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Lash Extension Styles To Match Your Makeup In 8 Ways

Are you thinking of perfecting your makeup for lash styles? If you’re new to the world of lash extensions, it is imperative you pick your lash extensions by the makeup routine and look you want to portray. For lash artists and saloon owners, knowing the right lash extensions styles to match your makeup is important wisdom.

That’s why today we will discuss 8 lash extensions styles and matching makeup routines to ease your drudgery. Ready to get started?

How To Make Your Lash Extension Styles To Match Your Makeup

We know how difficult it can be for upcoming lash artists to find out classic makeup styles to match your choice of false lashes. That’s why, our lash experts at Dolvlashes sat together for a week to find out the perfect 8 styles you can follow for any event, function or occasion.

Natural False Lash Style for Natural Makeup

Applying up to two coats of natural lashes are ideal for pulling off the natural makeup style. Hence, it is both versatile for offices, formal functions as well as daily wear. This style suits those who have thin lashes.

What Are Natural Eyelash extensions?

Natural and synthetic are both good. However, synthetic is more durable than natural. That’s because natural lashes are prone to heat due to the weather and pollution around you. When you’re doing a natural eyelash extension session for your client, go for B and C curls. For clients those who use mascara, C and D curls are appropriate.

Tips to Use Natural Eyelash extensions for Natural Makeup?

Natural looking makeup style is simple and hard depending on the smoothness you want. From the right foundation to mild blush and no liner makes this flawless. Don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize the skin, before beginning the session. You can even opt for mineral-free makeup options to make it au naturale.

Doll Eyelashes for Matte Makeup

Favorite eyelash style of Megan Fox, doll eyelash extensions are good for party wear, bridal wear, business wear and formal functions. Don’t for Doll lash style if your eyes protrude naturally.

What Are Doll Eyelashes?

One of the most sought after lash extension look, in a doll eyelash extension style, maximum length of lash is concentrated around the middle of the eye. It makes your eyes look big by opening it up. You can get doll lashes in mink, faux mink, silk, faux silk and synthetic. Multiple layers of false lashes make your eyes look bright too.

Tips to Use Doll Eyelashes for Matte Makeup

We have chosen matte makeup for doll eyelash extension style because matte makes you look flawless from every side. Matte makeup style suits doll lash extensions is not overly dramatic while ensuring a natural glow to your skin. It is also perfect for all times of the day. Essentially, matte makeup means no gloss, shine or shimmer.

Cat Eye Lash Extension for Smoky Makeup

Cat eye lash extensions are favorited by many celebrities like Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie. It is the best party look whether you’re out on a date or just hanging with the girls. Smoky makeup style matches cat eye lash effect perfectly.  

What Are Cat Lashes?

Typically, when you buy cat eye effect lash extensions, you get lightweight false lashes that are voluminous and thick (depth).

Cat eye lash effect is defined as an arrangement where you place the longest false lashes along the outside edge of your eyes and the shorter ones towards the inside. You can extend the long lashes up till the middle of the eye to pop a pretty color to your looks. Cateye lashes give an exotic shape to the eyes. 

Tips to Use Cateye Lash Extensions for Smoky Makeup

Smoky makeup is perfect for cat eye eyelash extensions because it gives that extra oomph you need to bring out your eyes. For smoky makeup, you need bold eyes or lips, accompanied by dark shades for accenting the smokiness around your features. Pairing cat eye lash style with smoky makeup will totally make you look no less than a queen!

Flirty Eyelash Extensions for Metallic Makeup

Worn by celebrities like Blake Lively, flirty style of eyelash extensions works best with metallic makeup. Wear it for parties or your next date night outta town!

What Are Flirty Eyelash Extensions?

A special eyelash extension style that does not change the shape of the eye, flirty false lashes merely enhances the outline. It is offered with medium length and thickness and lengthier lashes at the edge and two-thirds of the eyes. This is a natural look eyelash extension style.  

Tips to Use Flirty Eyelash Extensions for Metallic Makeup

If you’re using flirty lash extension style, metallic makeup will complement your looks. It accents your eyes and other features to make it stand out and grab the attention of the onlooker.  Copper or gold eye shadow will make your eyes look like that of a goddess.

Colored Lash Extensions for Shimmer Makeup

Also called highlighted lash extensions, these go perfectly with the shimmer and glitter makeup. Most women select colored lashes to match their eye color. So, if you’re a lash artist, pick colored lash sets based on the majority of your clients and their eye color.

What Are Colored Eyelash Extensions?

Colored lashes bring out a dramatic you. They are interspersed during natural application. You can select one solid color or multiple colors to make artistically unique lash extension styles with highlight false lashes. Other than the basic black, lash extensions also come in colors like indigo, blue, green, white, grey, brown, purple, pink and red.

Tips to Use Colored Eyelashes for Shimmer Makeup?

When you’re using highlight eyelash extensions, follow a makeup routine with shimmer powder. It will give a natural glow to your face. Also known as the golden shimmer makeup, this is best for colored eyelashes because it brings forth the dramatic effect around your eyes. It adds that extra effect to make you look divine and ethereal!

Staggered Lash Style for Dramatic Makeup

Unique and eye-catchy, staggered lash style consists of short and long lashes interspersed with natural lashes. When you combine it with a dramatic makeup routine, you get a unique look that steals all the likes on gram and FB. Jennifer Lopez is a big fan of this style, same as Kim Kardashian!

What Are Staggered Eyelash Extensions?

When you mix long and short lash extensions together, it is called a staggered lash style. If you have thin lashes, this style won’t work well. The style is also called gorgeously messy in the industry. That’s why it is easy to go for strip lashes of long and short lashes to create this look easily.

Tips to Use Staggered Lash Extensions for Dramatic Makeup

Dramatic makeup should have a focus. Choose from eyes or lips as your main focus. From mixing two different colors to adding cat eye smokiness, there are many ways to accent the staggered lash styles. Want more ideas for dramatic makeup styles?

Glam Eyelash Extensions for Bold Makeup


The perfect look for your next party or holiday dance, glam eyelash extensions offer glamorous looks and feel. When paired with bold makeup style, you will look like a diva, wherever you go.  

What Are Glam Eyelash Extensions?

Considered the ideal lash extension style for vacations and holidays, Glam eyelash extensions make you look gorgeous. Moreover, it can last up to three months with clients coming back in for refills. When paired with bold makeup styles, this combo is perfect for red carpet events and parties.

Tips to Use Glam Eyelash Extensions for Bold Makeup

When you’re doing bold makeup, you need to focus on your feature such as the eyesPretty and bold makeup tutorials help in inspiring you. Your motive should be to keep the eyes prominent and other areas of the face flawless. Choose colors matching your eyes or attire to jazz up your looks!

Custom Eyelash Extensions for Special Makeup

If you’re artistic about your lashing skills, it is time to get custom eyelash extensions. We are assuming you are also amazing as an aesthetician. So, you know custom eyelashes can be used for a variety of makeup stylesdepending on your client choice. Let’s see how you can start offer custom lash + makeup sessions!

What Are Custom Eyelash Extensions?

Available on Dolvlashes, custom eyelash extensions are personalized false lashes. If you’re interested, leave us a message and our lash expert will get back to you. Alternatively, you can also contact us via the Contact Us page with specifications about the length, style, curl and material of your desired lash extension set. We will get back to you within 24hours!

Tips to Use Custom Eyelash Extensions for Special Makeup?

The best thing about custom lash extensions is that you can design your own makeup style. Whther you want to pull off smoky eyes or au naturale, custom eyelashes can help. Design to for bridal events or styling, it will be your own unique style.


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