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August 19, 2021

Guide to Colored Lashes for Cosplay: Xmas Special

Guide to Colored Lashes for Cosplay: Xmas Special

From what are colored lashes to top varieties of the same, what to keep in mind, creative Xmas cosplay ideas, and how to order custom lashes, find out how to use this new trend. 

Guide To Colored Lashes For Cosplay: Xmas Special

What’s With Colored Lashes For Christmas Cosplay 

While many lash artists love to tout the idea of colored lashes all to themselves, the truth is that these are nobody’s invention, but everybody’s discovery. If you’re thinking of offering Christmas Special services for your clientele, colored lashes are the way to go. 

Never done colored lashes? It’s crazy and you gotta do it. Because it’s been trending so much lately, you’re missing out on it if you don’t have a bunch of colored lash service pictures stacked in your portfolio album. I have clients going back two years who have been hooked on colored lashes. If you dig dip, it goes back at least four decades. 

So, don’t think of it as a trend that will diminish soon. If anything, it’s gonna catch more attention and explode to popularity everywhere. Above all, Christmas is approaching fast. You need to add new services to your list of services to offer the best attractive things. 

Truth be told, it’s not tough a’right. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. I’ve even gone to the length of explaining how to do it with a stepwise guide. All you gotta do is keep reading and following the steps to get it done quickly. 

What Are Colored Lashes? 

Individual lashes in different colors are called colored lashes. These are just like eyelash extensions, but less varied because there are not many naturally occurring lash colors. But if you’re thinking this means using paint on false lashes, that’s not the same. Moreover, painting over lashes was an 80s trend and now it’s all about sturdier and realistic color lashes. 

Don’t get me wrong, even I’ve done makeup where I used a concealer over the black lashes and then painted over those to create dramatic looks. But these don’t last long. Moreover, colored lash extensions are quite different and don’t reject color like when you paint over black lashes. That being told, they cost about 30% more than black lashes. With retail prices starting around $10, you can get your hands on colored falsies for $3 if you find a good supplier like Dolvlashes. 

Why use them? There are a ton of benefits of using colored lashes. 

If you’ve brown hair on the body and eyebrows, getting black lash extensions mightn’t be a great idea. Instead, colored lashes might give you the best realistic pop for the eye. Gone are the days of sticking to a no-makeup look. If you’re thinking of a bold style, then colored lashes are the new norm. It adds a pop of color and helps you stand out effortlessly. 

Types Of Colored Lashes  

You might think different colored lashes might be available in different colors, but that’s not the only criteria for identifying different colored lashes. There are many varieties of colored lashes and today we will divide and learn all about them.

By Color

First off, there are several colors of false lashes available. You might’ve already seen them in colors like blue, green, pink, red, yellow, orange, brown, teal, beige, violet, blonde, and so on. How many other colors have you seen them in? Share it in the comments below with us. I’ll tell you the most common colors available today- red, blue, green, pink, yellow, purple, brown, and dark brown.

By Type

Whether you’re thinking of doing a quick lash job or an expert in volume lashes, there are several colored lashes to tinker with. To start with, strip lashes come with a whole strip of falsies in different colors that you can directly apply over the natural lashes. Here, you don’t have to isolate every single lash and add fans to it. You know the lash extension type of course. 

The next type is feather lashes. Known for creating a dramatic look for the wearer, these are truly magical. It looks like feathers and opens up your eye. They are typically used for cosplay, stage shows, carnivals, and so on. 

There’s another type of lashes with shimmer called glitter lashes. Instead of adding diamonds and glittery stones on top of the lashes, you can get extensions that are automatically covered with glitter.

By Curl

There are different curls available and you can toggle between different colors of lashes with different curls as well. For example, go with a B curl near the nictitating membrane and increase it while going to the outer parts of the eye. There are many different ways to pull off this look even with oscillating sizes of lashes. Imjawhara is an artist who does this beautifully. Check her Instagram to know more. 

By Material

There are two types of commonly seen colored lashes. These are the synthetic and mink varieties. You won’t see a lot of sable and other options of natural falsies because naturally colored hair isn’t so widely available in other than black and brown. I guess you knew it already, right? 

What To Keep In Mind When Doing Color Eyelash Extensions 

When a client has requested you to do colored lash extensions, what are some things you need to keep in mind? Do you do it like you do other lashes? Is there something to keep in mind? If you’re wondering, rest assured. I’ve got down everything you need to know. 

First off, how-much-so-ever of an expert you are, mapping is crucial when you work with colored lashes, even so, when you work with multiple colors on one eye alone. This is crucial because the client might want something while it mightn’t look all that good. 

With eyelash extensions, it’s best you are clear about your goals right away. And the best way to execute their goals is by mapping your plan about lashes from right on. You can decide on the different curls, the size of lashes, and the colors to place. For example, the outer eye could feature violet, and proceed to blue, green, orange, and red like the rainbow. Whatever you’re attempting, have a long talk with the client before you do it.

Creative Ideas For Cosplay: Christmas Special 

So you’re all set to offer colored eyelash extensions as an extra service for your clients. But, what next. Do you have a menu of options to offer? 

With Christmas right ‘round the curb, unless you offer custom options for colored lashes, how will clients know you really mean businesses. The trick is to try a bunch of Christmas Special cosplay options on your friends and family before you offer them special services during the holiday season.

Mermaid: A mermaid costume fits every season, let alone Christmas. The typical colors for the mermaid lashes are green and pink. To signify water, you can also add teal or other shades of blue too. A good idea is to mix it up for subtlety and add it one after the other in bunches if you want to create a dramatic look.

Anime Lashes: These are a method of using colored lashes in a pattern resembling your anime character. Tarakura Himari has long, thick, and lush brown lashes. If you’re dressing up as Pikachu, there’s another pair of eyelashes to swoon over. Maetel and Jormungand is another crowd favorite for basing your look and style. 

Cute Santa or Mrs.Claus: Dressing up a client as Santa Claus? Get their lashes done in red to show the spirit. Alternately, you can add white fans in between or mix it up for a retro look. Make sure to match the lashes with their lipstick and dress properly because if the lashes are blood red and the attire dull red, then it won’t work out so well as you imagine. 

Ombre: Yes, regardless of the season, ombre is always in fashion. Why not create a Christmas special look? With red and violet or green and red or red and white? Whatever you decide, make sure to add a backstory to the look so that it’s easy for clients to pull off the look. 

Grinch: While no one usually wants to be a grinch, there are many people who can pull off a hot grinch look easily. The colors to focus on are neon green, dull green, red, and white. Or go for completely green eyebrows in case you’re pulling off a green-body look. 

Krampus: Another not so Christmas-friendly costume, Krampus is for those clients who are a tad bit anti-social. It makes several people cringe, but don’t let that make you turn down clients asking for this look. It’s a bold look that you can work around so much besides upping the creativity. 

Christmas Tree: Another brilliant look that’s sweet and crazy is the Christmas tree look. If a client is into Xmas cosplay, get their lashes done in green or a whole hub of colors. But the best way to add the spirit of the Christmas tree to your client’s attire is by keeping a lot of green and then adding other colors sparsely. With gifts existing in different shades and tones, every color goes. Just, make it look good, that’s your job. Another idea is to add golden lashes and complement them with a star on your eyes. 

Reindeer: When you get the giant nose of the reindeer, also get light brown lashes to complete the look. It will add a pop of color to your eyes besides making you look like the cutest reindeer around. 

Angel: One of the sexiest costumes for Christmas time, angels can be dressed up any which way but I personally like some starry yellow or golden shade on the eyelashes. It makes the eyes look unreal, dreamy, and really angelic. You can also add glitter to the lashes to make them look even better. 

Sheep: Another cute costume to pull off during Christmas cosplay, sheep colors are mainly white and black, but you can also get some pink (for the ears). In this case, I like to add white lashes and add up eye makeup that makes it look like snowflakes to pull off a hot and cute look

Mother Mary: If you’re thinking of adding the nativity scene characters to your lash services, here’s a brilliant idea, offer cosplay lashes for Mother Mary. I’d recommend a yellow ‘divine’, ‘alpha’, ‘charm’ or ‘velvet’ look to make the client look captivating. Flutter is another popular look to add to this character. 

Adult Jesus: Yes another superb idea for Christmas Cosplay, there’s this artist on IG that’s awesome for his lash looks that you can take inspiration from, especially if it’s a male client. The name’s offlinemalek. You’ll find really popping styles with the classic Jesus beard to enhance the look. 

Christmas Cookie: The colors to focus on are brown and white here. Get the white lashes in case the client is focused on a brown attire. Ensure that you add really heavy outlined make up for the client to add white colors too.

Elves: Another big hit for Christmas is the elves’ costume. When you’re using colored lashes for elves’ costumes, focus on colors like green and red. Here, it’s a good idea to use green lashes if there’s very little green on the client’s costume for cosplay and vice-versa for red. 

Christmas Cone: A sexy or cute costume, the main colors here are white and red. Make sure to add both the colors on the lashes to add a sweet look with sprinkles of white glitter that look like powdered sugar. It’s especially good with some bold eye makeup that focuses on more of a mix of both colors than just one. 

Snow White: So we all know how snow white looks and this is the perfect costume for suggesting to your clients who are into cosplay because it can be both cute and sexy. The focus colors here are yellow, royal blue, red, and white. Use mega lashes to pop up the look based on whether the client wants to look hot or cute. 

Steps To Do Colored Lashes For Your Clients 

So you’ve been doing lashes for an eternity. But how do you do colored lashes? It’s easy and there is not much difference in any way. I will list out some pro tips you can add to make your look really pop out. 

When mapping lashes, divide them into three parts. I suggest using lengths of 9, 11, and 14 to make it look natural and clutter-free 

Suggest your client get a special color lens for the eyes too for completing the look

Ensure that you decide on an eye makeup that complements the colored lashes you’re using

You can always use glitter lashes in between or sparsely for clients who want to dress up for Christmas cosplay because stars are innate to Christmas right 

Always make sure you talk to the client on how you’re going to use the colors so that they are on board because it’s a riskier fashion choice than black lashes when it comes to colored lashes 

How To Order Colored Lashes From China Manufacturer 

Colored lashes are available nowadays around the block. But if you’re looking for high-quality lashes without breaking the bank, it’s important to design your own by finding a reliable supplier first. When you’re getting colored lashes from wholesalers, there are many things to keep in mind. 

Most China eyelash extension suppliers for colored lashes will sell you multiple colors for even one eye whether or not you want strip lashes or individual lashes. 

The first step to do is to create a shortlist of ten suppliers. Now, talk to them about your needs, specs, and so on. While doing so, you’ll know how good their sales representative is. Ask questions to assess their history, reviews, references, expertise, and so on before committing. After completing, shortlist three suppliers and ask them for samples. 

Once you receive the samples, compare them against what you requested. Check their quality control services as well as after-sales services. Now shortlist one supplier and create a custom order with them. If you choose Dolvlashes, you get the profit of ordering customized colored lash extensions. All you need to do is specify your design and specs and we’ll get it done. But, keep in mind that as these are custom lashes in wholesale, you need to order in hundreds of pairs at once.

If you need small quantities, it’s best to stick to available designs and colors. 

Too Long; Didn’t Read?

Colored lashes aren’t painted over by concealer and colored mascaras, but designed with non-toxic synthetic material exclusively to be fitted as lash extensions. 

The most important thing to remember when offering color lashes for your clients is to map your idea based on their demands before you start the work. Unlike doing a mega or Russian volume black lashes, colored lashes require exquisite care and concern. Make sure to get your idea clearly first. 

There are many services to offer clients who are into cosplay during Christmas. Some of my favorites are Mrs.Claus, Mother Mary, Angel, Reindeer, and Mermaid. Add it to your menu and see your cash register do jingle bells all the way. To get started, find your own reliable china color lash wholesale supplier and order a sample before going for a custom order. 

At Dolvlashes, we have special hand-painted color lashes that can up your clients’ Christmas Cosplay game by leaps and bounds. Check it out right away. There are different types of colors, sizes, curls, materials, and more. The best thing about these is that they add a pop of color and make the eyes stand out, unlike black lashes.

Also, check statistics on top eyelash trends. Wondering how to cope with COVID problems with respect to lash salons. Here you go! Don’t hesitate to share your concerns with us in the comments below.