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August 19, 2021

How to Pick the Best Eyelashes Based on Eye Shape?

How to Pick the Best Eyelashes Based on Eye Shape?


How To Pick The Best Eyelashes Based On Eye Shape?

Finding the perfect lashes for your client is not tough if you know the equation that connects lashes and your eye shape. In fact, every professional should have a set of different eyelash extensions for the nine universal types of eye shapes. If you’re a lash artist, our list below will help you to find the best eyelashes based on eye shape for every client, without fail. Shall we begin? Get a pen and paper or bookmark this page to refer later when you’re doing the eyes of your clients!

Do You Know The How To Pick The Best Eyelashes Based On Eye Shape?


Finding the right pair of eyelashes can transform the face of a person. If you’re a professional beautician or lash artist, you need to determine the right eyelash for your customer. There is an equation to finding the best eyelashes based on eye shape that we will describe below. With this, you can create the best eye makeup for your clients so that they are overwhelmed and dedicated to your services.

Are you ready to find out the perfect lash style, curl and length based on eye shape? Let’s begin!

1. Eyelashes For Round Eye Shape

When you have a crease beneath your eye that stands out, you have round or prominent eyes. It is the curviest eye shape that fits a wide range of false eyelash types. However, the best eyelash extension for round eye shape is curly and long lashes. Multi-layer lashes add a striking glow to round eyes.

The thing about round eyes is that it shows the complete iris as well as most of the white in the eye, unlike other shapes. Celebrities like Katy Perry and Nicole Richie are the famous celebs with round eyes.

2. Almond Eye Shape False Eyelashes

When you can see a pointed shape towards the outer edge of the eye, your client has almond-shaped eyes. Prominently seen on celebrities like Beyoncé, Almond-shaped eyes look gorgeous from every side. The central part of the eye is wide while the edges are narrow. An oval shape, almond-shaped eyes need volume lash or Russian lash type. Nevertheless, most eyelash types and styles suit almond-shaped eyes.

To clearly notice almond-shaped eyes, you can check if the iris is half hidden by the eyelids above and below.

3. Lash Extension For Epicanthic Folds Eye Shape

Also called the Asian eyelash type or mono-lidded eye shape, this is a complex shape of the eye. If your customer is mono-lidded, you need to add a crease to the eye as it does not inherently have a crease. This is an easy-to-notice eye shape that is almost flat on the face.

Mono lidded eye shape requires eyelash extensions with multiple layers and volume around the edge of the eyes or all-round-the-eye. Monolid eyes can be transformed with eyelash extensions with length and flare works best for this eye. Adding more lashes on the outer edge of the eyes will define the outline of your eyes better.

4. False Lash For Close Set Eyes

If your client has close set eyes, i.e., the eyes are set close to each other. You can see this when the inside of both the eyes are set close to the nose. Such a pair of eye needs lash extensions with more length to increase the size of the eye. Get long false eyelashes or 3D mink eyelashes with more along the outer edge of your eyes.

Adding lifting lash styles will also add definition to close set eye shape. To find the Best Eyelashes Based on Eye Shape of close set, you need flaring lash extensions on the outer edge so that the focus shift from the inner side of your eye to the outer side. Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker have close set eyes.  

5. Lashes For Hooded Eye Shape

When you can notice a hood or skin over the outer edge of your eye, the crease of the eye disappears. Adding the right false lashes can add a bright and depth effect to your eyes. Choosing volume lashes with length and curl along the edges will make and the illusion of bigger eyes.

Hooded eye shape is easy to notice as you can see the bag of skin over the eyes, clearly. Adding lengthy lashes towards the middle of your eye also enhances it.

6. Protruding Eye Shape Eyelash Extension

A popular eye shape, protruding eye shape is seen on celebrity Olivia Palermo. Her eyes are recessed and set into the eye cavity. The best recommended false lashes for protruding eye style is feather lash extensions. You need to add more drama to the lash if your client has a prominent or protruding eye shape.

Adding medium to dark or bold colors of lashes for protruding eyes work the best. One thing to remember as an aesthetician working with protruding eyes is that it is a difficult eye shape. Take your time working on it!

7. Eyelash Extension For Deep Set Eyes

Think Natalie Portman when you think deep set eyes. Curly eyelash extension will add body and style to your lashes. Adding extra length to the lash extension will also make your eyes look gorgeous if you’re working with deep set eye shape.

Best Eyelashes Based on Eye Shape for deep set eye is the curly lash that lifts up towards the edge of the eye. Such an eye is situated beneath the brow bone.

8. Lashes For Upturned And Downturned Eyes

Upturned eye shape is turned up towards the edge of the eye while downturned bends down towards the edge of the eye. For both the shapes, it is best to go with a cat eye lash extension. Taylor swift rocks cat-eye extension lashes with her upturned eye shape.

When you have a client with upturned or downturned eye shape, you can mix two different length of lash towards the middle so that eyes grab attention, wherever they look.

Before you go …

How to find the shape of your eye? Once you’ve found that out, picking the right eyelash extension for your brand is easy.