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How To Buy From Private Label Lash Suppliers

Wanna make your own exotic brand of lash extensions? Get your custom eyelash extension ordered from private label lash suppliers today! We’re dissecting the complete steps on how to buy lash extensions from eyelash extension manufacturer private label. If you’re an entrepreneur, this is your lucky day!

What Are Private Label Lash Suppliers?

Wholesale manufacturers of eyelash companies are called private label lash suppliers. When you order from eyelash manufacturer China, you get many more goodies tailormade for upcoming eyelash sellers like you. Private suppliers can create the specific lash extension of your preference unlike a retail seller too.

Why Select Private Label Lash Suppliers?

What are the benefits of selecting an eyelash wholesale supplier? Are there profits for the business? How does it impact the eyelash extension business in the long term? What are the pros and cons of finding eyelash manufacturer near me. Let’s find out!

- Affordable For Bulk Order

When you order from a wholesale eyelash manufacturer USA or China or U.K, you are quoted the price per item on a large order depending on the MOQ (minimum order quantity). You will get it cheaper than retail prices as there is a lesser margin charged per pair of extension.

- Customizable Extensions

Lashes you buy from Dolvlashes are completely customizable by the curl, length, style and material. You can even get your custom brand logo on our lashes. With custom made eyelash extensions for your brand, you can increase the brand recognition and exposure immediately. For upcoming brands, this is a huge pro.

- Accountable And Credible

Unlike retail eyelash sellers who sell you one or two pair, wholesale Eyelash extension manufacturer is almost always credible and reputed. Make sure you check individual reviews before placing the order. They have years of experience serving customer who need bulk orders for brands, just like you.

How To Find The Best Private Label Lash Supplier For Your Brand?

Looking for eyelash company names? Your goal should be how to filter the right private label lash supplier for your eyelash extension brand online. Let’s find out how to do so.

- Look For Certifications

First thing is to look for the international certifications on the eyelash extensions offered by the wholesale lash supplier you’ve selected. This will help you track the quality control methods and processes employed by the supplier too.  

- Check Up Reviews

Your main goal is to review the experience of the lash manufacturer. You can either ask for physical recommendations from their past clients or check up reviews about the company online. Either way, you need to find out if they have completed a good number of orders so that you can order from them.  

- Talk Directly With Them

Every private label lash supplier online has customer service team with them. Talk to the customer service representatives to clear all your doubts and questions.

- Place a Minimum Order

Once you’re satisfied with all the answers you received, it is time to place a minimum sample order with them. This is crucial; hence talk about your logo placement beforehand.


Whether you’re looking for Mink eyelash manufacturer or synthetic private label lash supplier, we’ve got your back.

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