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August 19, 2021

8 Ways to Add Glamour to your False Lashes


8 Ways To Add Glamour To Your False Lashes

False lashes can add missing beauty to your face. Celebrities can get enough and some can’t get it right. If you use eyelash extensions sparingly, there is something wrong you’re doing that you’re not smitten by falsies (false eyelashes) yet. In fact, the transformation on the face with the right lash can set you miles apart from your current self. That’s why today we are going to talk about ways to add glamour to your false lashes with style.

How to Add Glamour to Your False Lashes?

Your eyelash extensions need grooming to make it look natural and gorgeous on your face. They need to blend with your face. Lashes can change the shape of your eyes and make you look ravishing. If you’re not satisfied with your lashes or false lashes are not fitting you properly, you need to take a look at our expert tips for eyelash extensions below.

Curl Your Lashes Before And After Application

In order to create a full lash look, you need to curl your lashes, according to M∙A∙C cosmetics senior artist Cynthia Rivas. When you curl your lashes before the application of false lashes, you are actually opening up your eye size. It can make all the difference between drooping false lashes and bright and lifted lashes that make you look gorgeous.

You can also curl your lashes after you apply the eyelash extensions. While some might advise against it, you can curl your eyelashes after applying the false lashes to even out the curls.

Add Fullness With Lash Primer

Do you use a lash primer before applying the mascara? It creates the protection between your healthy lashes and the harsh chemicals in the eye makeup. However, the primary use of lash primer is to coat the lashes. When you do so, the lash thickens, lengthens and strengthens. 

Applying a full coat of the lash primer is important for actually preparing your eyes and lashes for the mascara as well as false lashes. If you’re applying multiple coats, it is important to wait a few seconds in between, to dry the primer.

Primer will prevent the lashes from loosening or stretching out of the curls. Another use of applying lash primer is how to prevents clumping of the mascara on your lashes.

Have You Trimmed The False Lashes?

One of the rookie mistake most people who use false lashes make, is with the size of the lashes. No matter what length of lashes you ordered, on an average, packaged lashes are longer than the said size. That’s because lash manufacturers are giving you the option of adjusting the size of the lashes as you wish. It’s recommended to trim about 3/4th of the size across to prevent the inside edges from poking into your eyes. You can also maintain shape by trimming the short parts. You can keep the fake lashes against your real lashes before sticking it to compare the size you need.

Don’t forget to trim with a curve toward the center of the eyes. Professional artists recommend curving the trimming of the lashes as it upholds the lashes strongly too. You can reuse lashes by keeping it in the original packaging with the mold.

Mascara Adds Volume To Your Eyelash Extensions

You need good mascara that is easy to come off with your falsies. Get a false lash mascara so that you don’t hurt your eyes when you’re removing it. When you use the right mascara, it can add volume to your lashes and make it look glamorous.

Mascara thickens and smoothens your lashes. Don’t skip this step no matter how perfect your false lashes are. Applying mascara keeps your eyelash together, and looking natural too.

Strip lashes require mascara application after you fix them but it is really up to you when you want to apply the mascara. It is clever to line your eyes with a liquid eyeliner beforehand so that you fill all the missed spots between real and fake lashes.

Add Stacks Of Extension To Your Lashes

Want to add drama to your lashes? While everyone goes for one lash, you can go for two or more. It creates a lush lash effect, perfect for doing ravishing eye make-up. For that oomph effect, stack multiple lashes into one eyelash. It can open your eyes and make your eyes look defined.

Double stacking lash extension is a common practice and you can work your way upward from 2 lashes to find the right effect you are looking for. Do remember to press the bands of eyelashes together if you’re trying to stack them atop each other.

Are You Picking The Right Lash For Your Eye Shape?

When you’ve decided to wear false eyelashes, you need to know if you’re picking the right one for your eyes. For lash artists, you already know which lash suits the face and shape of the eye. What is the shape of your eye? Share it with us in the comments below and we will tell you the lash extension you need.

However, if you’re new to it, we have defined how to choose the right eyelash extension based on the shape of your eye. Read it and you will know the secret to look like you have natural lush lashes!

Apply The Lashes Properly, Onto The Lashes

If you’re new to applying lash extensions, you need training. Alternative, the core thing to know is that you are applying the lashes to the natural lashes, not the eyelids or the skin in between. When you apply the lashes correctly, it gives a smooth and naturally flattering look to your eyes.

Don’t take off your lashes ruthlessly at the end of the day. Take care of your natural lashes because that’s what you need for supporting the eyelash extensions.

Before You Go …

Don’t forget to choose the right glue because clear glue is not the best option! Take care of your natural eyelashes without making these lash mistakes ever in your life. It can save you healthy lashes to put on your false lashes. Follow the tips and your eyelash extension will look amazing too.