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August 19, 2021

9 Proven Personal Branding Tips For Lash Artists


9 Proven Personal Branding Tips For Lash Artists

Starting your own lash line is easy. But, making it work is tough luck. But, we all got to start somewhere! Whether you’re just starting out as a lash artist or opening your own saloon, tips from lash artists who’ve made it work can resolve your problems before they occur. It can even save stacks of money you might otherwise spend on damage control. We’ve compiled the best advice on personal branding tips for lash artists so that you can grow your business RIGHT AWAY.

Ready to find the secret ingredient for your success as an eyelash artist?

What is Personal Branding?

According to Wikipedia, “Personal branding is the practice of marketing people and their careers as brands”.

For a lash artist, personal branding sets you apart from the other lash artists and give you an edge over the competition. By applying branding tactics of experts, you can increase sales as well as credibility of your custom lash brand.

How To Use Personal Branding Tips For Lash Artists

Being a lash artist requires you to undertake training courses recurrently so that you can stay up to date on the varied lash styles. If you have a lash brand in the making, you should apply at least 4 of the following nine points to rake traction from eyelash customers. Are you ready to find the secret ingredients for making your lash brand successful?

1. Create a Website for Personal Branding

First thing first, online stores are booming today. For a lash artist, your own website can give you round the clock traffic from customers all over the world. It can also help you tell your story, expertise and stellar skills.

Creating a good website for your lash brand offers a platform to connect with your audience directly. A website can also list your lash fixing services to directly book appointments from your customers online.

2. Social Media can Make you go Viral

Once you have setup a website for your lash brand, the next step is to create social media accounts. Do you know out of the 7 Billion+ population on our planet, 3.84 Billion are social media users?

From increasing brand exposure to attracting new audience to your brand, social media marketing can help lash artists spread their brand recognition and loyalty too. Also called Social Media Marketing, creating a good SMM strategy helps you more than your message across!

3. Content is Still King

Once you have the website and social media ready, you need content that helps to describe your mission and vision of the brand. You can create a calendar listing the best blog topics and social media posts for your content strategy. Ensure that you curate and publish relevant content that adheres to the SEO strategies at present.

Content can increase your brand exposure by landing you on the first page of search engines so that the customers can find you easily.

4. Who is your Target Audience?

Do you have an idea about how your target audience looks like? Perhaps you have a clear idea of the age range of customers who come for eyelash extensions to you. By defining the majority by gender, income, generation, age, location and preferences, you can get a clear idea about your ideal customer. Once you know the likes and dislikes of your ideal customer, you can reach and influence them using custom marketing strategies.

You can use SEO experts to help in determining your target audience for personal branding according to geography too.

5. Monitor and Modify Brand Vision and Mission

Once you’ve setup your website and its content, the next step is to assess the results. Are your personal branding tips for lash artists working at all?

You can use Google Analytics for your lash branding strategy to help you figure out which strategies are working and which ones are damp. You can introduce changes based on your assessments to the brand strategies, on your blog or even social media content.


Your personal branding tips are never complete. It is an ongoing process. You must revamp your brand strategy every few months after analysing it. You should enrol for more training courses to acquaint with the lash styles currently in trend. If offline courses are too expensive, you can enrol for online lash training courses.

Every day, new styles are out. That’s why the most important personal branding tip for lash artists is never to stop learning. Keep experimenting and evolving new styles on your own too! You can sign up on lash artists’ forums and social media groups too.

7. Discounts for Referrals

Another brilliant personal branding tip for lash artists is the incentives you can give to your customers. It can be a referral discount for customers who bring their friends or family to your saloon or a loyalty program exclusively for referrals.

Popular as customer incentives, lash artists can offer free service or free products per referral. You get love and traffic from this little tip if you’re a new and upcoming lash artist.  

8. What types of Lashes have you tried?

When you’re a professional lash artist, you must be acquainted with varied eyelash extensions. In fact, most beginner lash artists stick with synthetic lashes as that’s all they are not acquainted with human, sable, or mink lashes.

However, synthetic lashes are nothing like real mink lashes. From adhesion to size and style, human eyelash extensions require more care and concern to do a good job than the synthetic ones.

9. Do you have a Business Card?

Last, but far from the least, a business card can elevate your brand exposure and recognition. You can distribute your business card to family, friends and clientele too. If your lash services are good, your clients will proactively recommend the service. Sharing your business card gives a tangible thing to share your business actively among customers. It also helps in retaining your current customers.

Before you go …

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