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How To Clean Eyelash Extensions Professionally?

As a lash professional, this is the first thing lash clients ask me before getting an eyelash extension and that’s why I want you to be ready with the right logical answer when they ask you too. It makes the client feel clean and cool around their eyes.

Keeping your eyelash extension clean is vital to preventing infections as well as making it last. But how do you do it? Do you need to wash eyelash extensions every day? Is it important to rinse lashes with soap? Do I need exclusive products? Are there professional steps to wash eyelashes?

I know you’re bursting with questions and if this is for your first lash client, I would love to help you in every step of the way. To answers your queries, I took the liberty and created a detailed post outlining everything you need to expand the lifespan of your eyelash extensions.


Why Clean Eyelash Extensions?

During my lash training, my instructor spent 2 days explaining to us why lash cleaning is one of the best add-on service all of us lash professional must add to our portfolio. This is mostly because when customers clean false lashes on their own, they might end up damaging them. Hence, you can even give a long-lasting lash guarantee strictly for clients who come to you for cleaning their lashes.

When they ask you why do they need a special cleaning session, what will you say? I will brief the logical reasons that you can also quote (I don’t mind) to your customers.  

The first reason why cleaning lash extensions is crucial is because you need to remove the dead cells around the eyelids. When the dead cells are not cleaned out, they block the hair follicles leading to all sorts of infections and irritations including reddening, swelling and even sores (yew, but something that needs overlooking by a medical professional).

Keeping lash extension clean is impossible because our body secretes oil to keep the skin (everywhere) moisturized. Even your makeup has oils that can get accumulated on and around the lash extensions. Cleaning lashes help to remove the oils easily.  

How To Clean Eyelash Extensions? The STEP-BY-STEP METHOD Explained

How many times have you cleaned eyelash extensions? If you haven’t done it a thousand times like me, you need the professional pointers to do it right. I am delighted to help you right. Once you learn the right way, you can create your own specific routine of washing and cleansing eyelash extensions.

Below I will describe the three ways to clean eyelash extensions and maintain cleanliness on your own.

· Removing Makeup Gently

Micellar water without any oiliness is considered the best to clean eyelash extensions. I love using a brush for cleaning the eye makeup gently than cotton as it can tug around your eyes. If you have a habit of wearing foundation, primer and compact, it is best you remove all those before cleaning out the lashes.

· Washing Eyelash Extensions

The first step to washing your eyelash extension is by wetting the eyes gently with mildly cold water.  I love to use foaming cleanser because it is perfect for clients with sensitive skin. You can spray it on the eyes or on the back of your hand to lather it up with the brush. Once you are done, rinse again with water and gently pat it dry with a soft cloth.

· After-Care and Protection

Once you are done with cleaning the lash extension of your client, it is wise to use a lash extension protector from the root of the lash to its tips gently. Using it 2 days after the lash setting is ideal for creating long-lasting lash extensions.

Do’s And Don’ts When Washing Eyelash Extensions

I feel eyelash extensions can make you look like a seraph, a gorgeous angel or even a celebrity. But if you wash them wrong, that’s the end of your investment. Don’t get me wrong, a good professional can salvage it of course, but looking out for the dos and don’ts will help you save face, time, reputation and money.

Use the following checklist every time you wash the lash extensions of your client.


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