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August 19, 2021

20 Unspoken Rules Among Lash Artists And Experts

How to apply false lashes? What happens when you use too much glue? Which is the right way to apply lashes? When to use a nano mister? Find out everything!

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What Are The Little-Known Things That Only Lash Experts Know about

When you’re lashing for ages, there are many things that you automatically understand with experience, time, and most importantly mistakes. So if you’re thinking about becoming a lash artist, the first thing to do is sign up for a good lash course, of course. 

While most teachers or trainers will tell you all you need to get started with eyelash extensions, most won’t get time to teach you how to maintain it, avoid all the possible errors, and so on. That’s why it’s important to research and dig up as much as you can about the profession you’re choosing so that you don’t make irreparable errors. 

Unlike a painter, this isn’t a profession you can clean up with denatured alcohol. You need to be extra careful because you’re working with the eyes of customers. 

The following article will teach you all about the top 20 tips to keep in mind when applying lash extensions based on my own experience and suggestions from my circle of top lash technicians below. 

Get started right away you! 

1 The Tryst With Mascara

If you add mascara to dramatize the eyes, it might make the face look clown-like or too artificial. Another problem is that most mascara contains oils that often dissolve the adhesive used for falsies. If it doesn’t you can apply it without touching the roots of the lashes of the client. 

2. What Type Of Makeup Remover? 

Oil-free at all costs because those that contain oil also lead to the dissolution of lash adhesives. Always check the ingredients of the things you use on a client with falsies and advice them to do the same.

3. Lash Serums Or Not

While most of us might promote lash serums for the additional commission, it’s VERY important to test it first to know if it works. Commissions might come and go, but once a client is enraged, others would be too. Keep that in mind before you recommend anything, this even includes the mascara wand. 

4. Should I Offer Removal Services?

While that’s for you to decide, come clients may already know how to remove falsies on their own. As for me, 90% of my clients come back to me when they know it’s time for a refill because their falsies fall out automatically without having to pull or tug. 

5. Problem With Curlers 

It’s better not to treat the falsies because that affects the longevity of the lashes as well as that of the glue. But if you want to crimp or primp false lashes, get specific curlers like that of Ardell, made for it. 

6. Cut Falsies To Make Custom Extensions? 

Yaasss! This is something I used to do in my early times and you should too, unless you’re done with your training. I stopped doing this altogether because it’s not that professional. Now, I get customized lashes directly from China lash manufacturers (my go-to brand is Dolvlashes of course!).

7. Method Of Fixation 

The rule of thumb is to start from the outside corner of the eyes and move towards the inner corner. And, when you’re doing this, the best way is to start with two to three lashes at a time.

8. Are Custom Lashes Better? 

No doubt. It’s professional, lasts great because it’s made based on custom dimensions, and retains the shape exactly as you want to. That’s because you’re getting it tailormade, so what can go wrong, right?

9. Use Of Straight and Curved Tweezers 

The straight tweezer is used to grab the falsies and grab alone. When you need to separate the lashes, go for the curved option.

10. Why Not To Glue Together?

Lashes don’t grow together and may even look botched if you glue it all together. Sooner than later, the client will find this out and either rate you bad or ask for refunds before moving onto a better artist and negatively reviewing you to everyone they know.

11. Synthetic Lash Gluing Technique

NEVER attach synthetic lashes to the complete length of the natural lash. Always ensure that the glue is applied to the lash at half-length, especially towards the middle of the lash from the roots. 

12. How Much Adhesive Is Too Much? 

This is when you end up accidentally (and this happens so often, gals!) add too much of glue that ends up on the eyelid eventually. Basically, you should keep an interval of 0.5 to 1mm otherwise it will end up gluing the natural lashes together too.

13. Hurry Makes Worry And Allergies 

This isn’t hair styling or contouring guys. Eyelash extension technicians need surgical precision to do a good job of managing about a HUNDRED eyelashes per eye of the client. And when you hurry, you end up gluing on the skin and seeing extreme allergies or bacterial infections. Take your time, there isn’t any competition around! 

14. Heavy or Light? 

Light all the way. But what if the client wants Volume lashes? Unless it matches the weight that can be borne by the client’s natural lashes, the falsies you apply will fall out eventually. So, explain it in detail until the client understands. The best solution: don’t surpass 4D or go ahead and decrease the lash dimension to 0.05 diameter. 

15. Placing The Lashes Correctly 

The devil is in the details when it comes to fake eyelashes. Hence, make sure you attach falsies below the natural lashes or to the side of it. Never on top of the roots. When you follow this rule of thumb, the fake lashes will automatically attain the curved angle of the natural lashes to appear more natural.

16. Why Use A Nano Mister?

Do you want the eyelash extensions you apply to last long? Then, nano mister is a definite must. This is because a nano mister right after the application of falsies will help to cure the lash adhesive you use so that it doesn’t fall out too quickly.

17. Comb, Comb, Comb 

I don’t mean curl, I mean COMB. So in case, you’re curling to get the shape, stop it right away and comb away. Whenever you’re feeling confused, comb. Also, tell your client to do the same whenever they wake up in the morning for a fabulous month or two with falsies. 

18. A/C or Humidifier? 

Both; this is because A/C is a dehumidifier, but it helps to maintain the temperature of the adhesive to set. While this can create problems with humidity, which can further create problems with the absorption of the glue, the best thing is to get a dehumidifier.

When you’re at it, get a sterilizer too.

19. Watery Eyes And The Problems 

If the eyes of the client were too wet or you wettened the connection line, the extensions won’t set properly. Put simply, it’ll come out quicker than ever. 

20. Accept Or Defend Your Mistakes? 

Yes, when you’re wrong, accept it because we’re all humans. And most importantly, Get INSURANCE! Now that being said, unless you accept your mistake on your own, some other lash artist is going to clarify your mistake to the client, and they will end up bringing you down ultimately. Don’t take the risk. Instead, be genuine. 

In A Nutshell 

It’s not easy being a lash artist because you need extreme precision, carefulness, and whatnot. But the above checklist will help you minimize the mistakes and do your best. All the rest you can do is get the best quality eyelash extensions directly from a top manufacturer like Dolvlashes. 

Everything About Eyelash Adhesives and Lash Extension Glues


Everything About Eyelash Adhesives And Lash Extension Glues

Do you know the wrong lash adhesive can make the lashes painful for your client? Besides allergies and similar other outbreaks, the wrong eyelash adhesives can put your career in jeopardy. Horrible things can happen if you choose the wrong lash adhesive. That’s why today we have decided to elaborate on the types of eyelash adhesives, how to choose them and use them properly to get a 5-star feedback from every one of your clients!

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced lash professional, take a look at our comprehensive guide to eyelash adhesives so that you can be ready for all the challenges in your lash career. Let’s get started!

What Are Eyelash Adhesives?

First of all, professional lash extensions are applied by a professional using safe and tested adhesive depending on your needs. There are long-lasting glues that are hard to remove within a day to colourful lash adhesive that makes your eyes brighter. Is that your choice or style?  

A good eyelash adhesive cannot be generalized because it depends on the function you are going to use it for. Hence, inquire about the function or the event that your client needs the eyelash extension for, before you start working with them.

Types Of Eyelash Extension Adhesives

If you could wake up day after day with lush and big voluminous lashes, what would your life be? Eyelash extension glue judges the efficacy of your lash extension service for the client. Before you go finalizing on your lash extension glue, you need to understand what types of eyelash extension adhesives are there in the market. Let’s find out the types of lash extension glues.

- Strip Lashes Adhesive

Considered ideal for temporary use, strip lash adhesives usually lash for up to 24 hours. Ideal for all types of eyelash extensions, strip lash glue is also easy to remove without a remover of any kind. It simply falls out.

- Individual Lash Glue

From single strand to cluster lashes, individual lash glue is customizable and easier to work with than strip lash glue. Stronger with longer lasting, individual lash adhesive is difficult to remove by mere tugging. Make sure you buy a remover with it!

- Brush-On Lash Adhesive

Considered the Beginner’s way of using eyelash extensions, brush on adhesive is not for professionals or lash artists. Brush on lash glue comes with a wand (mascara sorta) so that you can carefully apply glue on your lashes directly.

- Thick and Thin Eyelash Extension Glue

Depending on whether your eyelash extension adhesive is thick or thin, it’s drying time also differs. If you need more time to work with the lash extensions, go for a thicker glow that takes more time to dry and vice-versa for quicker lash extension services.

- Transparent and Colored Glues for Eyelash Extensions

What you need to look for in a clear eyelash extension glue is how long it takes to turn transparent? Is it white upon application? There are colored lash extension adhesives like blonde, black, brown and ginger to start with.

- Tinted Eyelash Adhesive

For those of you who wear dark colored eyeliners, tinted eyelash glue looks rad. It blends smoothly and makes you look like a diva. Get a thin applicator to apply the adhesive on your clients lashes.

- Hypoallergenic Eye Lash Glue

For clients with sensitive skin, they need hypoallergenic eye lash extension adhesive, sometimes called natural glue, made from all natural ingredients such as bees wax or rose water. It’s the cleanest lash adhesive used by professional artists.

- Surgical Grade Lash Extension Glue

While some argue surgical adhesives for eyelash extensions are a trade gimmick, they are real and dangerous. Unless you are specifically trained to use surgical grade adhesives, it is best not to use it. Even the tiniest mistake with surgical adhesives can cause irreparable damage to the eyes. It is the most uncommon type of lash extension glue. 

- Protection from Water, Steam and Heat

Do you want a waterproof glue for your eyelash extension? You do if you want resistance against a particularly sunny day, rain or steam while cooking. Waterproof eyelash extension adhesives need a remover to remove at the end of the day as they are resistant to water. It is a long-lasting trustworthy adhesive.  

How To Choose The Best Eyelash Adhesive?

While strength of the lash adhesive, retention, curing speed, water content, viscosity and resistance is necessary for the eyelash adhesive, we will show you how to pick the best lash glue you need for the client.

- Clean Drying Ability

If you don’t want your eyelash extension fixing to look like goop on the eye, start using an adhesive that has the reputation of drying clean. Some lash adhesives clump together and makes it hard to do a clean job, however good you are. You need the adhesive to completely dry before adding any makeup. Hence, the drying needs to be moderate, not too fast that you can’t perfect it and not too slow that you’ve to wait forever.

- Hypoallergenic to Eyes

You need to choose an adhesive that does not irritate or redden the eyes of your client. Hypoallergenic lash extensions do not contain parabens, phthalates or sulfates. They are safe for all people.

- Good and Flexible Hold

Flexible eyelash adhesives are easy to work with and often chosen by professional lash artists. A good example is that individual glue is not good for strip lashes as the former is not flexible enough. You need the adhesive to hold firmly, yet not too stiffly to make the eyelash extension look natural without constraining the natural lashes.

- Longevity and Time Span

How long does the lash adhesive hold the extensions? Is it 24 hours? Perhaps it is a long lasting adhesive that can keep the false lashes intact for up to a week. Depending on what the client needs, inquire and select the fake lashes that complement their event, vacation or function for using lash extensions.

- Latex-Free

There are many lash extension glues that use latex in their formula. This is known to irritate the eyes and cause many problems to a sensitive eye. Latex free formula is called gentler than the skin. It dries clearly without any pain to the eye.

- Pick your Adhesive based on your Speed of Working

Do you want an adhesive that dries quickly? Perhaps you want one that dries slowly as you’re a beginner at doing lash extensions for your clients. You can perfect your expertise with a slow drying adhesive. Don’t just pick any adhesive, pick it based on the total lash extensions you have to apply on the client.

- Application and Drying Color of the Glue

What is the color of the lash adhesive at the time of application? Is it white that turns to clear after drying for 10 seconds? There are clear adhesives for eyelash extensions as well as black glues. Choose the adhesive color based on your client’s style and natural eyelashes.

- Cruelty-Free, Vegan and Legitimacy

Depending on how conscious you are of your choices, you can pick lash extension adhesives that are manufactured without cruelty testing on animals. Perhaps vegan adhesives are more your style. As a note of reminder, keep in mind that there are no FDA approved eyelash adhesives.

- Formaldehyde-Free

Do you know there are a lot of generic eyelash adhesives with formaldehyde in them? Improper use leads to permanent damage to cornea when you use such an adhesive for your false lashes. Always check for the ingredients in the lash adhesive that you’re picking to ensure you’re not damaging your clients in the long run.

Tips To Remember When Using Eyelash Adhesives

Are you confused or worried about your eyelash adhesive choices? Don’t worry. Let our experts help you deduce the simple tricks and habits to use eyelash adhesives without mistakes in the next one minute.


1. Don’t forget Humidity. Get a Hygrometer at the lash station to choose the type of glue you need to tackle the humidity of the weather.

2. Always do the Spot test for Allergy (adhesive) on all your clients 24 hours before you use them on the natural lashes. This will save lives and prevent damage to the client as well as you.  

3. Eyelash Glue Storage is important. Place it an air tight container in a dark cool place away from the sunlight. Throw away the open eyelash glue after 6 weeks.

4. Clean your Lashes for Longevity using warm water and soap when you’re not using it. It can help you reuse the lash extension after peeling off the old glue.

5. Use a brush to apply the glue, rather than straight from the tube.

6. Apply lash glue even if your lash extension came with pre-applied glue. Never trust the glue you didn’t apply.  


Now that we are finished with our complete breakdown of eyelash adhesives you need to use and what to watch out for, we hope you’re clear-headed. If you have any more doubts, don’t hesitate to ask us. We will help you understand the world of lash extension glue easily because we have been working with it for decades.

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