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August 19, 2021

Your Complete Guide To Magnetic Lashes China

Magnetic Lashes China

Your Complete Guide To Magnetic Lashes China​

 Find out more about magnetic false eyelashes, how they work, their benefits, trade secrets to use it yourself, and how to find the best supplier for one.

Magnetic Lashes: What, Why & How To Order

If you’re a lash artist, you’ve already answered a bunch of questions about magnetic lashes such as what they are, is it easy to use, how long do they stay, and so on. Are they really divine according to professionals? The short answer is ‘Yes and No’. The long answer is explained in the new article ahead. 

Truth be told, many lash artists are even confused about magnetic false lashes from China. We who spend so much time experimenting and mastering with lash adhesives are pretty much weary of the false lashes gimmicks without glues. 

Let me tell you it’s not a hoax and I’ve got your back. That’s why today we will learn all the A, B, C of magnetic lashes including its benefits, trade secrets for artists, and things to remember when ordering them via wholesale suppliers for your clients. 

Get started because it’s perfect for 2020 and your clients will keep coming back for more! 

What Are Magnetic Lashes? The Story Behind It

Lash extensions began in the 1800s but magnetic lashes came into being in 2014, thanks to Katy Stoka. This is how the story goes… 

Beauty enthusiast and One Two Lash owner, Katy was in the shower when she stumbled on the idea to save the hassle of applying false lashes with the whole shebang of glue and whatnot. The rest is history. 

Today there are varieties of magnetic lashes hitting the market right, left, and center. With more and more artists experimenting with their personal styles, newer variations are bound to appear right? Magnetic lashes are like cakes I feel; thank God we have a million varieties. 

While I can go on about the hundreds of varieties of false magnetic lash extensions, take a look at the most important things about this new type of China lash extensions, you should know as an artist. 

How Do They Work?

There’s N O glue, guys. I was as shocked as you but they work with the help of tiny invisible magnets that are designed at the base of the strips. One strip goes over the other and two of them snap shut together, thanks to magnetism. 

The best thing about these is the reusability. Now that everyone’s trying to save up, these are a hit in the retail world and you can make it work at your salon too. 

Types Of Magnetic Lashes

Although there are hundreds of types of magnetic lashes, I’ll explain the main two so that lash artists know the basics well.  

  • Full: This is the complete set of magnetic lash strips for both pair of eyes 
  • Partial: This is where you get partial strips of magnetic extensions and work your way around based on the shape of the eye 

There are 3, 5 magnets on each lash, and the new upgraded style this season is with 9 magnets on each lash. Brands or private labels can customize their own packaging for the magnetic lashes kit.

How Long Does It Last?

While it can take less than a minute to apply, magnetic lashes in wholesale can be designed based on your needs for an even-quicker-application. Based on your care, choice of real hair vs synthetic hair, type, and quality of magnetic as well as craftsmanship, these magnetic false lashes can last for around 30 uses. 

Advantages Of Magnetic Lashes

Are they really worth all the fad? I didn’t think so at first. The first time my bestie talked about it I was so jealous like, could there be DIY lashes. Am I going to be out of a job? And then I tried it out myself. 

Truth is my bestie did too because of the pandemic. Else, I would’ve tried on her. The results were appalling. Here’s turned out decent but mine turned out viral. It was such a hit I added it to my Salon menu. 

So take a look below for the five big boons of magnetic lashes that I’ve found so that you can use it for your own list of services. 

  • Quick perfect look: It’s faster than the adhesive lash extensions no doubt. And that’s why if you want to offer quick lush lashes, this is the way to go 
  • Needs no coordination: Easy application comes with all-things-magnetic, right? That’s also because these lashes are attached with magnetic strips or applied with a magnetic liner that’s a cakewalk for professional lash artists 
  • Mess-free for artists: When you’re rushing on a lash session and want to keep it mess-free without hurting the rest of the makeup, magnetic lash extensions are perfect 
  • No glue: As there isn’t any glue, clients who are allergic or worried about adhesives can also use these falsies 
  • DIY maintenance for clients: Want to offer something doable for clients from their own homes? Start selling your own custom China magnetic lashes and sessions with using the same for your clients 

Tricks For Professionals To Apply False Magnetic Lashes

Now that you know everything about how magnetic eyelash extensions work, it’s time to move onto what professional lash artists are doing with it nowadays. That’s why I’ve created a five-pointer checklist of things you can add to your own salon or services menu with this product. 

Hope it helps you guys because it took some time for me to familiarize with it and find the following tips: 

1. Preparation 

You all know this step and it doesn’t need a lotta explaining. Before adding any lash extension, the rule of thumb is to prepare the canvas; and in this case, the natural lashes. So go ahead and smoothly apply the mascara as you want the lashes to be. 

Experts tell you to stick to this because it retains the falsies better in such a way that you feel it easy to apply and users feel nothing extra is on their eyelashes.

2. Application

There are two steps to apply these lashes. 

Step 1: Apply the lash extension on the top lashes of both eyes 

Step 2: Apply the extension strip on the bottom lashes of both eyes 

That’s it! The strips will connect automatically. 

3. How To Remove 

What when you’ve done it wrong? Magnetic eyelash extensions are easy to remove. So, don’t worry.  Just tug from the corner of the eye in question and reposition it as you please. Another way is to pull the bottom lashes down and pull the top lashes up. You can also roll both the bottom and top falsies with your thumb to slide them off too.

4. Touch-Up Services 

After you’ve practiced, you can offer application and touch-up services for clients who are already using it. A professional touch can enhance any look and most people who use falsies would love to have magnetic lash options on the menu these days. So, give them nominally-priced options or styles for specifically magnetic lashes. 

5. Training Sessions 

With the pandemic in motion, you can even offer private consultations via video call or tutorial sessions for preparation, application, and removal of magnetic lashes for your special clients who use them. This can open a whole new market online if you’ve been exclusively offline up till now. 

How To Order Magnetic Lashes From China?

You’ve decided to get them magnetic lashes? But do you have to get those generic ones? Is there a better option? Definitely. You can get them in any type of hair, color, curl, style, and many other customization factors. 

In that case, it’s important you listen to some more crucial things to pick the right supplier before making irrecoverable mistakes. 

1. Credibility

First things first, what do you know about the manufacturer? Do they have a clean record? For starters, check the experience and their portfolio, generally available via their main website. 

2. Cost

Next is the cost of magnetic lashes. Depending on the hair you choose, craftsmanship, and other factors explained below, the cost can vary from a few dollars to a few hundred. They retail for about $14 to $69 per partial or full set. So, it’s important to communicate your demands with the supplier. 

If you’re concerned about this, continue reading and I will tell you all you need to know to get started. 

3. Customization 

This is the step where you ask for varieties, curls, styles, and other specs for your falsies. Make sure you send the brand logo, like the name of your business such as ‘Megan’s Lashes’ to the China magnetic eyelash extension supplier at this stage.

4. MOQ: 

The Minimum Order Quantity is also a stage where you request samples. Ensure that the samples are exactly as you requested. If not, convey the same to the shortlisted manufacturers so that they can make the amends to create the perfect magnetic lashes you have in mind. That being said, most wholesale lash suppliers also offer ‘After-Sales’ service, so ask ahead. 

5. Quality control 

The next is also a vital step to ordering high-quality magnetic lashes for your salon from China. Ask about the QC processed undertaken by manufacturers and request more details about their certifications. 

Too Long; Didn’t Read?

Magnetic eyelash extensions are all the rave and you’ve probably heard about it already.  They work with the help of tiny magnets and come in full or partial strips these days. 

The best thing is it’s reusable and saves the planet. You can recycle it for 30 uses or more with care and selection. On top of it, these falsies are they take no time to apply or maintain for artists and users. It’s hassle-free and good for clients who aren’t into glue-lashes. If you find it hard to coordinate with eyelash extensions with adhesives, this is the finest alternative there is. 

Before you get started, it’s important to prep the natural lashes with mascara and start from top to bottom depending on your strips. It’s easy to remove magnetic eyelash extensions by tugging or sliding it off the natural lashes. 

If you own a salon or offer lash services, offer touch-ups or training sessions for your loyal customers right away. 

Now comes creating your own branded magnetic lashes. You need to check reviews of the supplier, compare costs of shortlisted ones, request customization specs, ask for sample size, and ensure QC is followed to the dot. Check out our selection at Dolvlashes to get started ASAP so that you can assess the samples because we qualify on all these terms and offer more goodies to wholesale buyers like you. 

Get started! 

How to Order Custom Eyelashes for Your Brand?

How To Order Custom Eyelashes For Your Brand?

As a wholesale supplier, our inbox is flooded with instruction on buyers and sellers guide for custom eyelashes. You might be a lash artist, hairdresser, beautician or an entrepreneur looking to build a brand around custom lashes. 

Custom Eyelashes

This post will teach you how to place an order for custom eyelashes for your brand in detail. It will also highlight the top five reasons custom eyelashes for your brand and 5 Steps torder with custom lash box packaging.

Ready to get started? Scroll away …

Why Choose Custom Eyelashes For Your Brand?


Can custom eyelashes create huge success for your brand? Are they worth investing your savings? How do this market work its way online?

Being a wholesale supplier, we know the pros and cons of custom eyelashes inside out. If you’re smitten by eyelash extensions, let us explain how the market works and earns you profits.

· Fundamental Brand Image for your Eyelash Brand
When you opt for custom eyelash complete with personalized boxes with your brand logo, you are creating a brand image. Custom false eyelashes is a style and fashion niche that requires your focus on design.

· Made to Perfection for your Unique Style
Our custom eyelash manufacturing is rated best because we have a strict quality control process besides highly-skilled lash experts. Dolvlashes goes the extra mile to cater to your brand style. When you opt for a custom eyelash from our brand, you are exposing the style and tone of your brand to the customers.

· Creates Brand Recognition with Custom Eyelashes
Packaging custom eyelashes with your personalized logo makes your brand stand out to the customer. This is an opportunity to create a unique brand identity and customized eyelashes do just that. In turn, you will retain old customers and attract new customers to your brand.

· Make new Styles of Custom Lashes
For entrepreneurs opting for custom eyelash wholesale, you have the brilliant opportunity of creating a unique new style. When you choose a custom eyelash, you are creating a unique product. Based on how you manufacture and package it, your audience will grow.

· Huge Variety of Lash Sizes, Volumes, and Varieties

When you go with an experienced custom lash box packaging supplier like Dolvlashes, you can trust us to give you a plethora of options to grow and scale your business. From lash size to curl and length, our lash manufacturing crew can help you create a whole series of eyelashes unique to your brand.

What you can Custom for Eyelashes?

If you’re starting a brand with your niche product as custom eyelashes, let us say, good choice!

Custom eyelashes are eyelashes that are customized based on the material, lash, volume, length, and quantity, ideally with a personalized logo. There are 3D Mink Lashes, 3D Synthetic Lashes, Extension Lashes, Magnetic Lashes, and False Lashes Party Lashes.

You have to find an eyelash manufacturer first. Then, inquire if they agree to customize the eyelashes. Next, you have to know how will they place your logo.

Now, you can get the logo and identification on the eyelashes with a custom box, all from the same supplier- Dolvlashes. Custom lashes with your personalized logo increase customer exposure and their familiarity with your band.

How to Order Custom Eyelashes for your Brand?

When you need a specific custom eyelash, all you are looking for is a supplier who understands your needs. Designing a good eyelash with your brand logo shining on it is a marketing tactic to adopt. Picking the right eyelash extension is important to define your brand.

Custom eyelash order can be personalized according to your demands so that it boosts your brand recognition and loyalty.

How to do is? Let’s find out!

1.   Choose your Eyelash Variety and Specs
Have you decided on the kind of lashes you want? We have lash varieties such as 3D Faux mink lashes, 3D Real mink lashes, 3D Synthetic lashes, Extension lashes, Individual lashes, magnetic lashes, knot lashes, false lashes and party lashes to choose from.

If you have a specific size in mind for your custom lashes, just let us know and we’ll take care of the rest. We also customize the length of the custom eyelash, the material of the false eyelash and the style of the lash, besides giving you lash curl options.

2.   Share the Brand Logo you want on the Lashes
With a capacity of OEM/ ODM manufacturing, on Dolvlashes, you can order your custom lash box packaging with the logo of your brand with a click. All you need is to send us a clear png image of the logo you want to be placed on your custom lashes. You can also provide size directions, if any.

Printing your logo on the custom false lashes you’ve chosen is easy. Be it 3D mink eyelashes or synthetic eyelashes that you are ordered, we offer standard 4C or 4Color Printing where four colors are used to create other hues according to your preferences. Private label packaging of custom eyelash extensions with your logo is our forte.

3.   Personalized Boxes for Custom Eyelashes
Custom eyelash brand also needs custom eyelash boxes for creating a stylish brand image. We offer up to two color options of your choice for designing the perfect box to deliver your eyelashes. It is a good idea to keep a common theme of colors when you’re designing your custom boxes for custom false lashes.

4.   Payment Methods we Accept on Dolvlashes
At Dolvlashes, we are 100% transparent about our payments and committed to a satisfaction guarantee. You can pay us via wire transfer, or Paypal. After years of experience, we have adopted the payment terms of 50% upfront payment for manufacturing custom eyelashes. You can pay 50% after you receive your order.

5.   Budget Estimate for your Custom Eyelash Order
It is best to have a clear idea of how much you’re prepared to spend on the production of your custom lash box packaging. While going to different manufacturers can cost legwork and finances, Dolvlashes is your one-stop shop for wholesale custom eyelashes.

We also provide FREE samples after you order with us.  Our minimum order quantity is 50 per design of pairs and 80-100 for eyelash extensions.
Start ordering your eyelashes custom NOW!

Before you go...

Dolvlashes offers free designing tips from experts if you want to know more about how to order custom eyelashes for your brand.

What is your budget? Leave us a comment below.