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November 22, 2022

Best 7 Eyelash Extension Suppliers in Australia

Best 7 Eyelash Extension Suppliers in Australia

Some years back, mascara and eye shadows were famous, and every woman could apply them to spice up their beauty. It became tedious to apply them daily; instead, women started using eyelash extensions, making them accessible and time-saving. 

Eyelash Extension Suppliers

They are made of different materials like mink and synthetic. Also, they make one’s lashes look full. Unfortunately, eyelash extensions can cause harm to your natural lashes or your eye when you don’t purchase them from a reputable supplier. Most users will find it challenging to identify a reputable supplier. Our main agenda here is to inform you of well-established eyelash extension suppliers in Australia for your business or personal use. Let’s begin.


  • Location: Qingdao, North China.
  • Company Classification: Manufacturer, Supplier, and Wholesalers
  • Major Products: Eyelash Extensions

With over 20 years of experience, Dolvlashes has proven to be a giant among the top eyelash extension suppliers in Australia & globally.

This lash factory offers lash customization, meaning customers can make an order and give preferences on how they want the end product to look. You opt to have curls of your choice, length, or even thickness.

Dolvlashes- Logo

That’s not enough for Dolvlashes. To guarantee that you receive quality eyelash extensions, they have a tight internal QA team that will monitor quality throughout each phase. This guarantees that the products you receive are durable and won’t irritate your skin. Also, Dolvlashes will ensure your order reaches you in good shape and on time, whether in China or Australia.

Key Products and Services Dolvlashes Offer:


  • Region: Australia
  • Company Type: Supplier and Wholesalers
  • Primary Products: Eyelash extension

The goal of Lashious is to supply Lash Artists with high-end eyelash extensions at competitive prices and with first-rate customer support.

They don’t purchase inexpensive white-labeled goods and then slap their logo on the packaging to offer to you to retain quality. 

Lashious - Logo

You can be sure that everything you purchase is the real deal, consistently of high standards, and accompanied by the manufacturers’ brands and identities because they sell exactly what they manufacture.

Key Products and Services Lashious ​Offer:

  • Eyelash extensions
  • Adhesives
  • Tweezers
  • Accessories
  • Disposables

Rebel Gold Lashes

  • Region: Australia
  • Company Type: Supplier and Wholesalers
  • Primary Product: Eyelash extension

If you are looking for an eyelash extension supplier around Australia, Rebel Gold Lashes is there to serve all your needs. 

According to them, eyelash extensions should enhance a person’s sense of inner and outer beauty. 


Their joy is seeing their customer’s face light up, and they become a more self-assured, seductive version of themselves. They have a team of dedicated staff that strives to see the company’s success, making them one of the best suppliers globally and locally.

Key Products and Services Rebel Gold Lashes Offer:

  • Volume lashes
  • Mink lashes
  • Classic lashes
  • Lash adhesives
  • Eyelash installation tools

We Lash

  • Region: Australia
  • Company Type: Supplier and Wholesalers
  • Primary Products: Eyelash extension

This business, which sells across Australia, is an Australian-owned and -operated seller of synthetic eyelash extension materials and goods.



We Lash - Logo

They are a new company offering some of the most popular and high-quality lash-related products elsewhere. They invested effort in finding the best items with the best features so they could concentrate on their main objective, improving your overall Lash experience.

Their Lash experts team has been active in the beauty industry for many years, and they now want to share their knowledge with you. They don’t repackage or rename any of the things they sell; they only stock well-known brands from top-notch producers.

Key Products and Services We Lash Offer:

  • Eyelash extensions
  • Lash glue
  • Lash training
  • Make-ups and aftercare
  • Lash and brow tinting.

The Lash Store

  • Region: Australia
  • Company Type: Supplier and Wholesalers
  • Primary Products: Eyelash extension

Since 2018, this eyelash extension supplier has constantly been expanding and creating so many beautiful moments with other lash lovers. They are fortunate to have fantastic beauty salons, studios, stockists, and freelance makeup and lash artists. 

Lash Store - Logo

They are very driven to support all of our lovely consumers and are thrilled to be the ones assisting them in obtaining the top goods. They usually get affection and appreciation from our contented and pleased consumers. 

Key Products and Services Lash Store Offer:

  • Eyelash extensions
  • Lash lift
  • Lash tools
  • Lash training

Lash And Brows

  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Company Type: Supplier and Wholesalers
  • Key Products: Eyelash extension

Since 2013, Lash and Brows have been a prominent eyelash extension suppliers in Australia offering affordable and quality beauty products for both businesses and clients.

Lash & Brow - Logo

They are also known for lash mapping clients at a friendly price. They also do shipping for their products at a friendly price worldwide.

Key Products and Services Lash & Store Offer:

    • Eyelash extension
    • Eyelash lifting
    • Eyelash tinting
    • Cosmetic tattoo materials

Lash By Lash

  • Region: Australia
  • Company Type: Supplier and Wholesalers
  • Primary Products: Eyelash extension

Lash by Lash is another highly rated lash supplying company in Australia. It offers a wide selection of high-quality eyelash extensions, equipment, and accessories to companies of all sizes. 

Lash by Lash - Logo

It also offers extensive training to individuals who aspire to be lash artists in this growing beauty industry. Since Lash by Lash installs over 100 eyelash extensions each week, they have experience using eyelash extensions. 

Due to their testing and use of the same products in the salon, they can assure you of receiving high-quality items. Additionally, Lash by Lash provides a buy now, pay later alternative of payment, allowing you to use their services even if you don’t have access to cash immediately.

Key Products and Services Lash By Lash Offer:

  • Eyelash extensions
  • Adhesives
  • Lash lift
  • Primers and removers
  • Aftercare



Working with a reliable eyelash extension supplier is an added advantage because their quality will not be compromised. A certified supplier always follows all the processes in the manufacturing of the products. That is the main reason why we recommend working with Dolvlashes. They have a wide range of beauty products with top-notch quality. Kindly, reach us for any additional information.