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August 19, 2021

What Are the Sanitation Practices for Lash Extensions?


What Are The Sanitation Practices For Lash Extensions?

Do you know the Board of Cosmetology can disbar you as a lash technician if your practices are unsanitary? Hygienic practices to clean lash stations and organized saloons are not only causes of cleanliness but also your success. On the contrary, poor sanitation practices for lash extensions can spread infections between clients. Not to scare you, but it can bring you loss of fame, money and time.

The most important lesson for a lash technician is sanitation. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry, we will help you understand the sanitation and sterilization practices for professionals.

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Why Does Hygiene And Sanitation Practices For Lash Extensions Matter?


Of course. Have you heard Cleanliness is next to Godliness? Hygiene and sanitation is most important for lash technicians because you work with one of the most delicate organs in the human body- the eye. Any mistake can cause irreparable damage. Hence, before you start winging your hygiene, look at the following three pointers to understand the fundamentals of cleanliness and sanitation practices for lash extensions.


Bacteria is killed upon sanitization. Only after sanitation of your hands are you allowed to work with lash extensions and services on your client. The best practices include rinsing your hands with anti-bacterial soap before and after the process. Typically, hands are washed continuously for 20 seconds under warm running water to sanitize it.


The next step disinfection means to make the pathogens inactive. It does not remove the allergens or dust, but makes them inert. All the objects touched by your or your customer must be disinfected for 30 seconds at the very least. Tables, chairs, handles, tools and lamps must be disinfected regularly to keep a clean lash saloon.


High heat or pressure can remove the inert microorganisms, dust and allergens from the surface of your lash extension tools and saloon. You don’t need to sterilize your entire saloon; instead, do it for the tools that are used directly on the eyes. Remember to store the sterilized tools in airtight containers until next use.

Complete Guide On Sanitation Practices For Lash Extensions You Need To Know

For all the beginner lash artist out there, you don’t need to commit the same mistakes we did to learn the right way to keep your lash station clean. The following will simplify the biggest dangers and steps to help you keep a clean workspace.

How to Sterilize Your Lash Extension Tools?

Depending on the tools that come into contact with the client’s eye or skin, you must sterilize or sanitize your lash extension tools. Tweezers must be sterilized while eyelash extensions must be disinfected if you’re reusing it.

For cleaning your lash extension tools, use soap and warm water first. You can soak your Tweezers in the same solution before and after use. Rinse the tools using warm water. Get a disinfectant specific for the tools and soak the tools in it. Using gloves, dry the disinfected tools. Place the clean lash tools in a sanitized airtight container.

How to Keep Your Lash Station Clean While Working?

Almost all the saloon demographic want a clean and disciplined or ambient space in the saloon they go to. When you’re working with a client, if a disposable pad falls on the floor, don’t pick it up following the 3-second rule! Instead, use a new one. The same goes with lash extension tools that can become soiled with improper use.

Always have a cleaning solution and a tissue close by. Don’t forget to keep the dustbin for disposables close by too. It is important to keep a clean station if you don’t want to make mistakes. Create an arrangement for the things so that you don’t have to dig your way around the lash station.

How to Sanitize Your Lash Station?

You don’t have to go cleaning the lash station with high pressure water jets. Lash extension tools need sterilization but your lash staion needs vacumming and cleaning. After each appointment, take 5-10 minutes to gather your things and clean the station. At the end of each day, sanitize and disinfect the lash station with certified solutions. In short, all you need is a schedule to start sanitizing your work station.

How to Store Your Lash Extension Tools Safely?

Always keep a sanitized box or container ready for your lash extensions and tools for false eyelashes. This prevents contamination before use. If you are going professional, UV lights are ideal storage after sanitization of the lash tools. That’s because airtight containers are considered breeding ground for bacteria.

When disinfecting your lash tools, ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s directions clearly. Otherwise, your pricey lash tools can rust quickly.

How to Select Hypoallergenic Lash Adhesive?

When you’re talking eyelash extension glue, there are many types. From waterproof to hypoallergenic, latex-free, formaldehyde-free, strip on adhesive, brush on lash glue and tinted lash adhesive, you have a plethora to choose from.

To ensure you find out the right adhesive for your client, talk with them. Do not use surgical grade adhesive unless you are specifically trained in it. Moreover, you must always do the next step when deciding the right adhesive and materials to use for your client’s lash appointment.

How to Do Allergy Test?

Spot allergy test can be conducted by testing the solvent or glue on a part of the body on your client. Always do allergies whether or not the client reports allergies. Such tests ensure that you have no unforeseen situations such as reaction to lash adhesive you use. Ensure that you always carry a range of lash adhesives and not just any generic one. Some clients might be allergic to latex, while others to formaldehyde. Never miss the allergy test!

How to Keep Your Saloon Clean?

Create a routine or habit of cleaning your lash tools and lash station. From preparation to cleaning after the client leaves, a good saloon needs regular work. Draw up a chart with duties and timings or tips to clean the station for all your staff. Give them training to do so.

Tips For Sanitation Practices For Lash Extensions

Once you’re trained well on how to sanitize and keep a clean and spotless lash station, you will need tips to maintain the cleanliness you just achieved. We will outline the main sanitation practices for lash artists to keep their saloon clean.


Use disposables such as eye pads, disposable gowns, disposable gloves, poly arm sleeves, disposable bed sheet covers and towels to help your saloon and station be clean throughout your work.


You must always use recommended disinfectants. Also remember to follow the directions of making the disinfectant medium. Note the expiry and throw the solution after the expired time. Poor use of disinfectants can cause rust in your expensive lash tools.

Sterilization Tools

Glass beads sterilization unites are easy to use for tweezers and other paraphernalia for lash extensions. These are ultra fast with low energy consumption throughout the day. It’s perfect for scissors too!

Personal Cleanliness

Always ensure that you smell good when you approach your clients. During a lash service, you are situated at a close range to the client such that they will be able to smell you. You need to rememeber Sanitation Practices for Lash Extensions. Make a cleaning and freshening routine after you reach the saloon to ensure fragrant service.

Tie Your Hair

No client wants to sniff onto your hair during a lash extension appointment. Tie your hair back and ensure that it does not fall down onto the clients face or body.

Sharps Container

Allot a container for dumping sharp objects like blades and needles. Never dispose it with the other tools.

Don’t Chew Gum

When you’re doing a lash service, it is best not to chew gum during the process. It is annoying to the customer however it helps you concentrate. Chuck that habit ASAP!

Sterilize The Mascara Wand

When you’re reusing a mascara wand, always clean it. You can also give the client the mascara wand you used on them as a gift they can use to adjust the lashes later.

Clean Your Hands

Ensure that you clean your hands before and after the lash extension service under warm water with anti-bacterial soap. You can also do this in-between the session if you touch an object with the gloves on. Ensure that your gloves are stored safely and away from pollutants. Infections can cost your job and reputation.

Get A Secret Shopper to Your Saloon

A secret tip no professional lash artist shares is to assess or audit the saloon with a secret shopper. There might be things that are normal or routine to you that might look dirty or unsanitary to a third party. A secret shopper will help to point out the flaws in your saloon. It is the best way to increase your brand exposure, reach and loyalty.


A bonus tip for creating the impression of the best sanitation practices for lash extensions are with aromatherapy that sets ambiance in your lash extension saloon. Want to know all about personal branding tips for launching your dream lash brand?