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3d Synthetic Eyelashes

Most women dream of long, feathery, and lush eyelashes. However, few have such eyelashes naturally. But Dolvlashes fulfills the dreams of all women who want long eyelashes with 3D synthetic eyelashes. We are a company based in China that manufactures eyelashes and eyelash extensions. We offer a wide selection of 3D synthetic eyelashes of varying lengths, different colors, etc These eyelashes are easy to wear and they have a natural look.

Our range of eyelashes is cruelty-free. We use ethical materials for creating eyelashes. We have a strict quality control process right from the raw material to the stage of the finished product. Dolvlashes offer high-quality 3D synthetic eyelashes at reasonable prices.​

Synthetic lashes DLVS4711073
synthetic lashes DLVS4711073
Synthetic eyelash DLVS4709173
synthetic eyelash DLVS4709173
silk eyelashes781
Silk false lash 112
silk false lash112
False silk lash 111
False silk lash111
False silk eyelashes
false silk eyelashes
False eyelashes 453
false eyelashes453
3D synthetic eyelash DLVS4729760
3D synthetic eyelash DLVS4729760
3D Silk Eyelashes 401
DLS 3D Synthetic Eyelashes 346
DLS 3D synthetic eyelashes 346
3D Synthetic Eyelash DLVS4703286
3D synthetic eyelash DLVS4703286
3D Synthetic Eyelash DLVS4703276
3D synthetic eyelash DLVS4703276
3D Synthetic Lash DLVS4756126
3d synthetic lash DLVS4756126
3D Human Hair Eyelashes HE531
3D Human Hair Eyelashes HE531
3D Human Hair Effect Eyelash DLV37011236
3D human hair effect eyelash DLV37011236