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August 19, 2021

How to Order Custom Eyelashes for Your Brand?

How To Order Custom Eyelashes For Your Brand?

As a wholesale supplier, our inbox is flooded with instruction on buyers and sellers guide for custom eyelashes. You might be a lash artist, hairdresser, beautician or an entrepreneur looking to build a brand around custom lashes. 

Custom Eyelashes

This post will teach you how to place an order for custom eyelashes for your brand in detail. It will also highlight the top five reasons custom eyelashes for your brand and 5 Steps torder with custom lash box packaging.

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Why Choose Custom Eyelashes For Your Brand?


Can custom eyelashes create huge success for your brand? Are they worth investing your savings? How do this market work its way online?

Being a wholesale supplier, we know the pros and cons of custom eyelashes inside out. If you’re smitten by eyelash extensions, let us explain how the market works and earns you profits.

· Fundamental Brand Image for your Eyelash Brand
When you opt for custom eyelash complete with personalized boxes with your brand logo, you are creating a brand image. Custom false eyelashes is a style and fashion niche that requires your focus on design.

· Made to Perfection for your Unique Style
Our custom eyelash manufacturing is rated best because we have a strict quality control process besides highly-skilled lash experts. Dolvlashes goes the extra mile to cater to your brand style. When you opt for a custom eyelash from our brand, you are exposing the style and tone of your brand to the customers.

· Creates Brand Recognition with Custom Eyelashes
Packaging custom eyelashes with your personalized logo makes your brand stand out to the customer. This is an opportunity to create a unique brand identity and customized eyelashes do just that. In turn, you will retain old customers and attract new customers to your brand.

· Make new Styles of Custom Lashes
For entrepreneurs opting for custom eyelash wholesale, you have the brilliant opportunity of creating a unique new style. When you choose a custom eyelash, you are creating a unique product. Based on how you manufacture and package it, your audience will grow.

· Huge Variety of Lash Sizes, Volumes, and Varieties

When you go with an experienced custom lash box packaging supplier like Dolvlashes, you can trust us to give you a plethora of options to grow and scale your business. From lash size to curl and length, our lash manufacturing crew can help you create a whole series of eyelashes unique to your brand.

What you can Custom for Eyelashes?

If you’re starting a brand with your niche product as custom eyelashes, let us say, good choice!

Custom eyelashes are eyelashes that are customized based on the material, lash, volume, length, and quantity, ideally with a personalized logo. There are 3D Mink Lashes, 3D Synthetic Lashes, Extension Lashes, Magnetic Lashes, and False Lashes Party Lashes.

You have to find an eyelash manufacturer first. Then, inquire if they agree to customize the eyelashes. Next, you have to know how will they place your logo.

Now, you can get the logo and identification on the eyelashes with a custom box, all from the same supplier- Dolvlashes. Custom lashes with your personalized logo increase customer exposure and their familiarity with your band.

How to Order Custom Eyelashes for your Brand?

When you need a specific custom eyelash, all you are looking for is a supplier who understands your needs. Designing a good eyelash with your brand logo shining on it is a marketing tactic to adopt. Picking the right eyelash extension is important to define your brand.

Custom eyelash order can be personalized according to your demands so that it boosts your brand recognition and loyalty.

How to do is? Let’s find out!

1.   Choose your Eyelash Variety and Specs
Have you decided on the kind of lashes you want? We have lash varieties such as 3D Faux mink lashes, 3D Real mink lashes, 3D Synthetic lashes, Extension lashes, Individual lashes, magnetic lashes, knot lashes, false lashes and party lashes to choose from.

If you have a specific size in mind for your custom lashes, just let us know and we’ll take care of the rest. We also customize the length of the custom eyelash, the material of the false eyelash and the style of the lash, besides giving you lash curl options.

2.   Share the Brand Logo you want on the Lashes
With a capacity of OEM/ ODM manufacturing, on Dolvlashes, you can order your custom lash box packaging with the logo of your brand with a click. All you need is to send us a clear png image of the logo you want to be placed on your custom lashes. You can also provide size directions, if any.

Printing your logo on the custom false lashes you’ve chosen is easy. Be it 3D mink eyelashes or synthetic eyelashes that you are ordered, we offer standard 4C or 4Color Printing where four colors are used to create other hues according to your preferences. Private label packaging of custom eyelash extensions with your logo is our forte.

3.   Personalized Boxes for Custom Eyelashes
Custom eyelash brand also needs custom eyelash boxes for creating a stylish brand image. We offer up to two color options of your choice for designing the perfect box to deliver your eyelashes. It is a good idea to keep a common theme of colors when you’re designing your custom boxes for custom false lashes.

4.   Payment Methods we Accept on Dolvlashes
At Dolvlashes, we are 100% transparent about our payments and committed to a satisfaction guarantee. You can pay us via wire transfer, or Paypal. After years of experience, we have adopted the payment terms of 50% upfront payment for manufacturing custom eyelashes. You can pay 50% after you receive your order.

5.   Budget Estimate for your Custom Eyelash Order
It is best to have a clear idea of how much you’re prepared to spend on the production of your custom lash box packaging. While going to different manufacturers can cost legwork and finances, Dolvlashes is your one-stop shop for wholesale custom eyelashes.

We also provide FREE samples after you order with us.  Our minimum order quantity is 50 per design of pairs and 80-100 for eyelash extensions.
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