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August 19, 2021

How to Grow your Eyelash Extension Business?


How To Grow Your Eyelash Extension Business?

Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur? We bet eyelash extensions are your forte. If you’re searching for ways to kickstart an eyelash extension business, you need to start at the bottom of the ladder. Perhaps you know nothing about ways to Grow your Eyelash Extension Business yet. We can help you out. From A to Z on starting an eyelash extension brand, this post is the ultimate guide you need.

What Is Eyelash Extension?


To style natural lashes, artists and aestheticians use false lashes that are glued onto the natural lashes. Eyelash extension is a beauty product that can be applied with the help of a saloon artist or on your own. Almost everyone uses false lashes to accent their natural eye shape and lash volume.

Why start an eyelash extension business?


Are you trained as an aesthetician? Perhaps you love stylish lashes on your own that you’ve got a fame around your pals. You need to start an eyelash extension business when your lash work is superlative. If you can create different lashes by getting in touch with a genuine and credible eyelash supplier, you will be able to change the world of beauty with your own unique lash style.

Do you know the statistics of why you should invest in the lash business? False eyelash sales account up to $206.4 Million USD in 2017 and $269.71 Million USD in 2018. It is expected to grow to $1.734 Billion by 2023. So, if you invest in the eyelash extension business now, you have a good chance to come out as a successful business within a year.

Eyelash extension business is a specialty of the beautician. If you want to upgrade your beauty salon, start offering eyelash extensions. You can turn it around and be a lash specialist with variety lashes like no other salon has.

How To Start An Eyelash Brand, Business Or Website?


So you’re ready to start an eyelash business on your own. What next. Get excited, but don’t exhaust yourself worrying.  Your entrepreneurial stint starts here. We will guide you through all the steps you need to create a lash brand from scratch.

1. Find Your Target Customer

Even before you put a business name, you need to find out how lash business works. Once you know why your eyelash business has a good market reach, you can find out how your target customer looks like. You need to find out your ideal customer by age, gender, income, hobbies and preferences. Everything that your target customer does is of value to you.

Go to your nearest lash saloon and find out about the local demographic. These are going to be your customers and you need to how to manage them better than your competition.

2. Eyelash Extension Business Names and Logo

First thing to do when you are starting your own lash business is the name for it. Perhaps you want a logo to define your lash business. Just as you see our business name and logo matches with the niche, you should choose a suitable name for your lash business.

Examples of the best lash business names generator are- Luscious Glance, Glam Eyes, Bling Bling Lashes, Sultry Lash Studio and so on. You can get your lash business logo done from a graphic designer of your choice too.

3. Register Your Trademark

Before you get in any deeper, there is a responsibility that you have. In order to protect your intellectual property that is fundamental to your business, you need to register your eyelash extension business name according to your local government registrar. This prevents others from stealing your property and rights.

Next step is to open a bank account in the name of your business. Get a PayPal business ID done. It will become easy for your clients to work with you. Other options like find your own booking system is for advanced players.

4. Make Your Special Lashes

You need to create a prototype of the actual eyelash design you want. Get in touch with local manufacturers or talk with the experts on Dolvlashes. You can create your own false lashes based on unique length, curl and style. Once you’re done with your special lash design, you can get in touch with wholesale eyelash suppliers, which brings us to the next point.

5. Order Your Eyelash Extensions

Once you’re sure of the lashes you want, order it from a credible and accountable eyelash manufacturer like Dolvlashes. We can get you any type of custom lashes based on your design and choice of lash material. We have experts ready to created your dream lashes with a high quality-control-system. Finding your eyelash manufacturer is of high priority because you need good lashes to create a successful brand.

6. Create an Eyelash Brand Website

Next step is to find a domain that works for you. You already have a name and logo of your website, now get it online by using Shopify, WordPress, Weebly or any other platforms.

Get your brand name done and set up your website with good content marketing to target SEO (search engine optimization, the way google understands what your website is about and how to rank it). You need to get pictures of your product, share your story, vision and mission too.

Ways To Create A Social Media Buzz Around Your Eyelash Extension Business

Once you have a thriving website launched and actively making sales, it is time to open your e-commerce shop up to social media. We will tell you all about the workings of Social media and how to use it for your lash business to make a boom, wherever you are settled it!

How to Create Facebook Buzz for Your Website?

Do you know there are 80 million active business pages on Facebook? With up to 39% of Facebook users following business to get brand offers, imagine the reach you can have with your target audience!

Facebook can help you reach your audience directly and work in and as itself as a customer service tool. Organically, content will only reach 8%+ to your followers on Facebook and that’s why you need to come up with a plan that includes Facebook growth and advertising. Up to 78% marketers claim Facebook has the best ROI (Return of Interest).

So, how do you set shop on Facebook with your lash business?


– Make a business page on Facebook.

– Create a Group as well with screening questions to know your audience.

– Create Content for your Audience.

– Start with a low-budget Facebook Advertising strategy.

– Do it for two weeks and assess your results.

– If your brand reach and exposure are growing, continue your strategies.

How to Create Instagram Buzz for Your Website?

Instagram is the next best thing to Facebook for e-commerce owners. You can get a good reach of your demographic from Instagram marketing too. Do you know over 60% of people on Instagram actively seek out and discover new products every day? One of those could be your amazing brand of eyelashes!

With 35% of all online adults using Instagram, it is a good way to reach your target audience. There are over 25 million business profiles on Instagram with 2 million monthly advertisers and 80% of users following at least one business. It is best for eyelash brands like yours!

While Facebook has 0.22% interaction rate, Instagram leads with 2.2%!

So, how to create your Instagram business profile?

– You can switch from your existing Insta Account to Business under Settings.

– Create your Instagram Profile.

– Switch to Business.

– Connect the Instagram business profile with your Facebook business profile.

– Add details and methods or modes to contact.

– Don’t forget to add your website URL in the description too.

– Create and schedule posts to interact with your audience every day.

How to Create Pinterest Buzz for Your Website?

Do you know over 59% millennials have discovered products on Pinterest? That’s better than FB or Insta! Over 90% of Pinterest Weekly users make purchases. Moreover, 55% of audience on Pinterest is strictly looking for new products.

If your demographic is for example, women aged 25-54 in the U.S, over 83% use Pinterest already. Last year, 50% of the new signups on Pinterest were also women. A good majority, over 78% Pinners say content from brands are useful to them. It drives 33% more traffic to your website than Facebook and 71% more than Snapchat or 200% more than Twitter.

So, how do you make Pinterest work for you.

– Find a Graphic Designer.

– Order infographics up to 10 or 20 for daily publications. (Infographics can be bought fro $10-$50 online from graphic designers).

– Schedule publish of your infographics every day.

– Engage in Pinterest marketing to expand your followers.

– After 1-2 weeks, assess your results.

– Make future calendars based on your results.


Setting up eyelash extension business from home? Tell us about your challenges!

We hope you’ve found all about starting an eyelash extension business from scratch. If you’ve more doubts, we can help you once you leave a comment below.

Feel free to consult our experts and order your dream lashes today!