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August 19, 2021

22 Tips on How to Get Lash Clients and Keep Them


22 Tips On How To Get Lash Clients And Keep Them

Are you new to the lash industry? Rest assured, we have got you covered. We know how hard it is to get your lash station on the map. Today we will be sharing all the ways lash experts and professionals recommend to get lash clients and keep them. It’s not easy, but learning these 22 ways will give you hundreds of ideas to do it better. Take a scroll below …

How To Get Lash Clients?

When you’re starting out, it is tough to get a handful of lash clients. You need them but somehow you seem to escape them. What to do to get your first clients? An empty lash station is definitely not what you imagined, right. We will help you get your hands on the first 12 clients and more with the 9 pointers to get lash clients below. Let’s find out the perfect trick for your lash saloon.

Make Your Business Card

Have you made your business card? If not, it’s time to make it. Design it to radiate your tone and professionalism. You can also add your logo, phone number or location on the business card. What’s more, people even add a discount coupon on the back of the card the customers can use. Better idea right? Remember to strike it out after one use by the customer!

Do The First Few Clients for Free

Influential people who hang around potential clients like pastor’s wife, waitresses, military wives, moms, yoga gals, baristas, PTA, models, real estate agents and nurses are perfect to attract new clients to your saloon. You can setup a program where you provide the first 5 or 3 lash sessions for free to influencers. Great idea right? Don’t worry about the loss because you are going to gain it all back right away.

Don’t Ignore Marketing

One of the most important needs of any new business today is marketing. You can get online advertising done for a few bucks by Google Adwords to attract clientele around you based on your location. Word of mouth referrals are great, but you can do something better. Add your eyelash extension saloon on Google Maps and get started on a new website. Design it in such a way to tempt your target audience. Create a budget and try out campaigns before you finalize anything.

It’s Time for a Dashing Portfolio

Have you created a good portfolio of the things on your menu? You can also share pictures of the lash styles you’re an expert at. Ask a graphic designer to help you out. Add your tone and color themes to the portfolio. Share new lash styles and curls you know you can provide as specials to the menu.

Create Social Media Profiles

Want to find out more about your target audience? Create social media profiles for your business and hangout where they do. It will give you a chance to interact with them and offer sales for your new services. Social media profiles are intelligent marketing media themselves. You can attract new clients by talking about how unique your services are, directly to them on social media.

Host a Lash Giveaway Event at A College

If you want to attract youth to your lash saloon, you need to find them where they are. You can also give offers for students, quote a different price than working adults. It can go viral and help you reach a wide range of audience quickly.

Collaborate with Local Businesses

Another brilliant way to find clients for your new lash extension business is by collaborating with businesses like local parlors. If a parlor around you does not offer lash extension services, tell them now they can. You should offer them a percentage of the service you receive from them. It could be a part of your referral program.

Give a Competitive Pricing

Another interesting way to get new clients is by checking the prices of services at lash saloons around your area and quoting lower prices. You can also price match for in-saloon clients. You can offer discounts for first time clients too. When you have too many clients, raise your prices strategically. Most importantly, it is necessary not to undersell than oversell. Affordable pricing also increases client retention more than attracting new clients to your business.

Get to Know Your Clients Well

A bonus service that you can offer your clients when they are at your saloon is getting to know them. Once you give them an experience that is thorough and accurate by taking notes, they will feel close to you. Give them an experience and they will never leave!


13 Tips To Keep Your Lash Clients Committed To Your Brand

You have a great list of clientele. What to do next? Keeping those clients and making them come back is even better, right? Let’s show you the professional pointers to keep your eyelash extension clients!

Great Ambience at Your Lash Station

If you want to keep your clients coming back, create a soothing ambience at your lash saloon. You need to think about primary, secondary and tertiary colors that go with your logo and target audience. Introduce aromatherapy using incenses and backflow incense burners or aromatic diffusers. Incandescent lights are another way to add warm hues to your lash station.

Be Punctual to Your Saloon

Another important determiner that attracts new clients is your punctuality. When you’re just starting, it is important to make up for all your appointments. If you can’t don’t take it up. Almost all the lash experts say it is important to respect the client’s time just like yours. That doesn’t mean you should rush through your services. Get ready and set up at least half hour before your appointment and give sufficient breaks in between appointments.

Maintain Cleanliness and Hygiene

People love lash saloons that are clean and hygienic. It’s a fact. If you grow a habit of keeping your lash station clean all the time, clients will keep coming back. Moreover, order and organization also helps a lash artist do a fine job. Give respect to your tools and workspace. Explore how to maintain sanitation practices at your lash saloon.

Simplify Your Bookings

How do you do your bookings? Once you have setup a website or online portal to attract new clients, they might want to create bookings via their digital gadgets. You can setup payment and booking system online to ease their hassle of finding appointments with you. Great idea right? Also ask your clients to book their next appointment when they leave your current session.

Aftercare Services for Clients

Do you offer any sort of aftercare for your lash clients? Called the maintenance appointment, all eyelash extension work needs this. You can offer your clients a discount for aftercare services. Moreover, you can call them up as a follow up to create new appointments easily. It can remind old clients that it’s time for a rework because they are not thinking about all the time. It’s your job to remind them!

Create Card Reader Payment

To ease the process of payment and to retain your customers, it is best to create a card reader using your phone. You can easily download it with your phone. Provide it as a service and you will see rise in clients because plastic is better than cash today. No one walks around with cash today!

Get Before- After Photos of Lash Sessions

As an addition to the portfolio, you can also request permission from your clients to take before and after photos of their session. Besides keeping a record of your skills, it is an excellent way to portray the degree of expertise you hold to new clients. It is also the perfect way to expand your reach once you are getting a regular number of sessions every day.

Email Calendar and Subscribers

Do you collect email addresses of your clients? If you don’t, START NOW. It is important to grow your subscriber list by collecting emails of current clients and potential clients. An active email campaign will help you interact directly with your customers and address their questions. If you answer their flags correctly, they will be committed to you soon. After setting up a website, create an email calendar with changing strategies and campaigns.

Select Your Playlist Carefully

Part of the ambience of your lash station is also the music you play. We don’t recommend loud sounds as majority of the customers might be averse to it. Choose soothing sounds that are calm and easy to blend into the atmosphere of your saloon. No customer should’ve to shout to make themselves heard. Get feedback from your customers about the music or play their favorites to hook them forever to you!

Actively Ask for Reviews

Once you’ve setup your online website or portal, it is time to actively ask your current and past customers for google reviews and other reviews such as on Yelp, TrustPilot or BBB. Do you know 88% customers use online reviews before using a new business? Try to give thanks to positive reviews and address the concerns of negative reviews. It will get you a lot of brownie points in the lash industry!

Maintain Accurate Client Records

In order to provide a seamless service to all your clients, especially repeat clients, you need to keep clear and detailed client records. The services they undertook, their allergies, concerns and style options must be recorded for future use. It will make the client feel they are taken care of luxuriously.

Make The Session About Them

Another thing concerning about most lash saloons is how they gossip. You shouldn’t make the session about your personal problems. Most customers would like to talk during the session and you should encourage them to, rather than taking over the conversation. Keeping them engaged is a good skill to make them feel close to you. They will remain committed hence.

Create Discounts and Combos

You can create a Loyalty Program with membership discounts. If you keep client records, you can offer special discounts on their birthdays. Another way to increase client retention is by offering friends and family discounts. Offer discounts for referrals too!


Still doubtful of starting your own saloon? Let us help you. Share your questions below!