dolvlashes. To guarantee that you receive quality eyelash extensions, they have a tight internal QA team that will monitor quality throughout each phase. This guarantees that the products you receive are durable and won’t irritate your skin. Also, Dolvlashes will ensure your order reaches you in good shape and on time, whether in China or Australia.

Key Products and Services Dolvlashes Offer:


  • Region: Australia
  • Company Type: Supplier and Wholesalers
  • Primary Products: Eyelash extension

The goal of Lashious is to supply Lash Artists with high-end eyelash extensions at competitive prices and with first-rate customer support.

They don’t purchase inexpensive white-labeled goods and then slap their logo on the packaging to offer to you to retain quality. 

Lashious - Logo

You can be sure that everything you purchase is the real deal, consistently of high standards, and accompanied by the manufacturers’ brands and identities because they sell exactly what they manufacture.

Key Products and Services Lashious ​Offer:

  • Eyelash extensions
  • Adhesives
  • Tweezers
  • Accessories
  • Disposables

Rebel Gold Lashes

  • Region: Australia
  • Company Type: Supplier and Wholesalers
  • Primary Product: Eyelash extension

If you are looking for an eyelash extension supplier around Australia, Rebel Gold Lashes is there to serve all your needs. 

According to them, eyelash extensions should enhance a person’s sense of inner and outer beauty. 


Their joy is seeing their customer’s face light up, and they become a more self-assured, seductive version of themselves. They have a team of dedicated staff that strives to see the company’s success, making them one of the best suppliers globally and locally.

Key Products and Services Rebel Gold Lashes Offer:

  • Volume lashes
  • Mink lashes
  • Classic lashes
  • Lash adhesives
  • Eyelash installation tools

We Lash

  • Region: Australia
  • Company Type: Supplier and Wholesalers
  • Primary Products: Eyelash extension

This business, which sells across Australia, is an Australian-owned and -operated seller of synthetic eyelash extension materials and goods.



We Lash - Logo

They are a new company offering some of the most popular and high-quality lash-related products elsewhere. They invested effort in finding the best items with the best features so they could concentrate on their main objective, improving your overall Lash experience.

Their Lash experts team has been active in the beauty industry for many years, and they now want to share their knowledge with you. They don’t repackage or rename any of the things they sell; they only stock well-known brands from top-notch producers.

Key Products and Services We Lash Offer:

  • Eyelash extensions
  • Lash glue
  • Lash training
  • Make-ups and aftercare
  • Lash and brow tinting.

The Lash Store

  • Region: Australia
  • Company Type: Supplier and Wholesalers
  • Primary Products: Eyelash extension

Since 2018, this eyelash extension supplier has constantly been expanding and creating so many beautiful moments with other lash lovers. They are fortunate to have fantastic beauty salons, studios, stockists, and freelance makeup and lash artists. 

Lash Store - Logo

They are very driven to support all of our lovely consumers and are thrilled to be the ones assisting them in obtaining the top goods. They usually get affection and appreciation from our contented and pleased consumers. 

Key Products and Services Lash Store Offer:

  • Eyelash extensions
  • Lash lift
  • Lash tools
  • Lash training

Lash And Brows

  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Company Type: Supplier and Wholesalers
  • Key Products: Eyelash extension

Since 2013, Lash and Brows have been a prominent eyelash extension suppliers in Australia offering affordable and quality beauty products for both businesses and clients.

Lash & Brow - Logo

They are also known for lash mapping clients at a friendly price. They also do shipping for their products at a friendly price worldwide.

Key Products and Services Lash & Store Offer:

    • Eyelash extension
    • Eyelash lifting
    • Eyelash tinting
    • Cosmetic tattoo materials

Lash By Lash

  • Region: Australia
  • Company Type: Supplier and Wholesalers
  • Primary Products: Eyelash extension

Lash by Lash is another highly rated lash supplying company in Australia. It offers a wide selection of high-quality eyelash extensions, equipment, and accessories to companies of all sizes. 

Lash by Lash - Logo

It also offers extensive training to individuals who aspire to be lash artists in this growing beauty industry. Since Lash by Lash installs over 100 eyelash extensions each week, they have experience using eyelash extensions. 

Due to their testing and use of the same products in the salon, they can assure you of receiving high-quality items. Additionally, Lash by Lash provides a buy now, pay later alternative of payment, allowing you to use their services even if you don’t have access to cash immediately.

Key Products and Services Lash By Lash Offer:

  • Eyelash extensions
  • Adhesives
  • Lash lift
  • Primers and removers
  • Aftercare



Working with a reliable eyelash extension supplier is an added advantage because their quality will not be compromised. A certified supplier always follows all the processes in the manufacturing of the products. That is the main reason why we recommend working with Dolvlashes. They have a wide range of beauty products with top-notch quality. Kindly, reach us for any additional information.

August 19, 2021

The Definitive Guide Of Lash Mapping For Artists and Lash Techs

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The Definitive Guide Of Lash Mapping For Artists and Lash Techs

Learn lash mapping based on the eyelash shapes of your clients for choosing different lash lengths, curls, and thicknesses in different styles. 

Step-By-Step Method For Lash Mapping

Eyelash extensions are one of the most expensive semi-permanent makeup tools. It’s well-priced for all the customized work that goes into it. We get to create a style that’s perfect for the client based on their eye shape and the curl, length, and thickness of eyelashes. 

All that isn’t a cakewalk if you don’t know the secret trick to do it right- Lash Mapping. It took me a few years to find the right material to get all the things right with lash mapping styles when I was starting out as an artist. 

But you don’t have to, because I’ve combined my best of my results and experience in an easy-to-read format below so that you can learn without getting bored. You’ll find interesting videos from popular lash artists to help you get going. Find out all about lash mapping styles and how it helps you create the best eyelash extension for clients right away. 

Believe me, when I say, lash techs don’t have it easy. That’s because we’re working a fragile part of the body- the eyes. That’s why many geniuses before us figured out the right formula to do it perfectly. All you need to do is learn it and start practicing on your own. 

Let’s get sailing! 

Table Of Contents

What Is Lash Mapping? 

Remember I said last month that lashing is like mathematics? Lash mapping is the trick that proves it. It’s the mathematics of dividing the eye into different zones to finalize the length of the lashes needed for each section of natural lashes. 

The truth is you can’t just do a doll eye on every client and hope it all works out. You need to figure out the best style for the client based on their own preferences and characteristics of their eyes. 

When I’m feeling my best, I like to play with curls and thicknesses of lash extensions that I add to the lash map I create. And when you’re well-experienced, you might need to write down every detail at the start. 

But it is the practice of lash mapping that helps you decide the length, thickness, and curl of lash extensions on your clients in a few seconds in the latter years. If you ask me, it’s what separates the grain from the chaff in the long run. 

Every lash artist needs to know about lash mapping and must do it for every one of their clients in the beginning to customize lash extensions based on the eyes. 

Most of us know very well that two different people often don’t have the exact same features about both their eyes. But a little-known fact is that no person has identical eyes. Put simply, the left eye of the same client differs from their right.

That’s why you need to do lash mapping for every eye individually to do the best job. If you’re a beginner, don’t fret about the time you’ll take; instead focus on doing it the best way. And in the due time, you’ll mechanically do it faster than now. 

Benefits Of Lash Mapping

Mapping every eye before putting on lash extensions is a must no matter how experienced or new you are to the field. It helps you in many ways. Take a look at the advantages of lash mapping for artists below. 

To Look Right

First off, lash mapping helps you create a look that doesn’t look odd on the client. To make that happen, you need to take the client’s eye shape and different traits of the eyelashes into consideration. Making sure the lash extensions complement the length, thickness, and curl of natural lashes will make it look gorgeous on the client than artificial or over-the-top.

To Feel Right 

Next up is the compatibility of lash extensions. Mapping the lash job you’re going to do is crucial for ensuring the lash extensions don’t end up being a burden to the client. Creating a comprehensive map helps you select the right length, thickness, and curl based on the natural lashes. It makes you sure the style you created doesn’t feel heavy or irritating on the client’s eyes.

For Customization 

The goal of a well-experienced lash tech is customizing a look for the client’s eyes, not just for anyone but specifically for that client’s eyes. To do the perfect job, you need the right knowledge. Because every eye is different from the other, you need to customize the characteristics of lash extensions for every eye.

To Create Advanced Styles

An effect of creating custom eyelash styles for clients is that you learn to play around with different styles in the long run. It helps to put together unique and exceptional new lash styles all on your own such that you can enhance any type of eye. You’ll know what’s right and what’s wrong from the get-go later on. 

To Prevent Mistakes

Many lash artists often forget to learn lash mapping in detail that they end up giving the same lash style to every client that walks in. On the other hand, you’ll never do the wrong style or repeat the same one once you know lash mapping inside out. 

For Expertise 

The best thing about learning lash mapping at the earliest is that you will accumulate so much experience that you won’t need to map once you become an expert. After the due course of time, you will draw the map on the back of your mind the moment you see a client. 

How To Determine The Shape Of a Client’s Eye? 

When you’re a new lash tech, it’s possible you might not get too technical about doing the lash job. But that’s the pitfall that often leads the best of us into failure. 

The first thing to keep in mind before even mapping the eyelash extensions is to determine the natural shape of the client’s eye. Only after knowing this can you determine the right length, thickness, and curl of lash extensions for the client. 

Let’s learn the different eye shapes in detail and which type of eyes your client has. 


This is an eye shape where you can’t see the whites below the iris when you look into a mirror. Another excellent way to determine the almond type of eye is with how it’s pointed around the inner corner and lifted up around the outer corner. You also have a smaller eyelid that forms an oval shape than round. 

Remember that it’s not great to add length to lashes at the outer corner of the eyes for clients with almond eyes. This type looks great in most styles. 

Celebrities like Mila Kunis, Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz, and Kim Kardashian also have this eye shape.


If you don’t notice a crease immediately above your eyelid, your client most probably has monolid eyes. Given that your eyes are deep-set as well without a crease, then your client definitely has monolid eyes. 

Often called Single-Eyelids or Asian eyes and confused with the hooded type, monolid eyes are a characteristic of East-Asian ethnicity. The best curls for this type of eye shape are the C or D and not J, especially if you want to open up the eyes. You must not use intense curls otherwise it can press against the upper eyelids of such a client. 

Lucy Liu and Sandra Oh are some of the famous people with monolids.


Typically called ‘Big eyes’, round eyes are easy to locate. If the client has an obvious crease above their eyelids and you can notice white underneath the iris of their eye, they have round eyes. This type of shape often looks prominent and it’s best to use medium curls on the round eyes for a natural look. 

If you want to transform round eyes to an almond shape, it’s best to add lengthy extensions towards the outer corner of the eye. Round eyes need extreme attention when it comes to eyelash extensions because the wrong curl and length can make their eyes look perpetually surprised. 

Ashley Olsen and Katy Perry are some of the celebrities with round eyes. 


When the space between the eyes of your client is less than one eye, you need to focus on accentuating the outer corners of their eyes. This helps to balance it. Closet set eyes look best in styles like squirrel or cat-eye. 

Go for lash extensions that add length to the outer corners of your client’s eyes. You can also add thickness and medium curls for the best results. Add length right after the arch of their eyebrow to make it look balanced. 

Jennifer Anniston, Kirsten Stewart, and Lana Del Ray are popular figures with close-set eyes. 


When the space between both your eyes is more than an eye, it’s called a wide-set shape. This eye shape needs more attention towards the inner corners at first. It’s also best to add the longest lash extensions in the middle of their eyes to balance out the length. 

There are many celebrities with close-set eyes like Miranda Kerr, Gemma Ward, Kate Moss, and Cameron Diaz. 


When the eye of your client is pressed into the eye socket, it’s called a deep-set eye shape. This makes their eye appear bigger and brow bone prominent than they actually are. 

Typically seen in the older category of customers, deep-set eyes are best paired with an equal or longer length of lash extensions for both eyes. 

Lash techs must take special care to choose curls and lengths that don’t poke into the upper eyelid of the client. Make sure to tweak around different lengths and curls as it differs from client-to-client. Angelina Jolie has this kind of eye shape.


One of the main features on your client’s face would be eyes if they have the protruding eye shape. If you want to keep a natural look, the best lash extensions for this type of eye shape are the shorter ones. Longer lash extensions will make the client’s eyes look dramatic and over-the-top.

Amanda Seyfried and Nicole Richie are the perfect examples of protruding eyes. 


When you can notice a crease that’s deep-set on the client and their eyelids aren’t visible, they have hooded eyes. This can also be the typical case with aged clients. Put simply, you will notice an added layer of skin covering the eyelid. Hence, you need styles that increase the size of their eyes. 

Lash techs need to open the eye of clients with the hooded shape. The best trick to do this is by adding long eyelash extensions towards the middle of their eye. Ensure to work around different curl sizes by the client so that it doesn’t prick into their eyelid. Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, and Camilla Bell are some of the famous stars with hooded eyes. 


This is a shape where eyes point downwards unlike upwards as we saw in almond eyes. The downward angle is visible around the outer corner of the client’s eye. Such a shape naturally makes the top eyelid look huge. So you need to add length to the outer corners of the eye to create a lifting effect. 

The best lash extension styles to use are squirrel, open eye, and doll eye. Some famous persons with downturned eyes are Katie Holmes, Anna Hathaway, and Charlize Theron. 

How To Map The Lashes Of A Client?

Lash mapping is all about a serious observation on your part. You need to be observant of your client’s eyes and lashes to understand what will enhance their look. It might sound sophisticated and tough at first but believe me, you’ll get the hang around it with time.

What To Remember Before You Start 

Here’s what you need to keep in mind before you start lash mapping a client: 

Division of the eye: You need to first divide the eye of the client into different zones based on the variation between eyelashes of the same eye. 

Instructions: Before you start taping, make sure your client knows full well not to move the eyeball frantically. 

Spot the iris: Using a pen, draw lines on both sides of the iris. This is helpful because you need to add the longest lashes here.

Traits: The right curl or mix of curls, the right length or mix of lengths, and the right thickness or mix of thicknesses will help you decide the right length, thickness, and curl that doesn’t burden the client with lash mapping. 

Note the arch of the eyebrows: You can add lengthy lash extensions from the arch of the client’s eyebrows to make their eyes appear longer. Always draw a line around this area to map the eye properly. 


Things you Need Before Lash Mapping Styles

Before you start working on the lash extensions of clients, you need a few things to make lash mapping easy, comfortable and convenient for both you and the client. 

Cleanser: Get a good quality cleanser to remove dirt and fuzz from around the natural lashes. 

Primer: Prime up the lashes to ensure the extensions have a good hold and support. 

Eye pads: Get good quality gel pads that don’t irritate sensitive eyes and that help you map with ease. Also, apply them without irritating the waterline. 

Lash mapping pen: Get a contrasting colored lash mapping pen in a color like red or blue if you’re using black eyelashes. It will help things appear clear and less confusing to you. 

Varied extensions: From different lengths to thicknesses and curls, you need to lash diverse extensions to complete every style, no matter what it is. Try it from a reputed eyelash extensions manufacturer like Dolvlashes today. 

Client’s preferences: Always have a 10 to 20 minutes consultation with every lash extension customer so that you know what exactly they want with their lashes. While you might love doing natural on a client, they might want dramatic or over-the-top styles at times too. So have a word before you start!

Lash Mapping For Different Styles

Experienced lash techs have a clear idea about the length, thickness, and curls of lash extensions that go into every different eye. Most often they don’t even have to map the zones. But if you’re new, mapping based on different styles will help you create exactly that style with ease. 

Let’s look at lash maps for different eyelash extension styles.

1. For Classic

The first style of lash extensions learned by most techs, Classic eyelash is also popular as the ‘natural style of eyelashes’. Here, lash extensions are applied on natural lashes at a ratio of 1:1. 

For example, if your client has 70 natural eyelashes per eye, you should apply 70 lashes per eye. Typically, the number of lash extensions in a classic set ranges from 30 to 60 or above per eye.

When you do the lash mapping for this type of style, it’s important not to go for extensions that are too long in order to keep the natural look intact. We suggest trying out the lengths of 10, 12, 14 for the lash map. 

2. For Doll Eye

This is a beautiful style that almost adds more size to the eyes of your client. It makes their eyes look bigger when you place short lash lengths on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. The best candidates for doll eye shape are those clients with almond eyes, hooded eyes, and monolids. Such a style is primarily used for opening up the eyes.

You need to spot the iris and create a zone including the iris so that you can add the longest lashes to this region. Such a style helps to achieve a bright look that opens up the eyes of your client.  Here you can add individual extensions and flares or fans to complete the right look for your client. 

Mapping for the doll eye style is quite simple. You need to create the largest zone in the middle encapsulating the iris so that you can add the longest lashes in this region. 

3. For Cat Eye 

Now comes one of the most popular lash extension styles called cat-eye. It’s a style where short lash extensions adorn the inner corners of the eye and long lashes do so for the outer corner of the eye. It’s a great choice for those with round eyes as cat-eye helps to balance (by adding tapering) the shape of the eye easily. 

For an average client, Cat Eye goes best with CC curls with lengths varying from 8 to 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. All you need to remember is to add long lashes to the second last zone of the lashes. 

Here’s a video from Yegi Beauty to map a cat-eye exclusively for a client with droopy eyes. 

4. For Kitten

The way to set apart the cat eye and kitten eye is the length difference between the shortest and the longest lash extension. For the kitten eye, the change will be around 25%. For example, if the shortest lash is 7mm, the longest would be 10 to 11 mm. 

A perfect style for downturned and round eyes, the Kitten Eyelash Extension style uses short lashes until the pupil of the eye. After that, it’s ideal to jump in the length of lash extensions drastically. It’s also good for clients who don’t want the full cat eye but would like a portion of the same glam. 

5. For Dramatic

This is a style that’s dreamy, whimsical, and over-the-top at times. Ideally applied to young clients, dramatic eyelash extensions is a combination of the highest length, thickness, and curls with respect to the client. It’s sometimes confused with volume lashes, but that’s completely different. 

Most lash techs strive for high intensity when they create a dramatic set of lashes. You can map it in a way that adds drama to the lashes based on the specific shape and texture of the client’s eye and eyelashes, respectively. 

6. For Squirrel:

This is another natural-looking lash style where the longest lash extensions are added underneath the arch of the eyebrows. When you’re lash mapping for the squirrel eye style, it’s almost similar to cat-eye. The only difference is that squirrel eye doesn’t have drastic differences in length like cat-eye. 

Squirrel eye follows a lash mapping pattern where different lengths of lash extensions are added one after another. There are more zones in this style than any other and it’s tougher to pull off if you’re a new lash tech. It’s excellent to open up your client’s eyes and make them brighter. 

7. For Kim-K

One of the revolutionary lash extension styles, Kim-K is one where a zig-zag pattern of lash extensions are used. As you can see in the lash map below, lash techs vary between different lash extension lengths to perfect this look. It’s based on the length of your client’s lashes. 

For instance, if a client has short lashes, you might alternate between 10 and 11 mm lengths of lash extensions. For longer natural lashes, 10 to 14 maybe a good bet. Even for short lashes, make sure to add a 10% longer lash extension sparsely to perfect the look. 


Too Long; Didn’t Read?

Lashing isn’t child’s play because if it was, you wouldn’t see a lot of mistakes. Every lash job would be perfect and customers would all look gorgeous no matter what. But that’s not the case.

 From lash mites to botched jobs, there are a ton of examples today on poorly done lash extensions. While low-quality materials and poor experience do add to it, one way to do a better job is by getting acquainted with lash mapping. It’s essential for beginners and the most advanced lash techs will use lash mapping to customize the length to curl and thickness of lash extensions using their lash maps. 

Mapping the eyelash refers to the method of dividing the complete eye of the client into different zones. It’s a way to decide on different lengths, thicknesses, and curls to use for eyelash extensions. Doing so helps you do a flawless job without doing the wrong style. It’s the best trick for customizing lash extensions like a pro and avoiding mistakes in the long run. 

To do a good dividing job, you need to start from the iris of the client. Oftentimes, the center of the eye won’t be where the iris is. You need to note the outer corners of the iris as well as the eyes in the next step. 

But before you get started with lash mapping, it’s essential to determine the shape of your client’s eye. Doing so will help you determine the right lash extension style for them. There are various shapes from almond to round, monolid, close-set, wide-set, deep-set, protruding, downturned, and other eye shapes to take into account. 

Once you’re done, you need to instruct the client to keep their eyeball steady besides using the right products to prep their lashes for the treatment. You might need a cleanser, primer, diverse lash extension lengths, and curls to do a good job. 

When you’re ready, you can decide on the right style for the client and follow the rulebook. For classic lashes, one extension is added per natural lashes but volume lashes use 6 to 10 extensions per natural lash. 

Ranging from natural to baby doll, cat-eye, kitten, dramatic, squirrel, and Kim-K, there are many lash extension styles to choose from for clients based on the shape of their eye and characteristics of their eyelashes.  

Lash mapping is the formula for customizing eyelash extensions. Every lash tech must know it inside-out. What’s more, you’ll be able to do lash mapping without having to draw in the long run too. 

If you’re a new lash tech, learn how other techs got to be experts from their lashing interviews. get your own wide varieties of lash extensions in different lengths, curls, and thicknesses from Dolvlashes today. 

Definitive Guide To Eyelash Extension Curls And Styles For Lash Techs


Definitive Guide To Eyelash Extension Curls And Styles For Lash Techs​

Find out about 15 different types of eyelash extension curls, which curl style to use for doll-eye, cat-eye, monolids, hooded eyes, deep-set eyes, and much more to learn as a lash pro.

Everything Lash Techs Need To Know About Eyelash Extension Curls 

Lashing is like mathematics. You need to add, subtract, and multiple different eyelash extensions and their features (think curl, length, thickness) to create customized sets of eyelash extensions for your clients. 

When I first began on this journey, I didn’t know much. It took a long time to understand that length isn’t the most important thing for designing the best custom lashes for clients. There are a million more things on the list. 

For starters, lash treatments require concentration and in-depth knowledge. It’s not straightforward because it falls upon the lash tech to decide and finalize one or more types of extensions that fit perfectly on your eyes. 

The best way to select a good eyelash extension for your client’s eyes is by experimenting with the different features available. It may have to do with the eye shape, preferences, curls, age, attitude, length, thickness, size, shape, types, and other parameters. In short, there’s no boilerplate lash extension routine you can apply to whoever walks into your lash studio. 

Today you’ll learn all about eyelash extension curls so that you can use them while designing the right lash for your clients and to teach them about it. 

Read on to find out the complete details about what lash extension curls are, the different types of curls available these days including their meanings, makeup styles using different lash extension curls, how to maintain the curl of your fake lash extensions, and whether it’s good to curl eyelash extensions. This article will also help lash techs like you select the best curl for people you’re treating. 

Let’s dive right in! 

Table Of Contents

– Everything Lash Techs Need To Know About Eyelash Extension Curls

– What Are Eyelash Extension Curls?

– 13 Types Of Curls Available For Lash Extensions And What They Mean

Your Checklist Of Eyelash Extension Styles Based On Curls

What To Remember To Maintain The Curl Of Your Lash Extensions?

How To Select The Best Lash Extension Curl For Your Client’s Eyes?

Too Long; Didn’t Read?

What Are Eyelash Extension Curls?

If you’re doing eyelash extensions for prettifying people, it’s easy to understand the importance of lash extension curls. 

When it comes to makeup, there isn’t anyone universal rule that fits everyone. From requiring a different foundation to contouring your face with a different or highlighting it with yet another, you need different products to applicators to complete your client’s look. 

With most synthetic lashes, the fibers are pre-set to different contours to show the depth or flatness of the lash extensions. It’s a thermoplastic called PBT or polybutylene terephthalate that can withstand higher curls fibers made from real mink hair. This type of plastic can withstand heat up to 150 0C and its superior insulation properties even block UV radiation.

When you’re selecting eyelash extension curls for your clients, there are a million things you need to know to do a good job. It starts with knowing how these curls will behave physically, aesthetically, and chemically. One thing to keep in mind about lash extension curls is their angle. Moreover, the same curl of lashes isn’t even used for both your eyes when you get eyelash extensions. 

You need to know how it looks to create the best look. Then comes the personal style or requirement of the client. Combined with thickness and length, this is the magic formula for creating the best lash extensions for clients: Length, Curl, and Thickness. 

Whether you’re just starting 

13 Types Of Curls Available For Lash Extensions And What They Mean 

Whether you’re just starting out with lash extensions or are an expert, this section will help you outline the different curls in the industry. Keep in mind that curls of lash extensions are represented by different alphabets of the English language. 

Take a look at the following curls to learn more about them that helped me learn from the many lash artists online and offline. 

1. I Curl Lash Extensions

The first option in eyelash extension curls is the ‘I’ curl. It’s a straight lash style that’s adequate for those with straight lashes. 

If you work on male clients, these can be an amazing choice of extensions. Owing to its straight look, ‘I’ curl lashes look most natural on people with straight lashes. It’s an excellent option for aged clients who’ve lost their curl and would prefer natural-looking lashes. I Curl is perfect for those who want to enhance the length of lashes instead of curls. 

As a lash tech, keep in mind that this isn’t a good curl on downward or upward natural lashes. They are strictly good for straight lashes only. 

2. J Curl Eyelash Extensions

When your clients want a slight tilt or curl to their straight lashes without going over-the-top, ‘J’ curl eyelash extensions are the perfect fit. It’s very subtle amongst the different eyelash extension curls. And, that’s why ‘J’ curls can open up upward-looking lashes to make them look brighter. 

The angle of this lash extension curl is a 30-degree angle.

That being said, this isn’t a good curl choice for downward lashes. Besides lifting straight lashes, it’s ideal for the inner corners of the eye of any natural lash type. I suggest you avoid using these lashes at all for clients with lashes that are downward as it can make the eyes look tiresome, heavy, and small. 

3. B Curl Lashes

Now that you’re familiar with the basic lash curls, let’s get into the world of curvy lash curls. ‘B’ curl is a soft curl that also comes with superb retentiveness. While not being too-curly, ‘B’ curls can make straight lashes look accented. Basically, ‘B’ softly lifts those with straight lashes. Here, the angle is mostly 45-degrees.

With a higher curling factor than ‘J’ curls, these aren’t good on clients with downward lashes. Another professional tip to bear in mind is it opens the eyes of clients with upward lashes. You can also use this type of curl for the inner side of the eyes. 

4. C Curl Eyelashes

The standard curl used by most lash techs is the ‘C’ curl. It’s perfect for those men and women with average curls because it helps to open up the eyes and make the client look alert, bright, energetic. 

For those with downward or heavy downward lashes, it can give a lifted look to your natural lashes. But if you have a client with straight eyelashes, it’s perfect for opening up the eyes. You’ll find that the degree is 60 with a ‘C’ curl.

For those also with lashes that curve horizontally, this type of lash extension curl can create the doll eye look. If your client has lashes that face downward, go for a D curl. 

5. CC Curl Lash Extensions

While some people say CC curl is the same as D curl, it’s a unique style that offers a good curl that’s not as curled as D, but higher than C. As C curl is closest to natural lashes, CC is a good way to slightly accent those with naturally curly lashes like teenagers. It’s the best way to add volume to natural lashes that are curled on their own. Lash techs might find these lashes at a 65-degree angle.

CC Curl helps to open up the eyes of those who have naturally downward-facing lashes. When you set it properly, such a curl can help you create the doll eye look for lashes that are straight. However, this style isn’t great for upward-facing lashes. 

6. D Curl Eyelash Extensions

Curlier than CC and less curly than ‘U’, the ‘D’ curl is one Lifted. Creates the open-eye effect for the downward lash. These curls are often used for the dramatic style of eyes. D curl is best for doll eyes, especially if your client has straight lashes. Here you will see a 70-degree angle.

Although they don’t work so well for upward lashes, D curl is a great starter. It widens most eyes and enhances the shape of your client’s eyes. This is especially good for clients with small eyes who want to widen and brighten them. 

7. DD Curl Eyelashes 

Often termed as ‘U’ curl lashes, these lashes are curlier than your average lash extensions and fit perfectly for downward-facing eyelashes. It transforms downward and straight lashes into the widened doll-eye look in a few strokes. With obvious curls and added dramatic effect, ‘DD’ curls are excellent for opening the eyes of your clients with downward lashes. Oftentimes seen at 90-degree angles, the angle of this type of curl can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

All that being said, don’t try this style of eyelashes for clients with the upward lash. These are typically used for creating volume and mega volume looks for clients who prefer dramatic fluff for their eyelashes. When used sparingly, it can make lashes look natural with a soft-look too. 

If your client asked for curlier-than-normal lashes, this is generally what they mean. 

8. U Curl Lashes

The curliest type of lash extensions, the ‘U’ curl creates a dramatic effect for both straight and downward lashes. 

While they aren’t a good fit for upward lashes, they create dramatic effects for other clients. It curls upwards and if you add it to clients with upward lashes, there are chances it might dig in or prick their natural lashes. If you’re a client with hooded eyelids or droopy eyes, pair them up with ‘U’ curl lashes and they will never come back to you. For clients with heavy eyelids too, this isn’t a recommended curl because this type of lash curl can swing back and touch the upper lids. 

The curvature angle of this curl of lash extensions is 180-degrees. They’re even called the partywear lashes at most studios. ‘U’ curl lashes are excellent for monolids. 

9. M Curl Lash Extensions

Considered a curl that behaves like a lash lift for clients with downward lashes, M Curl is dramatic if you zoom in on its upward-facing curls. It can enhance the eye by widening it unless your client has hooded eyes or lashes that are naturally angled upwards. It’s a perfect curl style for widening straight eyelashes too. 

‘L’ curl is slightly curvier than the ‘M’ curl and comes with a square base, but it’s stronger than the former curl. It’s the best way to define the eyes of your client and make it look bright, beautiful, and vivid. 

Here are some tips for working with ‘M’ curl lash extensions. 

10. L Curl Eyelash Extensions

First designed for Asian clients, the ‘L’ curl was made to lift up the naturally straight lashes. It’s generally straight with slightly curly tips. The tip of this curl generally lifts up and offers the best retention. This type of curl is perfect for the classic and volume set of eyelashes.

On straight lashes, L curl can widen the look of your eyes although they aren’t great for lashes that are angled downward or upward. It’s a great choice for clients with deep-set or hooded eyes as it can offer a lift-effect.

Here’s a video explaining what ‘L’ curl eyelash extensions.

11. L+ Curl Lashes

A perfect fit for Asian monolid eyes or those that are deep-set, L+ enhances droopy eyes to a whole new level. It was first constructed to maximize the lash lift. With a long and straight base, L+ curl for lash extensions curls in the middle of the extension, unlike L. It’s curvier than L, but still capable of looking natural when used proportionately. 

Basically, L+ adds a lift to the L curl. L+ is the perfect option for widening small eyes, especially if they have straight lashes. This curl goes straight and 85-degrees. 

Keep in mind that this type of lash curl isn’t a great match for downward lashes and upward lashes. It’s a great choice for ramping up the volume of your client’s eyelashes. 

Here’s a video marking the differences between L and L+ lashes. 

12 .B+ Curl Eyelashes

A lift on the ‘B’ curl lashes is called B+ curls. These are often added to mega volume sets and the best way to offer a lift to your client’s already curly lashes. They aren’t great for downward or upward facing lashes and work the best for straight lashes.

Technically, the angle of these curls is 50 to 55 degrees.

B+ is a unique curl of lash extensions that’s curvier than B, but less dramatic than C or CC. This is perfect for creating a natural look as it lifts your natural lash line without overcrowding the look or making it look artificial.

13. C+ Curl Eyelash Extensions

A client who wants lashes that are curvier than the ‘C’ curl, but not as dramatic as the ‘D’ curl will find the ‘C+’ curl ideal. Sometimes CC curl is often called the C+ curl but in my experience, C+ offers a slightly higher lift but that’s not equivalent to CC or D curl.

C+ is perfect for clients who have downward lashes, but it may not be the right fit for those with heavy downward lashes. When using it on those with horizontal lashes, C+ curl can create a dramatic doll eye look.

14. D+ Curl Lashes

Often referred to as the ‘DD’ curl, D+ curl is unique and not as dramatic as ‘DD’. While it’s definitely more fun than ‘D’ curl, ‘D+’ comes with a slight tint of lift that works wonders on clients who have downward-facing natural lashes. It can open-up their eyes and even create the doll-eye effect.

Be wary to use it on clients with hooded eyelids or lashes with upward angles. ‘D+’ is the right style of lashes for volumizing natural lashes of clients with slightly-curly lashes.


15. EZ Curl Lash Extensions

For beginners and expert lash techs who face the problem of adhering fake lash extensions to natural lashes, EZ curl is a better alternative. That’s because this type of style comes with a longer base that’s straighter than lash curls. Offering a wide area for adding adhesive, EZ curls also lash longer on the natural lashes than other curls. 

Depending on the type of curl you want, order EZ-J, EZ-B, EZ-C, or EZ-D curls with the latter options being curlier than the former.

Your Checklist Of Eyelash Extension Styles Based On Curls

As a lash tech, it’s important to learn all about lash extension in as-much detail as you can. If you’re sure of lash extension curls right now, the next step is to understand how different curls complement different styles. 

Here’s the only checklist you need: 

  • Natural: Use eyelash curls like ‘I’, ‘J’, ‘L’, ‘M’, or ‘B’, ‘C’ depending on how straight/curly the natural lashes of your clients are. With a classic set, even ‘C’ curls on a client with naturally-curly lashes look natural but it may look dramatic on clients with straight lashes. It’s perfect for those clients who want length and not curl. For mature clients. 
  • Lifted: Curl types like ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’,’ B+’, ‘C+’, ‘D+’, and ‘L+’, enhance the natural look of eyelashes. They are excellent for clients who want slight lifts without the over-dramatic looks. 
  • Dramatic: These are curls that are curvier than the usual and help to create highly lush and dramatic eyelash styles. The best curls in this category are ‘C’, ‘D’, and ‘U’. You can also create drama with CC and DD curls. 
  • Cat Eye: The best lash extension curls for the cat-eye effect are the ‘M’ and ‘C’ curl combinations. You can also use ‘L’ and ‘L+’ works the same way for lashes that are thin and straight.
  • Doll eye: You can use ‘CC’, ‘D’, ‘DD’, and ‘U’ curls for creating the effect of doll eyes. They will open the eyes and in this style, lash techs add long lashes to the middle of the eye of their clients. It will make the eyes look brighter and bigger with a defined outline. 

What To Remember To Maintain The Curl Of Your Lash Extensions?

When it comes to maintaining the curling ability of your client’s lash extensions, the main thing is about retention of the lash extensions overall. If you choose the right curl, it will fit-in and go for a long time. 

You can maintain the integrity of your curls by storing them at the right temperature. While PBT fiber is good at its retention capabilities, you need to ensure the heat isn’t too high when you’re storing lash extensions. Also, take care of the humidity of the space. 

As a rule of thumb, higher curls will have lower retention and vice versa. Besides the retentiveness capabilities of curls, you should also educate your clients on the aftercare they need to do for protecting their curls. 

Tell them to avoid steam and heat on top of not wetting their lash extensions for at least four hours after application. Depending on the style of extensions you have, it’s important to teach your clients what to care for and what to avoid. 


How To Select The Best Lash Extension Curl For Your Client’s Eyes?

When applying lash extensions to clients, it’s not easy to decide on what curl is perfect unless you’re an expert working with lash extensions for a decade or more. But if you’re a beginner, all you need to consult is the list of lash extension curls given below. 

Before you start with the checklist, you also need to know how to pick different curls by the client. Start by checking the whole face of the client. Figure out where it’s narrow, broad, protruding, and so on so that you can decide which type of lash extension curl will work best for them. 

The direction of their natural lashes is also important to ensure you select a good curl for your client’s eye. You also need to mark the arch of their eyes and eyebrows to create a good design. The trick is to mark where the arch starts. Start by adding maximum curl and longest extension to the part of the eye where the arch starts. 

Let’s find the general rules of thumb now.

  • If your client wants their lash extensions to be in the ultimate dark, you need to use a mix of different curls. Try to find out their natural curl and toggle between B+, C+, and D+. 
  • When your client wants the Doll Eye look, you need to open up their eyes. The trick is to add a mix of ultra-curl lash extensions like D and DD curl. Always ensure that you base the curl with reference to the texture, length, and curl of your client’s natural lashes. based on the texture, length, and curl of your client’s lashes.
  • Cat Eye looks the best if your client has small eyes. In this style as well, you need to include a wide variety of curl mixes started from C and up to D., You can also include CC and C+ here.
  • While working on clients with Hooded Eyes, the best eyelash extension curls to use are for enhancing the edge of the lashes. You need to work from under the hoods to elongate it all the way out. Use curls like L and C and never D or U for this purpose. 
  • Working with clients who have Deep Set Eyes? All you need to select are long lashes that don’t curl immediately as they can touch the eyelids of your clients. You need curls that can open up the eyes and EZ curls with longer bases are perfect. 
  • When you’re working with clients who have Downward Facing Eyelashes, the goal is to lift them with the right extension. Try to use L, C, or D curl. Never use straight curls like J or B in such a case.  
  • If you’re trying to enhance the look of clients with Neutral Lashes, the trick is to use a mix of curls. The truth is any curl will work for such an eye. You can mix up and the best choices are D and D+ to add length and fluff to the eye. 
  • For those of you lash techs who are working with clients who have Round Eyes, going for curls that can enhance the eyes is the best bet. The wrong curl can make their eyes look permanently startled. In any case, avoid extensions with curls B, C, D, and L. 
  • While working with clients who have Close-Set Eyes, choosing an extension with low curls can actually accent their natural shape while opening up the eyes. Go for curls like B or C when you’re doing so. 
  • When adding lash extensions for clients with Wide-Set Eyes, your best choice is the doll eye style. Never go for a cat-eye here as it might look odd by accenting the worst angles of the client. Try to choose curls such as C, D, and L in this case. 
  • Working with clients who have Monolid is complicated yet, all the more fun too. You can enhance the width of their eyes by using a mix of three curl types. It starts with the ‘B’ curl that’s often added to the outer corner of their eyes. Next, pair up with ‘L’ and ‘C’ curls to the center of their eye. 

Too Long; Didn’t Read?

Deciding on the right eyelash extensions isn’t an easy choice, especially if it concerns your client. The trick is to study everything about lash extensions before you decide on a custom curl by the client. Among the three important rules of customizing eyelash extensions, the most important parameters are length, thickness, and curl.

The curling ability of eyelashes helps to contour the eyes of your clients. There are many different curls and in their chronological order of curling, these are I, J, B, C, CC, D, DD, U, M, L, L+, B+, C+, D+, and EZ curls. 

Here, I and J are more or less straight with a slight curl that’s excellent for clients with straight lashes. It’s a good option for aged clients whose lashes have lost the curling ability too. C is a natural curl while CC is curvier, followed by D, DD, and U. 

The last curl type is the most-curly and shouldn’t be used on clients for whom you think it might touch their eyelids. Most lash techs don’t use the ‘U’ curl on their clients. EZ curl comes with a flat base that’s perfect to avoid the lash curls from touching the eyelids of your clients. If you want an average curly look for your client’s eyes, CC and D are also good for opening most eyes. 

When deciding on the right curl for your clients, always take their shape of the face and natural lashes into account. You can toggle between different curls based on the style they want. Go through the checklist or print it out so that you can use it as a reference in the near future. 

It’s not the same curl for all types of monolids, hooded eyes, deep-set eyes, and so on too. Never stop analyzing your client’s eyes so that you can give them the best lash look. 

Here’s a video from Frankie Widdows on how to decide on the right curl for your lash clients:

Deciding on the right lash extensions for your clients isn’t easy and you get better every time you do a fresh new set of lashes. The trick is to talk with your clients, research, and keep experimenting by listening to your guts.

Complete Statistics On Eyelash Trends For Lash Artists


Complete Statistics On Eyelash Trends For Lash Artists

Is the lash industry doomed? Discover the facts about the industry, working as a lash artist, maintaining a salon/website, and the cost of treatments worldwide. 

Facts And Figures Of The Eyelash Industry REVEALED

The Lash industry is slowly standing up after a long stretch of COVID-affected problems. Thank the heavens right! Most of us never gave up, but some of us had to. For all of you who are still in the industry and wondering what to do next, the answer lies in more research. And of course, hygienic practices for lash artists is a must now. 

Before you jump on the wagon with a choo-choo train of relentless innovation, why not check out the real facts about the industry, lash artists, lash treatments, and lash salon/websites. Now all you gotta do is read on to find these answers under one URL. 

Get started right away.

Lash Industry Facts

When it comes to the lash industry, there are a few shockers you need to brace for. But these stats will help you understand what’s winning and what’s not in the industry. 

First, a glimpse into the past. Within one year from 2017 to 2018, the total revenue from eyelash extensions jumped to $270 million. Going back a bit, the revenue from falsies in the U.S during the year 2015 was estimated at $124.95 million. This brings us to a rough 2x increase within four years for the industry. 


On top of it, the industry recorded a 31% hike in USD and 15% in the volume of falsies. In 2018 alone, treatments spiked 32%, which was even higher than the 24% of eyebrow products in the combined stats of health and beauty industries. 

What’s the best brand for eyelashes in the U.S? Truth be told, up to 80% of the top ten eyelash extension giants are owned by two companies over the whole beauty industry. 

Ardell Fashion tops the list with $18.6 million. It’s followed by Kiss Ever EZ Lashes that recorded $12.3 million. Another falsies hub is Salon Perfectly Glamorous that estimated its revenue at $7.3 million in the same year. 

On a rough total, the industry may have taken slower steps during COVID, but it’s not facing any serious setbacks for the forecasts stretching over five and ten years that’s set by economists. They also add that North America is set to witness the maximum growth, with a current market share of 37% already. 

Hence if take an overall count, the natural lash extensions industry is bound to grow from 2019 to 2025 at a compounded growth rate of 5.2%. When it comes to the online equivalent, the growth is estimated to even higher a size at 7.1% until 2025. 

Statistics About Working As A Lash Artist

You now know what’s up with the industry. But you might be yearning to know the challenges and trends in the industry when it comes to other artists like you and me. Moreover, knowing more about them is vital to resolve the problems you might be facing now. 

Well, off we go. 

Over 25% of lash technicians have an industry experience of over 5 years and merely 9% have an experience-total of working for more than 10 years in this field. What when it comes to licenses? The good news is that over 89% of the technicians that work within the US are trained in some way. 

The good news is 74% of the technicians hold a license in cosmetology or beauty services. Even better a fact is that some of the state regulations within the United States mandate this license for opening a salon related to eyelash extensions.

Now let’s take a look at the earning potential of lash artists. A good majority, up to 80% of lash artists say they are ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with their line of work. That being said, only 63% of the artists confess that the lash extension job has earned them income as expected when they signed up for it. 

Statistics also note that 75% of artists working in the U.S rake up to $50,000 every year in earnings. While that’s not low, over 48% also say that they earn less than $20,000 annually, and merely 3% of technicians report earnings over $100,000 each year. The perk is that over 37% of artists have the potential to expand their income by offering new beauty services in case they offer classic extension applications. 

The bad news is only 74% of artists carry insurance with their work so that they’re not held liable for the mistakes or repercussions of poor working conditions. 

You might know this already because more than half of the technicians also say that they’ve worked with fatigue and weariness, solely due to physical exertion demanded by the work. It’s not new right? We all often feel overexerted after an hour of twitching and holding the extension like a statue or changing angles a million times. Well, now you know the facts too. 

That’s not news to most of us because more than half of us apply over ten sets of lash extensions on a minimum per week. Some of us even do double or triple that. 

When it comes to the process, Tirzah Shirai, the owner of Blink Bar says the style of the false lashes is chosen first by artists, followed by the material. Do you do the same? If you have a different style of doing things, why don’t you share it in the comments below so that all of us can compare?

What’s your biggest worry when you’re doing a lash treatment as an artist? Hold your tongue for a second and listen to what other artists feel their biggest challenges are. The primary concern of most lash artists is managing the after-care for clients and the second biggest problem is fixing the problems created by other lash artists. Is that you as well? Well, my worthy challenge is vice-versa, fixing problems made by others, followed by after-sales services. 

Now, I don’t wanna shock you. But, over 50% of artists and salon workers claim that they had to bear the brunt of clients with allergic reactions to falsies at least once every year. This is the topmost problem when it comes to after-care. To avoid this, you have to ensure every client goes through a routine allergy-patch test. 

Personally, I used to encounter lash allergies a lot at the start. But down the lane, it has cut down every year. And today I can say proudly that I don’t get complaints about allergies from clients anymore. It’s been at least 5 years since the last allergy complaint. Remember, most allergies happen due to the lack of a patch test. In other cases, it might be the client. So, keep your half clear. 

What’s your biggest problem? Tell us in the comments below. 

Over 50% of the salons and independent providers that operate in the eyelash extension industry say that they’ve had to manage a client with an allergic reaction at least once in the past year. This issue is one of many reasons why the top priority is to manage client after-care in this industry

Here’s the scoop: 96% of artists do the classic single-strand method, and 54% do volume lashes. Are you self-employed? Whether you take it as good news or bad news, 70% of us are self-employed today. Maybe that’s a signal, we ought to be running our own business too. While it took me ages to get here, you might do it sooner too. 

Lash Salon And Website Figures

Our world is an open book, thanks to the statistics revealed above. Now let’s focus on the business side of eyelash extensions. What if you own a lash salon or work at one? How much do they make? What do they do? Do you need a website? Is it praiseworthy too? 

Read on to find out. 


The lucrative truth is that 50% of the lash salons or independent artists who offer lash services today also have a website. Moreover, these websites are active and used by their target demographic vigorously too. 

About half of the salons or professionals who offer eyelash extensions have a website that is active or available to their customers. Around 30% of those sites have an active blog that helps to promote their services.

On top of that, a big number of lash technicians, which is over 78% are using social media channels today to get their brand out in the open world. Out of this, 89% confess they use Facebook and 72% say they use Instagram. 

Next up are fem-trepreneurs or female-entrepreneurs. While we have a growing rate, it’s still a rarity in our industry. Facts to be revealed, only 2% of lash businesses have a woman owner or majority shares owned by women. 

Remember Blink Bar operated by Tirza Shirai? It stocks over 300 eyelash extensions for various types of clients and most of them are even customized orders for clients. So if you’re thinking of opening a lash salon, getting customized eyelash extensions is a must, especially if you want to create a successful business today. 

Lash Treatment And Customer Stats

Now you know everything to start a business. But what about the statistics on eyelash extension treatments? How many times in their lifetimes do customers use these treatments? Does every lash salon charge the same for falsies? Let’s find out in detail. 

On average, lash technicians charge up to $180 to do a complete set of eyelash extensions treatment. That being said, some artists charge less too. This comes to a total of 6% of artists and the cost is about $60 or less for the service. If you want premium services, up to 12% of salons and artists confess their services have a price tag higher than $181 per session. 

How many times do customers get lash extensions? Facts are falsies depend on natural hair growth. So if you get a client with fast hair growth, they might need sessions within two weeks even. But on average, customers who regularly get falsies get consultations every four to six weeks. 

Now, let’s talk about the age of customers. Over half of all eyelash customers are aged 18 to 34, followed by 42% of those aged 35 to 54. You might’ve calculated already, but only 5% of the customers are seniors aged 55+. Are there male lash customers? Yep. But, only 2% because 98% are women, folks. 

How long do you take to do a session? While there isn’t any race or competition, most of us experts take less than two hours to complete a session in a salon. If you’re a beginner, you might take slightly more. You might also take longer with the preferred style of falsies by a customer is exclusive too. 

For example, for clients who want the most natural look of lash extensions, we normally have to do 80 to 90 lashes for each eye. That brings the total to 160 to 180 lashes on the total. Keep in mind the total might increase or decrease based on the size of their eyelids and the growth of their lashes too. 

For customers, the basic instruction given by lash professionals (which you must say too, in case you’re forgetting to nowadays) is to avoid steam and water for a minimum of two days after they complete the treatment. This is a mandatory rule for protecting the longevity of the treatment. Once after, they can blow-dry the falsies whenever they take a shower. While this means more routines and hassles, customers who’ve done it once find no problem signing up for the extra care to keep their eyes fabulous. 

If you live in the U.S, the cost of a filling session after your first treatment can range from $41 to $80, depending on where you get it. Up to 18% of technicians claim they charge $40 and 6.2% say their session charge can go up to $120. For this filling session, it takes half of the normal session. Hence, it can range from 45 minutes to one hour on average based on how their eyelashes are. 

If you’re getting the extension done from a recent graduate, it might cost half of what costs with senior artists. 

For artists to whom clients request detailed after-care instructions, on top of the ordinary, it’s best to recommend kits too. This may cost around $30 but if they also want the serum to properly maintain the extensions, the total might spike up to $150. Don’t forget to remind them to sleep on silk pillow covers to ensure the falsies stay as they are instead of crumpling up. 

What To Do Next

Whew, that was a shocker and a lot to digest at once right? Why don’t you bookmark the page so that you can come back to this when you’re talking with a prospect. The industry has a lot in store whether you’re a student, aesthetician, cosmetologist, or anyhow engaged in the beauty industry. 

The final step to ensure your treatment goes solid and super is by using a good eyelash extension. If you own a salon, this is where a reliable China lash manufacturer comes in. If you’re interested in designing your own custom lashes, hit us up at Dolvlashes and we’ll help you out with unique and perfect falsies for all your clients, no matter what your demands are. 

Top Hygiene Practices For Lash Salons Open During COVID


Top Hygiene Practices For Lash Salons Open During COVID

The complete breakdown of facts why you shouldn’t stop working now, safety protocols and six other ways to work well and safely during the pandemic

How To Maintain Safety And Wellness For Clients And Staff Against The Pandemic

Every business is driving their creativity at full throttle to figure out how to cope with the lockdown. I guess you’re too. But, we’re not like the others, right?

Some marketers saying switching to video is one answer. Like, start releasing videos to educate clients about the business. We can’t just start telling customers to start doing their lashes on their own. While many makeup brands are offering discounts on DIY products, lash treatments don’t work like that for sure.

While almost all of us are not partying, or going-out, lashes are more cosmetically important than cutting the hair or going to the nail salon. It’s a somewhat-permanent treatment that needs regular touch-ups. Clients who’ve been wearing lashes for ages need their services as usual. 

So, today we will find out what lash customers are saying about lash salons operating during this time and how to stay open. I’ve also listed out an ironclad checklist of safety protocols you can impose. 

If you ask me, don’t stop marketing. You just need to refocus a bit because the needs of customers have changed during the time. 

Start reading because every second you waste is a loss for you and your customer! 

Why Closing Shop Is Not The Answer

If you closed shop at the start of this year due to the pandemic, congratulations on staying safe. Now that the pandemic is running its course, it’s time to get back on your horse if you don’t wanna run outta bread-n-butter. 

Truth be told, most businesses closed shop when COVID hit. But, not for long. Most of them changed ways. Others who couldn’t do that, kept in touch with their clients. 

In short, vanishing for months from the scope of your customer is bound to hurt the business. There are other ways you should be looking at. Let’s take a look at them throughout this article. 

What Are Lash Clients Saying?

Before you tell me why it’s impossible to get your staff back to the salon or order imported products, hear what your target customer has to say quoted from real Google Reviews. 

– Nicole Yoshi on Cilium Lash Studio, NY: “She was so sweet and caring took her time with each lash …and we barely exchanged any words”

– Poleng Hong on Angel Lash, CA: “Instant gratification. Professional, friendly and clean facility”

– Amela Smailbegovic on Maxim-Eyes Lashes, Fl: “Celine is the absolute best. Great work and always so personable. So happy I found Maxim-Eyes Lashes!!”

– CJ Ciencia on Lash Love NYC: “OMG! After 4 months of not having a fly lash. Geeeez! Thank you, Lash Love”

– Saddier Colina on Foxy Lash Boutique, CA: “They care so much about your health and are just so personal that I always feel special when I go”

– Farrah Predestin on Extend Eyelash Extensions, NY: “…have been coming to Extend Eyelash for about three years …They are clean, professional and experts on exquisite eyelash extensions”

And now, my favorite one.

Kingsley on Lash Lovers, TX– “It took a while to get in the groove since we went on pandemic lockdown 3 days after I got my first full set, but happy to say that I’m back after re-opening and love my lashes. Especially happy with the advice and talent of Master Tech and assistant Mgr, Kara. Her suggestion that I go hybrid and special attention to drying out lashes throughout the session due to face-mask induced humidity was spot on. I love my lashes, they are holding up well and I love that I don’t have to wear mascara to make my eyes show up on Zoom calls.”

What Should Businesses Do During This Time?

You now know why the closing shop is definitely not the answer for coping with the pandemic, but being safe is. Take a look at some of the best professional ways to keep your business running whether you own a lash salon or run a counter in a salon as an artist.

Keep Themselves Updated

It’s scary to check things online nowadays. Everything points towards the pandemic. That’s even more reason to keep yourself updated on what’s going on in your industry. When it comes to our world of lashes, I have a bunch of bookmarked lash blogs that I like to keep reading through. And trust me, most of them are open. 

So, go ahead to google and search for the best lash blogs around you. Another brilliant way to get inspiration and news is by going through the Instagram profiles of lash artists or businesses. It’ll keep you on track. 

Change With The Audience’s Interests

People are no longer spending the same amount of money on luxury products like they used to. Perhaps it’s the unemployment or maybe it has to do with all the COVID-fear, but things are definitely not the same. If you want to sell your lash treatments and other salon services, you need to change with the audience.

Head over to lash forums and connect with other artists in your vicinity. You can also hit up via famous FB lash groups. Start checking it up now.

Check For Provisions From Govt

Because the whole world is suffering the governments across the globe are launching unique load programs for businesses who’re finding it hard to keep working. Whether you’re directly under the wrath of COVID-19 or not, your business might be qualified for the same. 

Get in touch with your state government website or call the office straight away. Either way, you’ll know which industries are open to government aides even if you’re aren’t qualified. 

Best Safety Protocols Lash Salons And Artists Can Follow

Now comes the main part of coping with the pandemic. How do you keep the clients, your staff and yourself secure from the pandemic? First off, no more house calls a ‘right? 

Here are some other things you can do for protection from COVID-19:  

1. Sanitizing And Cleansing

The first step to #BreakTheChain and stop the virus from spreading any more than it has already now is by keeping clean. Start by keeping a sanitizer at the entrance of your shop. Make sure all the entrants use it, including the staff. 

2. Disinfecting equipment

You should find a way to disinfect the eyelash extension equipment quickly or limit the number of lash treatment customers inside your salon at a time. Ensure that everything is sterilized a cleansed with powerful disinfectants after each use. 

3. Personal Protection Equipment

Invest in powerful and good-looking masks for you and the employees. Y’all know we are in the cosmetics industry, right? We need to look good and clean now, peeps. So, get high-quality gloves and wet wipes to keep clean at all times. 

4. Training for Staff

Next comes the toughest part for lash salon owners. You need to orient your staff to change their usual habits to a safety-oriented habit. While most customers love to chat during treatment, it’s a big no-no right now. Shush if you’ve nothing important to ask them. 

Also, ask them to stay at home if they feel any kind of sickness. Convey the message that together, you can ensure everyone’s safety. Keep individual sanitizer dispensers at every lash counter and encourage employees to use it too.

Generate Pre-Appointment Forms

Most businesses are minimizing contact to reduce risks. You might’ve seen Amazon’s contactless deliveries already. You use a system to book appointments online so that threats to your receptionist staff is minimal. Take a step ahead and ensure all your transactions are cashless to prevent currency-related spreads of the coronavirus. 

This also offers you an excellent opportunity to expand your branding campaigns. For example, you can send branded messages conveying clients to stay at home if they’re feeling unwell or by offering discounts because most people have a lighter wallet these days. Ask them to use personal hygiene too. 

If you’re not using a consent form already, do it now. Last month’s blog post talks about it in detail. You can even download the form and pass it onto customers after adding your name, logo and other details. 

Switch To Online Marketing

If you haven’t already, it’s the perfect and mandatory time to revamp your business. Businesses that are offline need to take the first step by establishing an online presence. I am not saying you can offer lash treatments online because you can’t. But, I am saying that launching a website around your work portfolio will help you stay connected to your target audience and keep them engaged.

Truth be told, you must’ve gotten several emails from every Tom, Dick and Harry Brand that you signed for since you opened the email account, telling you ‘we’re with you’ or ‘support us’. You don’t want to turn annoying like that. But, that brings us to the point of staying connected. 

Start a website and generate sign up forms that collect email addresses of your customers. After that, get in touch with them. You don’t have to sell them anything. In fact, sales is not the point of marketing during the pandemic at all. All you need to do is use multiple channels to stay connected with the demographic. 

Email can help you get straight to the inbox of customers and offer them distractions to cope with the rising levels of anxiety due to COVID-19. Lash salon owners and artists can start consistently making Instagram or other social media posts on your safety protocols and other interesting news about keeping the business open. 

Remember, it’s part of your responsibility to get the customer to book an appointment with you in confidence. With online marketing become advanced with each passing day, you can do so in several ways.  

Keep A Track On Metrics

Whether you’re offline or online, every business automatically generates key metrics about product performance and other details about the purchase history of audiences. If you run a lash salon, take a pen and paper and write down all the details about your customers, how often they frequent, their touch-up schedules and how all this has changed due to the pandemic. 

Now, head over to a research tool (there are many free tools online and one such tool is Ubersuggest and find out what your ideal customers are searching for nowadays. It will help you decode the priorities of customers during this COVID-era. 

It will also shed light on any drastic changes like a lot of people going for ‘natural eyelash extensions’ or most of them ‘signing up for maximum durability fake lashes’ and so on. Find out the interests of the audience and tap into it by offering something unique and safe with loads of discounts.  

Too Long; Didn’t Read?

In a nutshell, closing your doors and tuning to Netflix or PubG all-day long is not the way to cope with the current pandemic. You need to find out innovative ways to rediscover things that offer values to customers these days. 

While it’s true people are hooked on essential items like groceries more nowadays, it doesn’t affect lash clients because it’s more than just makeup. Most customers of mine wear it 24×7 and some amazing women have been wearing it for more than a decade with regular touch-ups and treatments. 

Customers are not abandoning their interests; they’re merely switching to other verticals within the same niche. We all saw big players in the cosmetics industry switching from premium nail polishes to sanitizers and affordable wet wipes or big-time clothing brands making masks all of a sudden. 

Lash artists and salons can start with keeping themselves up-to-date about the news from the industry, figure out the audience’s new interests, find out about government loans and follow safety protocols to start with. 

Other options are to switch to online marketing, start websites and use emails and other channels like social media to connect and stay connected with your audience. 

Find out what the lash audience wants right now, considering all the things that have changed around us.