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August 19, 2021

These 13 Common Eyelash Mistakes can Ruin Your Lashes

These 13 Common Eyelash Mistakes can Ruin Your Lashes


These 13 Common Eyelash Mistakes can Ruin Your Lashes

Do you know heating lashes during curling can permanently damage your lashes? Perhaps you know the shocking truth behind Eyelash Tinting. If you do, your eye makeup must be flawless. If you don’t, scroll through our tips on common eyelash mistakes and how to avoid them below. I wish I knew these tips before I became a lash artist. It could’ve saved many of my fallen lashes.

Whether you’re just starting out or an established lash artist, these eyelash mistakes and tips about eyelash application can save your lashes and looks!

Are These 13 Common Eyelash Mistakes Destroying Your Makeup?

For newbies and experts alike, our list of eyelash mistakes can help you go a long way. It can save your lashes and nourish its health. We’ve stumbled on these eyelash mistakes after long and hard lessons. If you want to be a professional from the get-go, this is where you need to start your lash extension lessons.

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1. Keep Off Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara saves you from banshee days, no doubt. It is the ultimate product for smudge-proof eye makeup. However, the truth is every waterproof mascara is extra-stiffening, making them one of the important eyelash mistakes. Moreover, removing waterproof mascara is a hassle.

When you wear such a mascara, all-day, every-day, your lashes take the stress and fall out prematurely. That brings us to the question- should you use them regularly? NO!

Wear waterproof mascara for extra-special occasions, preferably not more than once a week. This is an eyelash mistake not to miss.

2. Sharing Your Eye Makeup with Others Eyelash Mistakes

For those of you who have a habit of sharing makeup with others, watch out for infections. Your compact and foundation can be shared, but mascara should never be on the same list.

As mascara is a sensitive makeup liquid that you directly apply on the eyelashes, it can transfer bacteria too. Furthermore, mascara can soak the bacteria from the eyelids and store it inside the liquid bottle to make it worse. If you’ve already suffered an eye infection, do not share your mascara with others EVER.

3. Do You Try Store Samples?

If you’re a regular at trying new and trendy eye makeup at the store or saloon, it is easy to contract eye infections. Do you know how the damp mascara and eye shadow packs create bacteria? What you need to know is that eye makeup samples in the store are already tried out by many. Are you ready to share the germs too?

Most of us ignore this fact that when we try a store sample, we’re sharing with tens and hundreds of people who may or may not have infections or allergens and pollutants. Don’t be ignorant anymore!

4. Do Not Sleep with Your Makeup

Some days are too long that by the time you hit the sack, you’re already asleep. There’s not enough time to get off the stubborn mascara or even the eyelash extensions when sandman has done his job. If you’re like this, it’s time to push off this lazy habit of sleeping with your makeup on. That’s because sleeping with your mascara folds and breaks your stiff lashes, leading to splitting or breaking.

If you’re lazy quite a lot, keep a pack of wet wipes on your nightstand to help during those long days. In fact, you must take at least take half the time you spent applying makeup, on removing it.

5. Is Your Eye Makeup Expired?

No matter how fancy, clean or shimmering your eye makeup pack looks, check the expiry date. Once you do, forget it! The truth with mascara is that it does not stay hygienic for more than 3 months. That’s because every time you’re dipping the mascara applicator after applying it on your eye, the bacteria from your eye is going back into the tube.

As a rule of thumb, do not extend the use of your eye makeup or mascara for more than 3 months, however-much you adore it!

6. Regular Fancy Eyelash Treatments

If you have a habit of going for lash treatments frequently, you will end up ruining your eyelashes forever. Unless you’re sure about the lash artist and the extensions, going for lash treatments every other day is not a good choice.

We warn you against frequent lash treatments because these are often done with the help of strong chemicals. As most treatments contain p-Phenylenediamine, formaldehyde, and fragrance-additives, be wary. Eyes being a sensitive region, it is important to be sure of the compounds of your eyelash treatment. It can destroy your eyelashes forever.

7. Do You Know How to Remove Lashes?

If you have a habit of plucking your lash extension recklessly, stop doing it anymore. While removing makeup is a hassle, removing lash extensions needn’t be the same.

The professional way to remove your lash extensions is by soaking a Q-tip in an essential oil dilution or cleansing oil. Applying the same Q-tip on the lashes helps to remove the lash extensions safely. The ideal way to remove your lash extension is by tugging at it from the middle. If it doesn’t come off smoothly, add more oil soaked Q-tip on the edges of the lash.

8. Curl Your Lashes Away from The Root

Do you have the habit of using eyelash curlers? If you have a habit of using eyelash curler after you apply the mascara, it’s time to change. It is clever but counter-productive.

Another important thing to remember is never to use the eyelash curler close to the rim of your lashes. Using the curler too close to the root of your lashes ends up making it flimsy. This leads to breakage of lashes besides affecting the eyelash cuticles too. If you’re curling the lashes in the wrong way, you will see broken lashes stuck in the curler after your application.

9. Do Not Rub Your Eyes

Most of us rub our eyes when we are tired or yawning. It’s a reflex for many of us, right? Touching your eyes can actually insert dirt into the eye from the hand. This often leads to irritation and itching in the eye. Rubbing your eyes whether you have the makeup on or off leads to infections if you’re not careful.

Do you know rubbing your eyes frequently also causes dark circles? The best solution for itchy eyes is not rubbing, but cleaning eye-drop and similar solutions. If you must rub your eyes, go and wash your hands thoroughly at first.

10. Are You Using Heat for Eyelash Curl?

There are two clever ways to apply heat when you’re curling your lashes. You can either heat up the curler before use or use a blow dryer to heat the lashes while you’re curling them. However, the fact is that both the ways ruin your eyelashes. This eyelash mistake can cause your lashes to fall out prematurely and to break from the root.

If you know the science, you know that heat styling breaks the hydrogen bonds in the hair, making them prone to breakage. In fact, intense heat can weaken your eyelash hair from the roots or even burn them right out.

11. Do You Clean Your Mascara Brush?

Let me be honest: most of us don’t! That’s the reason why we need to change our makeup habits. As aforementioned, mascara applicator is the playground of bacteria from your eyelids and the tube where it is stored.

When you clean the mascara brush after each application, the brush becomes better to use as well. Oftentimes, old mascara clumps together, leading to poor application on your lashes, one of the popular eyelash mistakes. To clean your mascara wand, take a paper towel and scrub it out. You can also soak the wand in hot water to remove excess product and bacteria. To sanitize the mascara wand, soak it in isopropyl alcohol before application.

12. Replace The Pads On Your Lash Curler

There’s more about eyelash curler you need to know if you’re a regular user. Curlers have silicone pads that depreciate over time. If your eyelash curler pad is debilitating, it is time to remove them.

What’s the maximum time you can use a lash curler pad? For those of you who use eyelash curler every day, it is important to replace the silicone pads every three months. For sparse users, six months is the high-tide to look out for. Remember to clean your curler every two weeks.

13. Poor Quality Glue

One of the most important eyelash mistakes most rookies commit is going for substandard glue for your lash curler. This also leads to poor eyelash retention.

Two things to remember when picking your adhesive is the environment and curing. If you’re unsure of the adhesive, request the sheet on material safety data and inquire if the adhesive complies with the regulations. Humidity and environment can reduce the curing time too. Poor adhesive can clump up your lashes too.

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